Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back to Back Reno @ Utah Tonight


  1. Enjoyed watching Jeremy play so much that I actually re-watched the second half. Futurecast is cool. It's an easy guess for how many times I've done this for a Warriors game. Three things I really liked: 1) Jeremy showing more leadership and spirit with his team mates. Just rah rah stuff but it works for Acie, why not Lin? 2) Awesome one handed bounce pass at 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, but alas, no finish, no assist. 3) Approximately 22 points in 17 minutes. awesome.

    Looking for a repeat performance tonight!

    Keep it up Jeremy. I know the Spurs amongst other teams are watching.

  2. It all depends on if the Warriors decide not to exercise his 2nd year contract. As well as if there will actually be a season next year. I call for no Football and Basketball next year! Anyone in for some soccer?

    Lin would fit into a team that plays team ball. Musselman really has the bighorns communicating well and actually working together. The warriors are still too ISO centric.

  3. Damm I just saw the first quarter for JLin, he was a beast against Utah. I liked how he came from the 3 point range to catch an air ball his teammates shot. Also, I liked his charges into the basket that forced the other team to play much more inside defense leaving the outside open. However, I notice his left side drives seem to be much stronger and more accurate than his right side charges, anyone notice that?

  4. There's definitely significant improvement with his left. The same goes with his jumpshot. I can tell he's been working hard the last few weeks.
    I am puzzled... On the offensive side, JLin seems like a totally different player while he's with the Bighorns. He's aggressive, he's confidant. Physically, he's got enough skills to be a very effective backup for Curry. Yes, Smart doesn't give him any playing time. But he did get in the game for a couple 5-minute stretches - and he never brought out the Bighorns JLin on offense. His approach to the offensive game is just so different in Oakland. Maybe it's his interaction with the coach, maybe it's the W's culture/environment... I don't know. The bottom line is, he's got the physical tools for sure. Maybe he just needs to see the W's team psychologist to get his offense to Oakland, and I hear the W's do have one.
    Keep workin and stay healthy, JLin!

  5. The coach doesn't trust Lin to take shots at Oakland. I mean literally he must be given just the choice to bring it up and hand it to monta and nothing more. I don't think he has the green light with the warriors to shot whenever he wants and that is the biggest difference.

  6. Man, it's nice to hear the away announcers. They actually appreciate Lin's game.

    Here's the video from the first Utah game from Friday:

  7. Agreed the announcers actually sound competent. And got to love it when they say 4th quarter is Jeremy Lin time :p.

  8. Rampant speculation regarding why despite 7's brilliance in the D league, it simply does not translate into more playing time from Bozo. Last time I tried posting my 2 cents as to why this is, the post got taken down by ADMIN. Let me try again with a different approach- assuming Bozo takes the time to monitor 7's D-league performances, it just blows my mind that he hasn't given 7 at least 20 to 30 minutes in at least 1 game in the midst of this losing season. He makes 1 mistake and he gets the pine. He doesn't pass da ball to Ellis so he gets the dirty eye, cold shoulder and replaced by A.Law. How do you expect him to perform under these types of circumstances? It's like Bozo chains and muzzles him that's why he looks hesitant, unconfident and less fluid out there. Who wouldn't? The difference in the Dleague is that he is not cuffed up and has the visible support of his teammates. They have his trust. Ellis never did and never will. Mr. BigHorn lets him loose and doesn't punish him for every mistake each and every single mother freaking time. So, back to the mystery. Why is 7 being chained? Here's where it gets me on a tightrope walk. If I use the "R" word, people will defend Mr. Bozo but they do not give any specific support to their defense. If you don't think Bozo deserves the scarlet R then please propose a plausible reason other than the circular "no, there is no way in hell he could be in this day and age or this is way too taboo or this is nuts." Ask yourself would this be a different story for 7 if he were, um, for sake of argument, a different colored athlete. How about a black kid from Harvard who makes it into the NBA undrafted? Would he have received more playing time from Bozo and given an opportunity to succeed? Would he have been given the support of Ellis? Who do you think Bozo and Ellis see when they look at 7? I think they see what most college coaches and scouts saw: a skinny, underdeveloped Asian from a flimsy division ivy-league school. 7 had to prove them all wrong at each and every level. I think Bozo and co are just plain scared and don't want some undrafted Asian rookie from Harvard to upstage them. Not Bozo who never got an opportunity and has a hard time grasping and swallowing the fact that 7 has more skills than he could ever dream of and certainly not Ellis, the face of the Warrior by defacto not by popular vote. Look at this from Ellis' point of view- before 7 even stepped on the court for his 1st game, he was more popular and adored than him. Everybody's human at the end of the day and we feel our primal emotions. Bozo needs Ellis happy and Ellis is not happy obviously with Lin because Lin won't play the donkey and let the fat cat have a buffet in the midst of starving the rest of his teammates. Given any situation, 7 will make the best decision for the team that will push it towards the W. Ellis? His push is for stats. He knows he'll be gone sooner or later. 7 is a winner at every stage of his life and has the brains 2. You can't say the same for Ellis who only excelled in one facet of his life and even in this facet he is one dimensional. True leaders and superstars lead by example, make those around them better and yeah, they play D and share the damn rock. Can you include Ellis in this context? Can you include JLin? The answers to these 2 questions I think some of you out there reading this will find surprising. Remember the blacks when they first tried to break into any sport. Is anyone saying they as a race didn't face any discrimination? Again, based on NBA stats alone in the little time he played, 7 is the choice as backup. Based on defense, he is also the superior choice over Acie Law especially when you have quick opposing guards. The D-league is just icing on the cake if you think about it. His success does not surprise those who have been following and witnessing his play.

