Friday, March 25, 2011

The Jeremy Lin Basketball Academy

The game Saturday night vs Sioux City is on Versus. Also, Jeremy has his own Basketball summer camp:

Jeremy Lin Basketball Academy

Join Golden State Warriors guard and Harvard grad Jeremy Lin for basketball instruction and fun at the 2011 Jeremy Lin Basketball Academy.

Date: June 27 – July 1, 2011 (Mon-Fri)

Location: Palo Alto High School Gymnasium

Times: Session 1 (1st – 5th grade boys) 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Session 2 (6th – 12th grade boys) 1:00 pm-4:00 pm

Cost: $350 ($50 discount before 4/15/2011)

Ages: Boys 1st -12th grade (2011-2012 school year)

Each Camper Receives:

Special edition Jeremy Lin Nike Camp T-Shirt

Jeremy Lin Basketball

Autographed Camp Team Photo with Jeremy

Expert Instruction plus real game experience (Jeremy will be at site during camp time)

Opportunity to Win Contests and Prizes

A Fun and Educational Experience Guaranteed!

Some of the techniques and principles that will be taught at the camp:

· Fundamental passing, ball handling, defense and rebounding

· “Straight elbow” shooting method

· Low post and perimeter one-on-one moves

· Playing with and without the ball

· Individual and team competition

Registration forms can be downloaded from or click here.


  1. Very excited about sending my kids to the camp until I saw that it is for boys only. Why? Totally disappointed on many different levels. I hope Jeremy sees this and recognizes the message he is sending to a large segment of his fan base.

  2. I'm afraid that if you don't understand why there are boys camps and girls camps, you need more than a camp to help you.

    Lin would not run a girls camp, he does not know anything about it.

    But to put it succintly, boys do not want to waste their time playing with girls, and fathers don't want to waste money for their sons to play with girls.


  4. Have you ever been to any of these camps?

    They run boys and girls camps separately and maybe have a talk here and there with all. Just look at the photos and you'll see how it is.

    The actual camps are run by local boys and girls coaches, not the NBA stars. Lin does not earn enough money yet to organize multiple camps like the ones you reference, it's that simple. He is not 'sending a message'; he's doing the smart thing which is start simple and grow the camp later when you have enough resources to farm it out to a management organization.

  5. I think what Mort meant is why doesn't his camp include men over 18 years of age so that he could go too. =)

  6. $350 is highway-robbery. This is a camp for Rich Kids.