Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lakers @ GSW on ESPN Wednesday Night

By the way, great article on JLin's game against the Mav's in Slam Online. Looks like Coach Smart finally realizes what we've known for a long time, Jeremy is an NBA player! Click here.


  1. Bighorns playoffs start 4/10. Can they still send Lin to D-League one last time? I know you only get 3 recalls, but you should be able to do 4 "send downs", right?

    Did you guys see that Patrick Ewing Jr got signed to a 10 day contract by the New Orleans Hornets? Wow, that's 3 callups to playoff teams for Reno (or ex-Reno) players this year! Can't help but wonder if Lin would have been called up by a playoff team with a good coach if he weren't under contract with the Warriors.

  2. Good question about the D-League playoffs. I'd like to see him play for the Bighorns again too. Maybe he would go there after round 1.

    I think Lin would have gotten a call up. Financially, I suppose it's better to have the Warriors contract. Do you think they'll take the team option? Again, financially that's probably best but I really get the feeling he should move on.

    If he can get into tonight's game, that would be a good "audition" for the LA teams.

    Didn't catch last night's game, but it sounds like Lin at least made the best of his 2 minutes. Again, props to coach Musselman for bringing #7 off the bench so that he is used to that role.

  3. D League rules say you can only be assigned 3 times (by same team) to D-League.

    Tool Steinmetz today said Lin is an unrestricted free agent at end of this season:

    "There's nothing to be picked up with Jeremy Lin's contract. He is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. But I believe he'll be back with the Warriors and a couple of months ago Joe Lacob said he's be surprised if Lin wasn't on the team next year."

    If Lin wants a LeBron James type marketing career, but confined to Bay Area, then resign with Warriors.

    If he wants a real career in NBA, sign elsewhere, and maybe come back a few years down the road, when you are an established NBA back-up / potential starter for right team, and when Lacob has finally been forced to truly clean house and rebuild around Curry, Udoh, and Lin.

  4. From the article: Smart instituted a rule during intrasquad scrimmages that no foul committed against Lin would ever be called. "I thought it was necessary for him to understand that as a no-name guy, you won’t get any favors. So you’ve got to work through all that."

    That's bizarre... much like Smart's rotations. I get that an undrafted rookie won't be getting any favorable calls from refs during games. Then just don't give Lin easy foul calls during scrimmages. That rule doesn't help the rest of the team play better, it'll just make them foul more. No wonder Curry keeps committing dumb fouls in games.

    It seems that Smart is really into making rookies/scrubs (not named Acie) pay their dues and know their place. I think Smart resented the extra publicity and love that Lin got from media and fans, which Smart felt was undeserved. So Smart took extra measures to put Lin in his place at the bottom.

  5. Hey, what do you know, Lin has improved his NBA FT% to 71%, and FG to 39%. If he can shoot 45% or better in the last few games, he should be able to get the FG% over 40% so at least it looks better. =)

    I know the Warriors have an option to pick up Lin's contract for next year, which is likely to happen according to the experts. Does Lin have an option to decline even if the Warriors want him?

    If the Warriors don't get an experienced coach like Jeff Van Gundy or Jerry Sloan, then Lin should head elsewhere. He would be better off playing D-League for Dallas because they were actually interested in grooming and developing him. If the Warriors get another young, inexperienced coach next year, he won't be able to stand up to Ellis, and it will be an Ellis-run team again, which means no defense.

  6. they look sooo mismatched... GS needs more size

  7. In this video, Jeremy said that the 2nd year is a team option.


  8. 0 minutes. Sheesh. So much for Smart saying the bench players will get more minutes down the stretch. 40+ for most the starters again sheesh.

  9. Isn't it obvious now that the only reason Lin was called up was to sign autographs during Asian Appreciation Night (recent Wizards game).

  10. In fact, over the entire season, on a per-minute basis the team ends up increasing leads or closing the gap the most (adjusted plus/minus) when Udoh or Lin are on the floor. I was a bit skeptical of this, especially for Jeremy Lin, however this is what I found when looking at Lin's last 4 games:

    April2-Mavericks. Ellis +2 in 44mins, Lin +6 in 6.5 mins.
    March30-Grizzlies. Team lost by 19. Ellis -19, Lin +2 in 15 mins, the only positive plus/minus on the team and went 4/5 from the field.
    March1-Pacers. Team lost by 9. Ellis -14. Lin +10 in 6 minutes.
    Feb25-Hawks. Team lost by 16. Ellis -25. Lin +10 in 10 mins.


  11. On a side note, Acie Law has one of the worst adjusted per-minute or per-48 plus/minuses on the entire team - the reason for this is while he is average offensively, he is one of the absolute worst in the league in defense, where his net effect as a player is as one of the most harmful players for winning for his team when he is on the floor. It appears from this article that Law, a journeyman with 5 teams in 4 seasons already, is benefiting from blind, biased trust from his coach (which also explains why Ellis plays so many minutes): "I'm forever indebted to Coach," Law said. "I text him all the time and tell him, 'Thank you.' He trusts me. He's giving me a great opportunity. It feels great to finally be playing at this point in my career."

  12. Both of above posts are copied and pasted from this article:


  13. I sure hope Lacob didn't give Smart an incentive that if he hit this amount of wins he may remain coach for another year. Because it sure as hell looks like he's fighting for something.

  14. Nice article on Coach Musselman:


    Think it would be awesome if Musselman Coach Lin and the Warriors next year, but I think Monta would need to be traded because he probably wouldn't accept Musselman's screaming / in your face style.


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