Friday, March 25, 2011

Jeremy Back In Action Tonight


  1. After a sloppy 2 minutes to open the game, coach Musselman calls in the heavy firepower off the bench, Jeremy Lin. He gives 2 assists and a layup off a steal to spark a run.

    Instant offense, defense, and intensity to win games.

  2. Lin looks really sharp from start.

    He missed a few jumpers, but those shots seemed to open up his drives to the basket.

  3. Jumper still doesn't look good in form. Freethrows also not looking good. The announcer says he wnt to the sideline to get stuffing put in his nose. Maybe he got hit hard and it's affecting his game.

  4. Uh ugly game. Shots were just off all night. And still not enough assists. But awesome drives, though it seems like teams are starting to see how Lin plays hence why he gets rejected so much lately.

    Just glad we still can watch him play though. His court vision seems to still need a lot of work and his shot. Maybe we will see a better game from him this weekend.

  5. It was an ok game for JLin. He carried the scoring down the stretch. I was a bit worried that he was being too much of a ballhog (that he might be modelling his game after Monta's). But I think it was more of a case that everyone else couldn't knock down their shots. Landry and Richardson couldn't finish easy dunks on a couple nice dishes from JLin.

    I agree his asst numbers are bad... especially since Sloan was out for virtually the whole game. Way too many turn overs as well. Skyforce is a very weak team that's now playing without Ewing. They should have put them away early.

    Tomorrow's game will be on Versus. Here's hoping JLin will come thru with a much improved game!! A double-double maybe??

  6. 5 assists isn't too bad... remember to have an assist, you need teammates who can make the open shots and open dunks.................

  7. i saw the most retarded play tonight. His teammate waits for lin to run near him and scoop the ball right into his body with two defenders ready to trap him.

    Its as if they are puroposely trying to work with opposition to get more turn overs for Lin.

    Also whats with not giving Lin the ball right away after a rebound?

    Couldnt he wait until Lin runs to a place with more space???

  8. We noticed that Law was DNP tonight. I heard he hurt his wrist on Monday. Does anyone know how bad it is? Hopefully, they will not bring Jeremy back. Why don't they just play Bell? Especially in 38 point rout like tonight?

    Golden State Warriors guard Acie Law earns trust of coach Keith Smart:

    Also, has Law really playing good defense lately and the Dubs should really try to keep him next year?

  9. Bleacher Report suggests the W's keep Acie Law. He's actually been okay lately, although he does seem to be injury prone. Interesting question about what Lin should do. If the W's exercise their team option that's a good deal for him financially, although he will have problems with playing time. Seems clear that Lin must improve his pg skills. Even his recent success is more like something you get from a sg.

    My conclusion is he should take the money if the Warriors offer it, but plan on going elsewhere after next season. After the lockout, there will be teams looking for players in the lower salary tiers who can contribute.

  10. "Jet" Chang > Jeremy Lin? trolling

  11. Acie Law plays with lots of energy and works hard. Thus even with limited skills, he can be a NBA backup in a bad team. Acie needs playing time and Smart gave it to him.
    Personally I think, if given the same opportunity, Jeremy is much better than Law. Jeremy's skill and court intuition are so much better than Law's and Jeremy definitely have equal or better energy and work ethic as Law.
    Go Jeremy! You will be a solid NBA player.

  12. Watched Jet Chang play, I'll stick with Jeremy. Chang does have a better shot.

  13. Two good comments by Vs. commentators tonight:

    - Coach Musselman said Lin is absolutely one of the best players he has ever coached

    - commentator walked by Lin today and didn't realize how tall he was (commentator said he was a good 6 4 and Lin was slightly taller); sounds like Lin's height should be listed at 6 5 with sneakers on.

  14. The only time Acie Law doesn't play and the GSW win by 38 points. lol!
    JLin's game tonight was off, he only scored 10 points but his influence on the team to open up the team for shots still helped his team win. Even though the score sheet doesn't show it, JLin IS the key player for the team to win. The good thing on the stats tonight is his 1 TO, 1 BA, which is a big improvement from the 5 he had the other night.

  15. Jeremy Lin has been very, very effective this game, despite the poor shooting percentage (a lot of layups that he missed were contested and Lin does not have Monta's athleticism).

    He probably could have had a few more steals because of all the tipped and deflected balls he had tonight.

    To be really effective at NBA level, he does need to hit those outside shots consistently, but I think he can have a roster spot if he shoots well enough that opposing team has to guard him (i. e. not playing 4 on 5 when he is on court).

    Lin can't make a team great by himself, but he can be the difference that takesa good or very good team and make them great.

  16. The Bighorns are effective when Jeremy is in the lineup. The team is 13-6 in games that Jeremy has played in.

  17. "A huge thank you to the Reno Bighorns for the DLeague experience! It's been a great learning process and I'm also excited to be with the Warriors the rest of the season!"

    jlin's status on facebook

    guess he is going back to the warriors