Monday, April 4, 2011

GSW @ Portland

Jeremy has been playing some nice first half minutes. Portland is also a team with big guards so it's a nice matchup for JLin.


  1. Give Lin, Curry's back-up minutes, and Reggie Monta's back-up minutes.

    Here is hoping for at least a few minutes of PT! And also hoping Adrian can get a run as well! Adrian was a rebounding machine last year, makes no sense why he is getting the Lin treatment as well.

    Lineup: Monta, Curry, Wright, Udoh, Lee
    Back-up PG: Lin
    Back-up SG: Reggie, Bell
    Back-up SF: Thornton
    Back-up PF: Adrian
    Back-up C: Amundson/Beans if healthy/Adrian

    And just run this rotation whenever someone gets off the bench. But lets hope Lin gets some good PT!

  2. So which one of you was at the NCAA championship pregame holding up Lin's jersey? =)

    Butler could have used Lin's 30 pts of scoring against UConn.

    Also, here are highlights from Lin's last D-League game:

  3. Awesome! One whole minute. Why is Monta and Curry still playing 40+ min in meaningless games?

  4. Dkinsf: Obviously Smart desperately wants to leave Golden State because he doesn't want to face the shame he brought upon himself for mishandling a potentially good team.

  5. Well at least Lin and Adrian got in. But really 2 minutes for a blow-out and you still put Monta Curry Lee in for freaking 40+ minutes.


  6. Assuming that Smart is gone after this season, I wonder if any other NBA team would seriously consider hiring him for a head coaching vacancy. Other than Smart, does any one know how the other GSW coaches view Jeremy's potential?

  7. No way Smart will be a head coach for any team next year. He can probably get an assistant coaching job somewhere, then possibly move up in the future if the stars are aligned. I think Lacob should clean house with the coaching staff. This is still a Don Nelson style team.

  8. if smarts head coach im smashing his car...

    all the way from australia!!

  9. ADMIN, please let me know what red flags I set off with my previous deleted posts. I mean, I must have committed some big no no for you to entirely wipe my posts from the face of the earth. Gone, not even a signature. I alleged that Lin's situation is due to race but my comments were in no way offensive or derogatory. Everyone else on this board were able to speculate. Speculation is quite rampant as to why Bozo won't play 7. I am only offering my 2 cents for fruitful discussion. I never used any derogatory terms if you get a chance to review. Majority of people excuse Bozo from discussion simply by stating he's not racist which I find circular. You could ask the opposite, could you not? The whole 7 DNP train, D-league mileage, and now not playing in a blow-out in a non-playoff season after the great minutes in the last game is mind-blowing. I am a fair person and call things out when I see them and this has to be called out- despite statistical, videographic and 1st-hand material evidence, Bozo still does not give 7 one damn opportunity. Name one game where he was allowed to make a difference, where the Coach's complete trust was placed in him for better or worse, just one damn game. Opportunity wasn't given in all the games this season. Maybe it's 2 soon to speak. Just maybe 7 will get an opportunity in a lost season in a meaningless game. Does Ellis and co still need 40+ minutes? Other coaches are giving their bench time. I also pose this question- do you think Bozo and Ellis want to be upstaged by an undrafted rookie from Harvard and oh yeah, he's Asian plus infinitely more popular? 7 has had to prove himself at every step and it's logical to conclude he is experiencing the same obstacles on a microscopic level. If your interests and goals are to develop a team with the right fundamentals built for the long run of winning championships, why do you consistently play the offensive card till it's burned crisp. You need a right combination to be the most effective. I am not touting 7 to be in all situations but rather the situations that suit him most and was he given those opportunities by the man in charge? Bozo's own defense seems to be this doctrine: you have to earn your time on the bench regardless of how good you are. On Acie Law, here's Bozo's defense: he "looks" more the NBA player and has the body to withstand the bump and grind and stop stronger players. Realty- it doesn't matter how your built if your flatfooted and can't keep up defensively. Hmmm, 7's stats, video > Law's stats, video therefore Law = backup pointguard? If someone may suggest an alternative to Bozo's behavior then I am all ears. Just hope ADMIN will let my post thru this time.

