Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Warriors vs Cavs


  1. It's a back to back! Maybe Lin will get a few minutes this game!

  2. stop being optimistic.. cause i get depressed afterward

  3. Ha ha. Or during, when we see Lin in a suit behind the bench.

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  5. Only time Lin gets non-garbage time is when Curry is in foul trouble early, Law has to play a lot of minutes and gets tired, so Dumbo is forced to put Lin in (I think that is what happened in Indiana game).

    Lin does great and doesn't get one second of playing time in second half.

    Law had an absolutely horrendous 5 minutes in second quarter of Sixers game, yet goes right back in for way too many minutes in second half instead of Curry.

    If Lin had had those -14 plus minus in 5 minutes of playing time, absolutely not being able to stay in front of Louis Williams and making him look like an All-Star, Lin probably wouldn't get a minute of playing time for rest of season!

    Baron Davis also completely torched Law during that mid-day Clippers game (Law was left in the dust, standing flat footed at 3 point line, just watching Davis get into paint at will). Can only hope same thing happens tonight against lowly Cavaliers.

  6. Well at least Lin is active today.

  7. Amazing how Warriors defense totally collapses when Law enters the game.

    Davis completely torched Law twice in a row very quickly after he entered the game.

    Law's plus minus is good because Ellis is raining threes and he happens to be on court at same time.

  8. At this point Lin is suited up only as insurance in case Law gets injured. He's not even getting garbage time minutes. Maybe the coach favors Law, or maybe Ellis just feels more comfortable playing with Law. And what Ellis wants is what he gets.

    This team is not a fit for JLin. He needs to start looking for another team.

  9. There was a Harvard group at TD Garden on Friday night, hoping to see inactive Warriors rookie guard Jeremy Lin play. "I remember my first game back in New Orleans," coach Keith Smart said. "A lot of people paid to watch me sit on the bench."

    seriously, with comment like this, do you really expect Smart to play Lin? I already gave up..

  10. I think no longer having Udoh behind him being forced to foul to make up for Law's defensive deficiencies (he doesn't have the lateral quickness to defend at NBA level) are really highlighting how Law hurts his team every game.

    After he gets beat, Law is always trailing play, one or two steps behind, basically a total non-factor. He can't even get a hand up to try and distract opposing guard.

    Lin can often stay in front of his man (though not really contest shot near hoop other than putting up a hand - this is why having Udoh behind him is so important), but even when he gets beat, he is quick enough to get back into play and at least alter shot slightly.

    Lin is a model of efficiency, so I think that is why his plus minus is always so good, but the fact Law can't stop opposing point guard at initial point of attack, collapsing what minimal defense the Warriors can muster, is ultimately reason his plus minus ends up being so bad, often worst on team and even negative when Warriors win comfortably, if you watch him from total game to total game.

    Biedrens plus minus is also very bad recently, but that is probably because the guy he is guarding is getting ball two feet from basket for layup or slam, again because opposing point guard easily beat Law off pick and roll and can make pass completely uncontested.

    I haven't been following Biedrens plus minus from game to game, but I suspect it is alot better when Law is not in game at same time.

  11. @Whitman: "Maybe the coach favors Law"

    Understatement of the week.

    @Michael: "Law's plus minus is good because Ellis is raining threes and he happens to be on court at same time."

    Huh? Law had a team-worst -5 today during a 10-pt win. That's not good. Maybe you meant "Law's plus minus would be even worse if it were not for Ellis raining threes."

    "At this point Lin is suited up only as insurance in case Law gets injured."

    You are right that that is the reason. But do the Warriors *really* need Lin as insurance? It's not like they're in a playoff hunt where it's critical for them not to lose any games due to injury. They've always got Bell. Or Monta could just play 48, he already routinely plays 45, so 3 more won't make a diff. Or they can just play a big lineup with 1 or no guards, there's no rule that you have to have 2 guards. What difference would it make whatsoever?

    One of the Warriors columnists wrote after the all-star break that the only way this season can be salvaged is if the Warriors give their young players (Udoh, BWright, Lin) real minutes to develop. Udoh has gotten more (although that was more forced out of Biedrins play, and Udoh's getting backup minutes as a starter). Overall, it hasn't happened, so the Warriors are just sabatoging next year.

  12. I wish any team, even the cavaliers would take JLin at this point. I mean at least the Cavaliers let their bench players play minutes. Acie Law doesn't do anything, his stat sheets are full of miss fg and 1 or 2 assists in 20 minutes. I mean I think JLin can do as much as that guy sitting on the bench, which is almost nothing. I was hoping to see JLin playtime but I guess this is it for Jlin's NBA career. Hope next season we see Smart fired and JLin play more.

  13. If GS would just release Law. Lin will get more playing time. I still don't know why Lin has not been given the chance. Law's defense and offense is just brutal! The entire flow of the game got messed up once Law got in and Curry sat. 11 pt lead to only a 1 pt lead.

    I just don't see what Smart see's in Law? I even feel that Bell is a way better player than him. His offense may be bad, but his defense seems to be better than Laws. Law always seems to be burned. Even Curry and Monta has been getting burned less. And those two use to be our worse defensive liabilities!

    I feel sorry for Adrian and Lin :(. Maybe if the team can be completely eliminated from the hunt we will see more playing time for the young players. Until then I don't know what will change Smart to stop playing Law! Even Thornton who is suppose to be a defensive liability looked good on both sides of the court today!

    The pass few games whenever Law came in the other team seems to go on a run. Philly game, and Cleveland game. When will Smart realize this? Players get in foul trouble since Law cannot stay in front of his player. And the entire defense just falls apart.

