Wednesday, March 9, 2011

End Of The Road Trip (2-5), Another DNP

Jeremy Lin recorded his 3rd DNP in a row @ New Jersey while the Nets beat the Warriors 94-90. With this team virtually out of the playoffs at 28-36, when will they start playing Jeremy? This team desperately needs defense and rebounding, why is he at the end of the bench? Lets look at the stats:


Rebounds per 36 minutes:
JLin: 3.8
Law: 2.6

Assist to TO:
JLin: 1.79
Law: 1.79

Yes, Law, age 26, is a better ball handler, quicker with the ball, and a lottery pick (11th overall in 2007). However, Jeremy is the vastly superior defender with so much more upside being just 22 and not having played the point in college. We will see if Lacob steps in and forces Smart to play JLin, ala Udoh. This must be coming soon. I believe. I hope.


  1. I want to see jeremy play not sit on the bench doing nothing. I don't like seeing acie law play and would like him gone from the warriors. Jeremy isn't learning anything on the bench. So either give him some playing time, or send him back to the d-league so he could play some consistent minutes and grow as nba player.

  2. Just got around to viewing Matt Steinmetz's comments on Lin.

    I have heard from a variety of sources that Lin isn't the greatest practice player and that you have to see him play in games when his competitive juices kick in. I seem to recall even his high school coach mentioned this.

    Another interesting note from Steinmetz is when asked whom he thought would not be brought back next year, he included Law's name but not Jeremy. If that's the case, and the Warriors are just about out of the playoff race officially, maybe they'll give Lin some time to show what he can or can't do.

  3. If and when Smart is finally forced to play Lin, he's got to let Lin play through his mistakes. Udoh has taken his lumps and he's still standing.

    Plus, in the D-League, when Lin played against a team he had never seen before, he always played better in second half than in first (and if he played same team on back to back days, he almost always was very sharp from beginning of second game).

    Given that Smart put Law right back in game after that absolutely horrendous -14 5 minute stretch of basketball where Law made Louis Williams look like an All-Star, I don't think he can even come up with a valid reason to ever pull Lin for making a mistake for the rest of this season. Law's performance that game should have led to Law being benched, for the rest of the season!!!

  4. From Net's game, it is clear that Smart favors Law. May be Smart see a lot of himself in Law. When Curry makes a mistake, he is out right away. If a star player like Curry gets this type of treatment, I don't think Jeremy will get anything better. I don't think Smart has any hidden or "non-basketball related" agenda. He is simply not a very good coach.

    I think for Jeremy it is time to start thinking about post-season. How to improve in skill, in physical strength, and in endurance. Look at how much K. Love improved with the off-season workouts.

    Think long term... God bless

  5. Any reaction from Lin on Harvard sharing it's first Ivy title?

  6. luke, well said. Smart just doesn't know what he is doing. Lin is clearly better than Law and benefits the team more, but Smart can't see it. It happens at all levels of sports, especially team sports. Even in individual sports coaches sometimes don't figure out who the better player is. Subconscious biases and personal background play a bigger role than most people realize. Good things will happen to Lin, as he is a good player who will only get better.

  7. Really David Pinto...AYRTS? This is a fan site for Jeremy Lin. Nobody here has access to him.

    This might answer your question:!/jlin7

  8. Nice segment. This is why I root for him.

  9. Good interview with CNN. If Jeremy Lin has a long-term career in the NBA, I think he could be voted in the future as the President of the Players' Association (which is currently Derek Fisher).

    Also with the Kings moving to Anaheim, it gives Lin another chance to stay in CA. He may not be with the Warriors long term, but he's definitely going to get his chance with another NBA team. Like Jeremy said, just stay patient and I think Jeremy knows he'll get his.

  10. "Good decision.

    He immediately swiped the ball from Stephen Curry at midcourt and raced the other way for an uncontested layup. Then he found Sasha Vujacic for a couple of perimeter jumpers, and the next thing you knew, the Nets were up nine, their largest lead of the game.

    Gaines -- who had a game-high plus/minus of plus-21 -- wouldn't make his presence felt again until the second half, when he continued to be a facilitator, disrupter and playmaker in Williams' absence. Of course, it wasn’t until the Nets' final offensive possession that Gaines showed why Johnson left him in during crunch time.

    Aside from helping hold Ellis to just 1-for-6 shooting in the last period, Gaines came up with an out-of-nowhere rebound off a Vujacic miss with 34.6 seconds remaining that gave the Nets a fresh shot clock.

    Talk about basketball acumen.

    Ultimately, the Nets didn't score and had to come up with a defensive stand at the other end of the floor to survive. Still, Gaines' ability to come up with a critical play at the most critical of times couldn’t be understated. Anyone with any knowledge of basketball understood just how big a play it was.

    "I think that was my only rebound for the game," Gaines said. "I'm just happy to get an extra possession."

    Although Gaines wouldn’t admit as much, he must be ecstatic about earning another 10-day contract, which begins on Thursday.

    He may not have a nameplate on his corner locker, but he does have more time to make a name for himself. And that's all an undrafted NBA journeyman can ask for.

    "Tonight it was Gaines' assists, his four steals, his defense, his leadership," Johnson said. "It was just terrific."

    Same intangibles Lin could bring to Warriors (at least a Warriors team with a real coach, that is).

  11. Steinmetz on Jeremy.

    The last question. I actually don't know about how I feel if Lin resigns with the Warriors. It's not just the situation with Acie Law, it's the team situation. I watched Steve Blake on the Lakers tonight and wondered why not Lin?

    The most interesting thing is that Steinmetz has changed his attitude about Jeremy.

  12. Thanks for the CNN link. I will embed it into a post.

  13. If Lin played for a defensive minded team, like the Spurs, Celtics, Jazz, then he would get more consistent minutes and a valued part of the team.
    The Warriors are not as a team, defensive minded. They are still living under the legacy of Nellie-ball where jacking up shots comes first.
    The organization must be scrapped all the way down to the bolts. Get rid of any relics of Don Nelson.
    It is going to take several seasons to erase this kind of mentality. By then JLin would have wasted his best years on the bench.

  14. you lose when you put jeremy lin on the bench to rot

  15. I agree with Whitman. It will be great if Lin plays for a team and a coach that emphasize toughness, scrappiness, and team play on every possession offense or defense. If Lin can play like John Stockton, he will have that long NBA career that he wished for. For us old timers who had watched John Stockton, he was the Big Fundamental. Nothing flashy. "Just get it done".

  16. I think Lin would fit in great with the Chicago offensive and defensive schemes (obviously coming off bench behind Derrick Rose).

  17. Lin would actually be a great fit with the Blazers. Nate McMillan highly values defense, fundamentals, scrappiness and the half court set. In fact, that's the type of player he was... as opposed to a scrub like Smart who obviously thinks Acie Law is a younger version of himself (and he's right too) and therefore favoring him over Lin and even Bell, who are both way better players than Law.

    The Blazers value defense, and I think Lin would be a great fit. Defense and scrappiness is one of the reasons they went after Gerald Wallace. Lin would also not be expected to score and could slowly work on his offensive skills (they have plenty of scorers on that squad). And I'd have to imagine playing with Andre Miller would do wonders for his development.