  10. Andy,

    You need to STOP playing the race card. If you keep bringing it up and using it as an excuse for the reason why Jeremy doesn't play, then you're just as ignorant as you're accusing smart of being. From multiple accounts, the reason smart prefers to play others before Jeremy is because of "experience." I think you're forgetting that Jeremy is still a rookie.
    We all want to see Jeremy play and it's frustrating when he gets DNPs but there's no reason to attribute that to race. Brandan Wright, when he was on the warriors, also never played under smart. Does that mean smart is racist against his own black people? Or how about Jeff Adrien not seeing a single minute for almost a whole month after he was called up? Was smart being racist again? NO. Take a look around the league and see the minutes of other rookies who were NOT drafted in the first round. You'll see that most of them also have lots of DNPs or are constantly on the inactive list.

    You are singlehandedly undermining everything Jeremy has been fighting against by constantly insinuating that it's because of Jeremy's ethnicity for his lack of playing time. You need to understand that constantly complaining about Jeremy's race playing a factor is tiresome and I for one am sick of it. It draws negative attention on Jeremy and makes his fans look like idiots. So please stop. There's a reason your posts are getting deleted.

  11. With that said, I hope smart doesn't come back as head coach because he is just awful. He always fails to make in-game adjustments and his rotations are bizarre. Not to mention he plays his starters 40+ minutes constantly on a back to back and then criticizes his players saying "they came out flat" when they (inevitably) lose the next game.

    It was nice seeing the rookies from both teams play hard during garbage time. At least they don't lack heart.

  12. It seems that Lin has impressed Smart and the coaches in his recent appearances:

  13. Yes, hopefully Lacob does not bring back Dumbo.

    He has had a few victories against playoff teams, but all those dismal losses to teams they should beat count just as much in playoff race.

    Really don't know if I can watch Warriors next season with Dumbo as coach, even if Lin gets major minutes as backup point guard.

    Smart seems to reduce his value to 1) drive and kick, and 2) pass the ball to Monta and run to a corner behind 3 point line and just stand there. You can see so much more of Lin's potential in the way Coach Musselman utilized him.

  14. @ Jayce: Thanks for taking the time to read my rant and posting your honest reply. I respect your opinion and hope we can agree to disagree here. Yes, 7 is a rookie and I would not be lamenting about his playing time if this were a playoff situation. Midway thru W's season, they were mathematically eliminated from playoffs yet some starters were still loggin 40+ minus while 7 was either playing yo-yo with the D-league or riding the bench as usual.

    I am in no way undermining 7 by bringing race up. If you followed his career and articles written, race has been brought up on several occasions. I am not racist btw in the least bit. I am looking at this objectively. Brandon Wright is not a good comparison due to their different positions. I question in my post why AC Law? 7 is more deserving and should have been given an opportunity. Why is he getting no additional time even though he's proved he can play. Stats show this. Video shows this. If not race then what? You state it's due to his lack of experience as to the primary reason he's not playing more. This was a losing season since midpoint and perhaps well before but Bozo has absolutely no interest in developing 7. He was more interested in making him pay his "due." Wright was given ample opportunities, was he not before falling out of favor. 7? Short spurts and getting pulled for a playing well or not while Law is a "homie" and gets to play Robin.

    Yes, this is a sensitive issue and I understand some Asian Americans on this board won't hear any of it. We are supposed to be goodie 2 shoes and stay quite and do our work. Asians and minorities have this collective experience growing up in the States and I believe I'm not alone here. Are you saying blacks didn't face discrimination when they first tried to break into US sports? It is probably a combination of the fact that 7's undrafted, from an ivy league school, and he's a skinny Asian kid who looks more like he belongs in the library and being so popular without even playing his 1st minute that I bet got under Bozo's skin. Remember, Bozo had his 15 minutes of fame and he spent about 14 of them riding the pine. Jealousy, pride, etc. Race is the icing on the cake.

