Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GSW @ Memphis


  1. I'm going to go on a limb and say active and DNP-CD.

  2. Smart is considered a player's coach. The star, Monta, wants to stay in the game all the time. What do you think will happen if the game is close? Jlin = 0 minutes.

    If Monta and Curry can sprint up and down the court and not get tired, then I'm all for it, but seriously, he's showing lack of confidence in his team, by negotiating with his star players, instead of being more of a coach. Because of his lack of confidence, it makes it difficult for players to play as well or as a team as it should be.

    We've seen Monta become a star, but Team play will win over one player most days. Even Jordan had to give in a little to a team concept. And Kobe definitely doesn't carry his team. Monta can ask to be traded if Smart isn't here, but doesnt change a thing. For the GSW to win, we need a team, and not for Monta to score 55 pts a game.

  3. Lin dribbles ball up and immediately doesn't pass to Monta, so Monta gestures with his hands like WTF.

    What a ball hog.

    He would only be happy if Lin passes ball to him then runs to corner far far away from play.

  4. What the heck happened on that shot...did Battier really block it?

    Nice drive on the next time down by JLin7.