    Lacob should just release Law and maybe then we can see more development of the team! This will allow Adrian and Lin to always be suited up!

  14. Why isn't Jeremy Lin playing? Why is Vlad playing so many minutes when tons of fans (on other message boards I participate in) complain? Because SMART thinks it's the right thing to do.

    As much I want JLin to play, guess who has the final say? SMART.

    Beauty is in the eye of beholder. Vlad/Law are gold to Smart. DOesn't seem like anything is going to change that.

  15. This is just a guess. But I am thinking it is not Smart who is preventing Lin from playing. My guess is that Ellis doesn't like playing with Lin and that is why Lin doesn't get to play. My guess is that Smart won't stand up to Ellis. In today's NBA the star players call the shots, not the coaches. Remember that Ellis gave Curry all kinds of grief last year. It was only when Curry's and Ellis' wives became friends that their relationship got better.

  16. "This is just a guess. But I am thinking it is not Smart who is preventing Lin from playing. My guess is that Ellis doesn't like playing with Lin and that is why Lin doesn't get to play. My guess is that Smart won't stand up to Ellis. In today's NBA the star players call the shots, not the coaches."

    That could definitely be a big part of it. Although I don't think that's the only reason. I'm pretty sure Notso is also preventing too, otherwise, he could play Lin if Ellis is not on the floor (which is only like 3 mins a game, I know =)

    "Remember that Ellis gave Curry all kinds of grief last year. It was only when Curry's and Ellis' wives became friends that their relationship got better."

    (I don't think Curry's married yet, it's his girlfriend, now fiancee). Well anyways, Lin's priority now should be to get a girlfriend who can schmooze with Ellis' wife.

    Yeah, if Ellis could feel that way about playing with a top draft pick, how would he feel about an undrafted rookie? Someone said it before here, Ellis is like the best player at pickup basketball who get's frustrated with everyone else on the team because they're not as good as him. Ellis is not a player who makes his teammates better.

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  18. So Steimetz mentioned that Law is playing better than Lin in practice can anyone confirm this?

  19. I believe Steinmetz suggested that (did say it as a fact) in his online chat today. He said it would appear unfair to other players if Lin was getting time over Law if Law was practicing better than Lin.

    I believe real, in game performance say otherwise, Dumbo!

    Deron Williams is not playing tonight (just had kid), so Jordan Farmar is starting and third stringer will be going up against Law.

    Wonder if Law can even stay in front of someone who is not even in regular rotation of the Nets.

  20. Wonder if Law is going to get matched up against former D-Leaguer Sundiata Gaines?:


  21. Wow, Law can contain a D-League guard of average athleticism.

    Watching the first half, I think Lin would have done an Earl Watson on Sundiata Gaines.

    Law's only positive attribute is that he dribbles the ball well, but, unless he is driving in traffic, Lin is a more effective slasher.

    My guess is that if Lin had gotten Law's minutes in the first half, Warriors would be up by maybe 5 points or more.

  22. LIN IS IN!

    (keith smart's doghouse)

  23. so where's the blog update warriors vs nets? even the author of this blog is starting to lose faith in lin getting playing time.

  24. Thornton seems to also be in his Doghouse!

  25. LOL, fire Smart and buy out Law ASAP!!!

    Gaines gave Nets same intangibles Lin gives Warriors, and Lin's upside is greater than Gaines.

    That rebound Gaines got late in the game is a trademark Lin play!


  26. And we lost without developing any young players again! Whoohooh. Without Williams either so embarrasing!

  27. "Thornton seems to also be in his Doghouse!"

    if by doghouse you mean get 10 mins of playing time, im sure jeremy would love to be in that doghouse!

  28. Congrats to Law on a fine game:
    18 min, 8 pts, 4/5 fg, 4 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 0 to

    The thing that stands out the most is his team best +9 and also no 3pt attempts. And according to other posters, playing decent defense too. He must have been reading this blog and learned the significance of +/-, and also found out that he was shooting under 18% from 3pt range, and he hasn't made a 3 ptr since Jan 24, going 0/9.

    But let's keep this in perspective. This was only one game... against a terrible team. How bad? They are 8 games worse than the Warriors even though they play in the Eastern Conf. And they actually give minutes to Gadzuric and B Wright! If Law starts playing like this on a regular basis, then not even Lin fans could blame Smart for playing Law so much.

  29. Law was able to contain Gaines, but I think Lin could have done an Earl Watson (Utah game) on him.

    Lin may have been able to shake Gaines confidence in a way Law just is not capable of...

    Gaines game was exactly the types of intangibles Lin gives Warriors, but I think Lin's upside is greater than Gaines.

    Lacob needs to fire Dumbo, buy out law, and if Ellis complains, bench him until he learns to be a true team player.

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  31. real-dsb:

    Most of Law's point were very easy drives to the basket against Gaines (no help defense rotating to help Gaines) which Lin could have done just as easily.

    Law also benefited from having Udoh behind him this game, vs. Biedrens in previous games.

  32. I'm just curious to know what Michael is posting that he gets at least 1 post removed every time, lol!

  33. I delete my own posts because of typos I made. :)

    One other thought:

    Law did not lose this game, per se, but I suspect if Dumbo had given Lin Law's minutes, Warriors might have very well won this game.

    Lin could have done an Earl Watson on Gaines, totally demoralizing him so he has no confidence in second half, or, at least, contested all of those Gaines hustle plays that are also one of Lin's trademarks.

  34. I believe only posts blog administrator has removed are my joking references that only reason Law gets minutes is he must give good h**d to Dumbo and Ellis.