Thursday, March 31, 2011

JLin Highlights


  1. Rewatching second Sioux Falls game (Saturday March 26 in D-League Futurecast archives) and Musselman apparently had some high praise for the combination of Lin, Novak, and Green starting at the 5 minutes remaining point of fourth quarter.

    e. g. Musselman said it was only time in his coaching career where he said I am just going to stay out of the way and let them play. Also raved about Jeremy's high basketball IQ.

    As another poster suggested in previous threads, perhaps San Antonio is watching Lin, hopefully considering reuniting him with Novak and Green as part of future second unit for the Spurs (?)

    Would be nice to see what Lin could do with a real coach, who has real offensive and defensive schemes, and some talented teammates around him that complement each other.

  2. There is no defensive highlights? But lin looked pretty good this game. Hopefully he will continue to get playing time. And if Monta is out maybe he will actually get a decent run now.

  3. It will be nice to see Lin in a Spurs uniform. He definitely can grow as a NBA player with a good coach, system, and organization. (Very tough to get playing time though.) From all I read, Lin works very hard and watches lots of tapes.

    Did you see the last game? Lin really elevated his drive to the basket, so he make sure that he was not blocked by the NBA tall leapers. :-) Great adjustments.

  4. San Antonio would be a great fit for Lin. The other team I always said he'd fit in well is Portland. McMillan is a great defensive minded coach, and I think Lin would be a great backup to Andre Miller. He'd do some wonders both defensive and offensive with Batum, Fernandez, Camby, etc. and you can run him with Gerald Wallace too. That'd be a really solid squad, and he won't be too far from home.

  5. Larry Riley was on KNBR's Damon Bruce show on Thursday. Damon hit him with a JLin question right off bat. It's basically a question about why all the fuss with JLin when the team has glaring holes to fill in the starting bigs. It's worth listening to for a few mins...

    Looking forward to the Dallas game. Hopefully JLin gets some playing time and continues the confidant play. Don't worry about making mistakes - just let it flow and have fun ballin'!!

  6. Why all the fuss? I think it's only natural for Lin to have a dedicated fan base, and want to see him get better and contribute. That progress and development is hindered or prevented by a coach's ineffective approach to the game, and certainly the lack of wins is the burden of proof. How people can't mind their own business is beyond me, but any kind of attention can be useful in a way. But in the end, it's the support that counts.