    I am not about wanting to do a public campaign about this but as a fan of Lin and this site since inception, I feel this board is a place for us fans to get together and discuss in a civil manner. Yes, I could be way off but something is just not right considering all the circumstantial evidence. What if Bozo really is racist? Are you 100% sure he's not? Based on him and his cohorts saying so? He may or may not be but please give me another rationale other than it's due to Lin's lack of experience because other teams with losing records develop their rookies. He needs opportunities and the trust of his coach to get experience, does he not? Under Bozo, 7 would be ridding that pine 4 ever.

    7 has faced discrimination at every level he's played. I am only making an observation as to what's going on behind the Coach's words. Of course he's not going to state publicly what's really going on. I am of the belief actions speak louder than words. The only way 7 can gain experience and grow is to be given opportunities and learn from his mistakes but this can't happen under a narrow minded coach who is more concerned about how a player looks (Law has the physical attributes to play defense and 7 does not). Seriously, Bozo needs to go and I suspect he will. I've spoke my mind. Thanks for tuning in.

  15. @Jayce: Also food for thought- why do you think Jeremy went undrafted and went to Harvard in the first place? Jeremy himself suggested race as a reason that he went to Harvard due to 0 Division I offers and not 1 California school wanted him. He went undrafted probably for the same reason. Jeremy himself started this whole race bandwagon so if you want people like me to shut up then you should tell Lin as well as he's not shying away if he's asked about it as he's made many public statements you can google. It didn't seem to undermine his career to the NBA. People in the States have a pretty open mind and it's not so taboo to talk about race in this day and age. Think about it- what if 7 works his ass off and is ready but is never given an opportunity because of race don't you feel an obligation to at least have a open minded discussion about it instead of being that perfect Asian American? Oh, I forget, we Asians need to be quiet and know our place and just work hard and never speak out of place. I am not making my accusation based on nothing here. If that were the case, I should really shut up. If you have read my posts, I give much circumstantial evidence and can provide even more details such as specific articles, etc. that lend support but I take it if you're smart, you'll google it. Thanks for listening.

  16. @jayce: Also, please consider why 7 went to Harvard in the first place and went undrafted which forms your basis for why Bozo does not give him playing time. If you google it, Jeremy was very public about this issue and it is his observation that race played a factor in him receiving zero Div I offers and for his reason going undrafted. Apparently Jeremy didn't feel he was undermining himself and it hasn't undermined him on his way to the NBA despite this subject shadowing him because he's a warrior with God on his side and he'll keep on fighting. I'm not going to play the stereotypical good Asian American who lives in ignorant bliss, does his work and never speaks out of turn. It's not taboo anymore to talk about race and Lin apparently doesn't shy from this subject. Imagine if you work your ass off and make it to the top just to be held back by race, wouldn't you be upset or at least try to understand if not race then what? Aren't you curious as to why he's not playing more even though he has the stats and is a better suited back up guard than Law? We all have eyes and the circumstantial evidence is damning. Being racist towards Lin and not playing other players are not mutually exclusive. If you ever went to a school where you and 1 other guy are the only Asians on the team, you know what I'm talking about and I see the same thing happening with Coach Dumbo.
    You're sick of hearing about race and I'm sick of people trying to censure. Racism exists so it's up to you if you want to play the part of a blind, deaf and mute monkey.

  17. @Andy:

    I agree that Jeremy's race was a factor in him not receiving any scholarships to a division 1 school, however he WAS offered an opportunity to walk-on (as in he can play on the team but no scholarship) so with all things being equal, he chose Harvard because of its stellar education. This situation was the only one I can recall where Jeremy said his race played a factor. He didn't say his race was a factor for him not being drafted and he's NEVER said that his race is the reason that he is not getting PT on the warriors.

