Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jeremy In Early vs Kings


  1. Oh wow Lin looked good.

  2. Hopefully the usual mismanagement of the game put the final nail in Dumbo's coaching coffin.

    I am still kind of worried by Coach Musselman's recent comments about coming back to the Bay Area and being open to being an NBA assistant indicating that Lacob is going to bring back Dumbo with Musselman being an assistant that makes him competent.

    Lin is so under-utilized in Dumbo's system, basically being reduced to 1) drive and kick, and 2) pass the ball to Monta and run as far away from the play as possible.

  3. Musselman is years ahead of Dumbo in terms of coaching experience and credential.

    Dumbo seems to be running the same type of no-defense game that Don Nelson was known for. Run, get easy baskets, run back and play no defense, hope that a missed jumpshot lands in your lap, so you can run again....

    JLin does not fit on this type of team. And I'm not even sure if he was expected to contribute. From reading all the interviews with Smart, Lacob, and Riley. Sounds like his signing was just a PR move to win over some Asian American fans.

    Very sad. If Jeremy had a time machine he should have signed with Dallas and the GM who saw his potential. I'm pretty sure he would be ahead of Rodrigue Beaubois in the lineup. And he can practice his Mandarin skills with the Texas Legends' Joe Alexander, who grew up in Taiwan.

  4. Practice his mandarin skills with Joe Alexander? Dude, you were making really good points until that. There's too much overanalyzation going on in this joint.

  5. I added that as a bit of humor. Don't take everything so seriously, DC.

    Btw. Joe Alexander is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Which I think will also be a key part of JLin's international marketing potential. He's in the NBA for more than just playing basketball...

  6. I just thought we were in here to talk about basketball. Not assist in Jeremy Lin's marketing strategy. I'm pretty sure his agent is taking care of that side.

  7. Lin highlights from the SAC game


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