Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coach Muss Was Great For JLin

Great article on Reno Bighorns Coach Musselman. Click here.

Sounds like Jeremy is coming back to the Warriors. Click here.


  1. Nice to hear Lin's going back up to the big club. It's a little ironic though because I'm sure many, as I, have come to root for the Bighorns. I was looking forward to a championship run by them.

    Hopefully, this is #7's breakthrough moment. Acie Law's status is not clear. By the way, I for one have never posted animosity towards Law, he's done a decent job. Coach Smart is a different matter.

  2. Wow, just in time for Asian Appreciation Night (rolls eyes)

    Guess if they could send him down again, Warriors would probably do it again.

    Would have rather seen Lin stay with Big Horns and see if he can lead them to the D League championship.

  3. If JLin does get called up, he can't be sent down to D-league again. And most likely he won't get any minutes for the Warriors, just sit on the bench behind Charlie Bell.

    It's just a waste of his talent seeing him on the sidelines in streetclothes not even suited up for the game.

  4. Smh.

  5. Golden State Warriors are like Keystone Cops (Lin apparently supposed to join Warriors in Oklohoma City):

    Is Dumbo actively trying to sabotage his career with this yo yo act? Why not let Lin play out rest of the year with Big Horns and see if he can lead them to D League championship?

  6. The rules are he can only be called up 3 times which means this time he is staying and cannot return. Doesn't mean he'll get minutes though. I'd like to see Wall school the Warriors and people can speculate about Jeremy.

    One more win by Memphis and the W's are officially out of the playoffs.

    Will miss Bighorn basketball and especially Futurecast.

    Wow, is tonight really Asian Appreciation Night? If so, every Asian should stand with their backs to the court for the first 5 minutes. lol

  7. I really don't understand this call-up. The Warriors are guaranteed to miss the playoffs. Why don't they just let Jeremy continue to play and develop in the D-league? Playing in the d-league playoffs would be a valuable experience for Jeremy.
    By the way can anyone tell me who is in charge of calling up players anyway? Does Keith Smart make the call, or upper management?

  8. I could speculate that they might actually want to see Jeremy play. They've got to make a decision about keeping him, Acie Law, or both.

  9. It's just standard procedure. Acie Law goes down with an injury, even if it's just a minor injury, there is no backup point guard to replace him.
    Charlie Bell doesn't play point guard. So JLin needs to be called up to fill that hole.

    Once Acie Law is semi-healed and can limp on the court, Smart will put Law in and keep JLin on the bench for the rest of the season.

    Keith Smart isn't just an epic fail as coach, but he's also dragging down the young developing players to the ocean depths with him.

  10. I don't know why but although he had plenty of points and his team won, Lin didn't look as good this time around in the D-League. His D wasn't as sharp, his jumpers looked off, and his decision making wasn't as good either (lots of careless turnovers).

    I am not sure it is the best thing for him to get extended playing time with the Warriors if his play looks the same or worse. Law goes down after playing some of his best basketball in the pros. So if Lin comes in and plays 18-20 mins but commits 4 turnovers and goes 1-4 with his jumper, that will not be good for his future with any club.

    Of course, if he gets good minutes and plays like he is capable, then everything will be fine.

  11. Noooo!!! Damm you Acie Law for reinjuring your wrist! I know there's a rule about only 3 D-League recalls in a year, but couldn't the Warriors assign Lin back to D-League one more time? It's just that the Warriors would not be able to recall Lin for the rest of the year?

    What kind of coach plays his starters 48, 44, and 43 minutes when the team has already been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention and these are meaningless games? You're just exposing your star players to potential serious injury for nothing. And also wasting the opportunity for younger players to get some experience and exposure.

  12. Seriously, what's the point of recalling Lin? So what if Law's out? Do you really need a PG to run an iso for Ellis? Even if the Warriors lose games due to lack of backup PG, what does that matter? If Adrien can't even get garbage time in meaningless games, you can be sure that Lin won't either.

    Keith Smart is not even the best coach named Smart in basketball. That belongs to Shaka Smart, VCU coach. Shaka knows how to get the most out of limited talent.

  13. Highlights from Friday's game. That was an amazing stepback jumper. (Dare I say, Monta-esque.) If he can do that at the NBA level, they can't defend both the drive and the stepback.

  14. Warriors are now officially out of the playoff race since Memphis has 41 wins. Hopefully this means Lin will actually see some PT. It sure makes sense to see if they want to exercise their team option. Unfortunately, it will also make sense that Smart wants to win as many games as he can, and do what he can to preserve Law's career. Oh well, go Bighorns!

  15. He won't get playing time. Did you not see the Wizard game where all the veteran starters played 40+ minutes. Still don't understand why Curry only played 28.

  16. The Bighorns were winning most of their games with Jeremy Lin on the team. With him they clinched the playoffs and are a championship caliber team (D-League). Without him, they probably go back to losing.

    They will really miss his 17 points, defense, rebounding, and leadership off the bench.

    JLin got the Bighorns to within 1/2 game of the top spot in the D-League Western conference.

  17. The Bighorns were 17-10 (.630) without Lin, 14-6 (.700) with Lin. 0.630 would place the Bighorns in 4th out of 16 DL teams. 0.700 would place the Bighorns in 2nd. So the Bighorns were pretty decent without Lin, but with Lin he made them a championship contender.

    If Lin really doesn't play another game in the DL this year, then his DL stats for the year are:

    20 games, 31.7 min, 48% fg, 39% 3pt, 72% ft, 5.8 reb, 4.3 ast, 2.0 stl, 0.3 blk, 2.7 to, 1.6 a/to

  18. I believe two games really early on in Lin's first D League stint, Reno had lead when Lin was pulled for starters, who couldn't close out games (I think Bakersfield and another game).

    Second stint there were 3 or 4 very, very tight games where game came down to last possession (Iowa, Austin Toros mid-day - this was Lin's worst game, and possibly another).

    I think his record with Bighorns could have easily been 17 - 3.

  19. One of the things I really appreciated about coach Musselman was he concerned himself with player development, not just winning as many games as possible (guess who?)

    Bighorns most likely win a few more games with Lin starting and getting 6-10 more minutes per game, but bringing him off the bench was a really "smart" thing to do.

    The Versus commentator quoted Musselman as saying Lin is the best basketball player he's ever coached.

  20. Smart is a huge ass. Recalling Lin just so Lin can't shine in D league? He is one steaming hot turd that needs to get fired.

    playing both curry and ellis 45+ minute in meaningless game just so he could accomplish his own personal agenda of sabotaging lin's nba career.

    I really hope Lin has shown enough in the d-league to get 10-15minutes with a defensive minded coach next season. I