    Have you even considered that there might be some weaknesses in Jeremy's game that was a reason for him not getting drafted? Donnie Nelson (GM of the Mavs) said that Jeremy was about 1 year away from being in the NBA and wanted Jeremy to be the starting point guard for his DLeague team to give him time to develop. Obviously, Jeremy attracted a lot of attention in the summer league and so the plans fell through but there ARE people giving Jeremy chances. You act like Jeremy's race is such a huge handicap that he can't overcome it. Newsflash: he has and he will continue to do so because he is working hard and proving everyone that he can play at the NBA level WITHOUT complaining about his race.

    I think it's hilarious that you think I'm a "blind, deaf, and mute monkey" because of the fact that I'm tired of people like you bringing up his race as a handicap. You do realize that a lot of people in the bay area still think that Jeremy was only signed because of his marketability and his ability to sell tickets right? And when you hold up the race card as a reason for him not getting PT, those "haters" respond with "Of course he's not getting PT, he was only signed to sell tickets." This isn't fair to Jeremy because we all know that he is more than a "marketing ploy." Jeremy's a solid player and just like every other NBA player, he has his areas of weakness but Jeremy has a great work ethic and will continue to work hard and improve.

    Honestly, do you think that if you went up to Jeremy RIGHT NOW and asked him if he thought his lack of PT was because of his race that he would immediately agree with you?! I wouldn't be surprised if he punched you in the face.

    I think everyone knew halfway through the season that the warriors weren't going to make the playoffs but you should realize that smart is trying to win as many games as possible so that he could keep his job. And according to smart, acie has 4 more years of experience than Jeremy so he goes with acie. I never said that I think acie is better than Jeremy. In fact, I think it's obvious that Jeremy is the better player but unlike you, I have the ability to look at the situation from multiple points of view.

    So you said my comparison to Brandan Wright isn't good because they play different positions. Ok fine. Then how about Stephen know the starting point guard for the warriors? For a while Steph was getting benched in favor of acie. Same question. Is smart being racist towards Steph because smart played acie over him? I doubt anyone would disagree that Steph is head and heels better than acie (and if anyone thinks acie is better than Steph, you're insane.) How do you explain acie getting more crunch time minutes than Steph? AND if acie is getting minutes over Steph, then it's pretty much guaranteed that acie is going to get minutes over Jeremy. You state the stats saying that Jeremy is better than acie and should get playing time. I don't disagree with you on that but Steph is better than acie in ALL the statistical categories and yet acie still got a lot of crunch time minutes. So your argument of "he doesn't get playing time because of race" doesn't hold up. There's obviously something going on behind closed doors and we'll probably never find out but you insisting that it's ONLY because of his race is ridiculous.

  18. @ Jayce: What you and I say are not mutually exclusive. You seem to eat everything out of Dumbo's mouth just like I bet you eat everything the US government gives you. You also would support an effort to erase any mention of race from history books. Did any gay, lesbian, woman, minority not voice their opinion? How was progress made for these groups without a voice? I am not part of the Lin was signed for marketing purposes band wagon (and this would be a grievance against Lacob not Dumbo). I did not willingly pull out the race card but waited patiently and observed objectively for the entire season before making my judgement. You have not offered a more plausible reason other than Lin's "perceived" weaknesses which all the Div I schools and NBA scouts and now Dumbo are saying. Lin's weaknesses to me stems from lack of experience which stems from lack of PT and this is Dumbo's responsibility. You perceive Lin being a walk-on as a fair shake considering he was the top California high school prospect and he led his team to a Championship? Can you name the last top Nationally ranked California high school prospect that didn't receive any division I offers? Many scouts and coaches have admitted Lin is deceptively quick which basically means he looks like a nerdy Asian kid but when he's on the court, he moves like a brother. This has to do with race, does it not? Dumbo has said Acie has the "physical attributes" to go up with the stronger players in the NBA but who was the one to strip Lamar Odom, Amare Stoudemire to name a few? Now, extrapolate and this pattern repeats itself because Lin always had to prove himself on the court at every level. Seeing is believing but only if the beholder does not wear tainted glasses by bias or the dreaded "R" word. Lin even said his preferred choice was Stanford not Harvard. He only went to Harvard because they offered him a scholarship and yes, he got a great education from it but Harvard was due to default not choice. If he got a Div I school scholarship to play for Stanford or UC Berkeley, you're saying he wouldn't have stayed in California? Just ask yourself, if he were black would he have gotten a scholarship right after winning his high school championship? Would this then lead to playing for a Div I school and then eventually getting drafted? Chances would be greater I would argue. I also never called you a "blind, deaf, and mute monkey." I said you could choose to be one. Up to you. I argue that Lin's development will suffer under a biased coach and this is exactly what has unfolded before our very eyes during the course of the season. At the least, you must admit Dumbo is biased. I decided to delve further- what is the basis for his bias? We are all biased towards different people but for different reasons- so Steph Curry's/Wright's benching, Dumbo wanting more wins and Lin's PT are not mutually exclusive issues and fact of matter is, Curry and Wright both were given opportunities. Further, using your own logic, especially since Curry and Wright who are both black aren't getting a fair shake, what kind of shake do you think Lin, an undrafted Asian Rookie from Harvard is going to get? You can't be proud of Lin's achievements, especially at the NBA level, without mentioning that he is the 1st full-blooded Asian American (Taiwanese American) AND also acknowledging the fact that while his race is a source of pride for the Asian American community, it has also been an uncalled for hinderment. Stop being circular and regurgitate what Dumbo is saying. He's obviously hiding behind those very words you use to defend him. Very convenient so stop helping him. Also, I highly doubt Lin would punch me in the face as he's a Christian if you've been following him at all so the surprise would actually be if he decided to neglect his years of devotion to Christ. Can we have a open minded fruitful discussion without going ballistic?