  9. It was great to see Lin finally playing again. I was getting so frustrated with coach Smart choosing to lose with Law instead of trying to win with Lin. It was so obvious that Lin's defense (along with Udoh) really helped the team. But coach was too stubborn and cost himself his job.

    That being said, Lin looked rusty in his first two games back. Although the points were there, his shot wasn't pretty, his great defense wasn't quite there, and even his decision making at times seemed suspect. But no doubt he helped his team win two important games.

  10. For those of you who want Keith Smart out of the equation for the next season, I believe that this excerpt will give you a good idea as to what will happen to Smart:

    "Stephen Curry played just 32 minutes on Wednesday, finishing with 10 points and five assists on 4-of-10 shooting.

    No, he was not in foul trouble, yet Acie Law played a ridiculous 23 minutes for 15 points and six assists. Many experts feel that Keith Smart may have coached his way out of a job next year for his handling of Curry, who still holds first-round value despite some injuries and a minutes crunch, courtesy of Smart. Luckily, there's not a real point guard sitting behind Curry, or his wacky minutes could be even more inconsistent, but either way, expect to see a new coach in GSW next season who will be under direct orders to free Curry."

  11. I'm an Udoh fan, but I don't see how he can only grab 1 rebound in 29 mins. Especially for being a player known for his defense. He should ask Rodman or Barkley for some tips.

  12. Last game was all about making jumpers, this game was all about finishing the drives:

  13. haha.....Acie Law had 5 turnovers against the Spurs tonight.

  14. It seems the Warriors are going into a tanking mode. I'm not saying that they are intentionally losing these games, but the pattern seems familiar, rest the starters while playing the bench many more minutes when the game is already decided in the 1st Quarter.

    At least Jeremy Lin is helping the Bighorns to win. Without him they would have lost these past 2 games. He's not a bench warmer, he is one of Coach Musselman's main weapons.
    That's where he plays with a lot more confidence.

  15. Here's a look at the latest stats for the Warriors. 7th for points scored, but 29th (2nd to worst in the entire league) in points allowed. The defense is on the coaching. The coach is responsible for instilling a defensive mindset for the team. I think part of the defense problem is also Monta. Smart can't bench Monta for lack of defensive effort because Monta runs the show here.

  16. Also, here's the latest +/- per 40 stats for the Warriors. It's not a good sign when your all your starters rank in the bottom half of on the team in plus/minus. That is completely backwards of a functional team. The starters are supposed have a better plus/minus than the bench, regardless how good the team is. If the starters have worse +/- than the bench, then that means you're leaving something on the table, you're not using your team to its maximum potential.

    3.2 E. Udoh
    2.6 J. Lin
    2.4 V. Radmanovic
    1.9 J. Adrien
    1.8 A. Thornton
    0.0 C. Bell
    -1.4 R. Williams
    -1.5 S. Curry
    -2.8 D. Wright
    -3.3 D. Lee
    -4.1 M. Ellis
    -5.2 A. Law
    -5.2 L. Amundson
    -6.1 D. Gadzuric
    -6.7 A. Biedrins

  17. 6th lose in a row now for GSW. I don't really blame Law anymore, its really the warrior's defense that is horrendous. They seem to lack any sort of energy to defend and seem to only want to score points. Look at the stats against Houston,
    FG51.1% 3PT46.7% FT61.1%, which is pretty good in a game but when you consider Houston shooting 11 more shots at the 3 pt line and 17 more fts you can see that it is completely the coach's fault. If the starters are not playing defense well enough, change who is guarding who. They really could've used JLin's defense against Martin since we saw how tough his D was against Steve Nash. I just hope we get to see JLin in the NBA next season with either a new coach or a better team.