Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blessing In Disguise

Nice ESPN article on JLin:

Jeremy Lin: NBA's Cinderella Story


  1. Now if only this can become a true Cinderella Story. Last 20 games, maybe something magical will happen.

    Awesome article though.

  2. I'd say that D-League is a blessing in disguise. I don't see how zero minutes or inactive is a blessing in disguise. If this a Cinderella story, I'm hoping the current situation is the carriage turning back into a pumpkin, and best part is coming later (as opposed to merely getting into the NBA was the peak).

    "While flying to away games, Lin often offered his first class seat (NBA signees receive first-class treatment) to a teammate."

    Huh, interesting tidbit, I didn't realize NBA assignees got special treatment in D-League. It was cool to see how Lin really bonded with Ewing Jr. Maybe Ewing Sr can help Lin out in the future, like get him on a team with a coach who knows how to coach.

  3. Another good offensive night by the Warriors (51% fg, 38% 3pt), another loss. Why? Same old story. Outrebounded 41-31, 27-19 FTA disadvantage (due to their reliance on outside shooting), and allowing the opponent 52% fg and 42% 3pt.

    Acie Law took another 3... and missed of course. He has missed his last 11 consecutive 3-pt attempts, hasn't made one since Jan 24. This lowers his league worst 3pt% to 17%. He ended with a Law-esque -6. He actually had a great PG night, 6 ast to 1 TO. So the -6 indicates how lousy the defense was when he was on the floor.

  4. Much as I'd like to see him stay, Lin is better off going to another team. He has NBA talent, and needs to develop it. Even if Smart goes (a foregone conclusion) the owners will still be there next year. The bad PR the owners are generating, coupled with the perception that signing Lin was a "marketing" move (question: How many people buy a Warriors ticket to see him sit on the bench, at best?) The Warriors are a long way off from being a playoff team and Lin will continue to be a "scapegoat."

    I vote for the Lakers but I couldn't help but notice the Mavericks will need to make some changes at PG. Kidd is getting along in years, and Barrea is too small. I'd love to see Acie go against Lin.

    Speaking of our current backup pg, he had a decent game last night and I don't harbor any ill will towards him. A good statistical game and a -9
    +/- point out the expected result, an Acie Loss.

  5. Lin reassigned to DLeague. Whoohooh finally we can watch him again. Last time though.

    So I guess Smart is just going to run this team to the ground. Stop trusting in Reggie, Curry, and trusting Law more. Such a wasted season.


  7. If Jeremy Lin had these numbers for March:
    18 min/49% fg/2.6 assists/5.4 points per game, people on this board would be calling him the next incarnation of Jerry West.

    But those of course are not Lin's numbers, they are Acie Law's numbers. Law has been doing a decent job as of late and it comes down to this: Law and Lin competed for the backup PG and Law won the spot. There is really not more to it than that.

    A good majority of professional athletes have found themselves during their careers in the exact same situation as Lin. Those who succeeded did so by working harder, getting better, and fighting for another chance. When that chance came, they grabbed it. That's really all that there is to it and what Lin needs to do.

    Lin going back to the D-League is at this point a major step back. It means the Warriors have bought into Law and that they consider Lin a D-Leaguer. This would be bad as far as other teams are concerned as well. But again, it is what it is. Other athletes have been there and have overcome.

  8. I would not consider it a step back. I think it gives Lin more chance to develop. Lin hasn't gotten any chance to play with the team now. So he has no way to prove himself.

    Literally Lin never got the chance to prove himself and even if he did the coach never trusted him. If anything I would blame the coach.

  9. RN, you actually get a "nice try" this time.

    Based on Lin's NBA per min stats, if he played 18 mins, he would have 2.3 ast, 4.0 pts, 34%fg. Actually, the fg% (and therefore pts) would be higher because he could actually shoot in the flow of the game rather than cold off the bench. He has already proven in D-League that can shoot the jumper from long range. So basically, Lin is already not far from Acie's best month.

  10. Acie and Lin never really competed for the spot, and Acie didn't win or earn it. Smart sought out Acie as soon as he was available and gave him the spot. Acie and Lin's per minute stats in assists and TOs are similar, but Lin's stls, blks, and plus/minus are much superior. Acie's performance was no better than Lin's but Smart gave it to Acie because of familiarity and comfort.

    It's like when the Niners decided to seek out Harbaugh as their next coach. They still had to interview other candidates, but it's not like there ever any actual competition.

  11. Reality Now:

    If Dumbo had given Lin same leeway he gives Law (why wasn't Law benched for rest of the season after that horrid -14 5 minutes during second quarter of Philly game?), Lin would already be established as back-up point guard for Warriors.

    You may not put much credence into plus minus, but what about won loss record when Law has played significant minutes (as in all games after all star break, where Warriors have beaten Washington, Cleveland, and Orlando, but lost to Nets and got totally destroyed by Sacramento)?

  12. And Law has his tongue so far up Dumbo's arse that it comes out Smart's mouth:

    “I am forever indebted to coach. I text him all the time telling him thank you. He trusts me, he’s giving me a great opportunity and I’m trying to do the best with it. It feels great to be playing at this point of my career.”