  19. @Andy: You are the one going ballistic. I am merely trying to state that there are other factors involved that you nor I can be certain about. We can speculate all day but unless we know what's going on behind closed doors from a source inside the warriors organization, it's going to be the same story. I refuse to believe that smart is racist and you think he is. There's really no point in arguing because neither of us has any evidence.

    You state "He only went to Harvard because they offered him a scholarship..." Uhhh NO. Harvard and other ivy leagues DON'T offer athletic scholarships. They only offer need based financial aid. That's it.

    You also claim that if Jeremy was black he would have gotten scholarships from Div 1 schools. Maybe, maybe not. You overlook the fact that Jeremy was 6'1 and 170lbs as a senior in high school. So if it was a black guy instead who was 6'1 and 170lbs, then based on the evidence below, I would say no. He wouldn't have gotten any scholarships.

    "At Charlotte Christian School Stephen Curry was named all-state, all-conference, and team MVP while he led his team to three conference titles and three state playoff appearances. He finished his senior season by shooting over 48% from three-point range. Despite the success Curry had in high school, the then 6-foot, 160-pound senior did not receive any scholarship offers from major-conference schools. Since Curry's father played for Virginia Tech and is in their Hall of Fame, Curry wanted to play for the Hokies, but the Hokies only offered him a place as a walk-on player."

    Hmmm...the story sounds a little too familiar right? There's a lot of black players who were stars in high school that never got athletic scholarships either. Jeremy stands out because of the fact that he is Asian American and you're so quick to automatically state things like "oh if he was black he would have gotten a scholarship." You don't know that. Stephen Curry didn't get a scholarship to any of the major-conference schools either and the reason is because the scouts thought he was too small to play in the big leagues. If Jeremy was black with the same size, don't you think the argument for him not getting any scholarships is because he's "too small" instead of "because he's Asian American?"

    You're the one who is choosing to be "blind, deaf, and dumb." There's a lot of evidence out there that supports my claim but you're just so obsessed with Jeremy's race that it's all you can see. There's really no point in continuing our discussion because I honestly feel like I'm talking to a wall so I'm just going to stop. You can reply back all you want but I will no longer check back to this thread. I'm done.

    FYI, I'm an Asian Amercian female and I support Jeremy and all that he's overcome to get to where he is. I just don't like it when his accomplishments take a back seat to claims of not getting PT because of his race. It comes off as making excuses and I would rather have Jeremy's play on the court speak for itself.