Monday, April 11, 2011

Jeremy Gets Minutes But No Breakout

Jeremy Lin got to play more than 20 minutes for the first time in an NBA game. His stats were OK; scoring 4pts, pulling 4 rebounds, and dishing out 4 assists to just one turnover against the Nuggets. However, he struggled again with his shot, going 0-5. With just one game left at home against Portland, it would be nice to see Jeremy relax a bit and just shoot that open jumper without hesitation. You can tell if he can just get his jumper to go that will really open up his game. Right now, he just looks tight when he has to shoot. At least the rest of his game has really come around. He is now shooting 78% from the line and has 12 assists to just 4 to's since being called back up. Also, Monta Ellis had some really positive comments on Jeremy for next season in Matt Steinmetz's latest. Click here.


  1. I'm kind of shocked to see Monta and Steinmetz say what they said. That goes to show that the more people see of Lin, the more Lin will win them over with his play, effort, and attitude. Even if those people were skeptics or had preconceptions before.

    Lin had just 1 turnover in 21 mins to go along with 4 assists, Smart's gotta love that. He's had an excellent 3.0 A/TO ratio since he came back from D-League. FT% is now at 78%. Ouch, the 0/5 fg will probably put 40% fg out of reach, unless he goes 5/5 in the last game.

    Curry reinjured his ankle again. Yet another injury to a starter during a meaningless game. I would sit Curry for the final game. This recurring ankle injury means his ligaments/tendons are really loose from all re-injuries. Who knows, it may even require surgery in the offseason. If Curry does sit, could Lin get a start (by attrition)???

  2. Looks like Smart's future will not be immediately decided after the last game. Hopefully it's because Lacob is looking for a good replacement coach before letting Smart go.

  3. good article. hopefully Lin can be that contributor and a rotation regular in upcoming seasons, pending on the coaching situation. Lin's just gotta keep workin' at it to get better in all facets of pro hoops.

  4. Not his best game, but reasonable for a rookie in his first game with significant minutes.

  5. Once Lin gets a shot he will be very hard to guard. It seemed like he was very hesitant to shoot. And when they start changing the defense, the warriors have no movement then and don't change up to adjust to it.

    Well if they rest Curry here is hoping Lin gets a start. With an NBA lock-out looming, Curry will have time to stregthen is Ankles, Monta whatever injury he has, Udoh get more bulk and Lin bulk and his shot.

    Maybe Warriors will have a good run in 2013 :p

  6. Lin needs some defenders on the comment board for that article...