Friday, February 25, 2011

LIn in Against Atlanta


  1. hahahaha it's off the air now. how sad. lin playing great once again in limited mins.. 2 steals, 1 blk, 1 stl in just 5 mins.

  2. nevermind. back on. lin great d just now

  3. I like how Jeremy ends up filling up the boxscore with the limited minutes he gets. If his career doesn't work out with the Warriors, there's going to be tons of NBA teams who can use him as a backup PG.

    Do people still think that Coach Smart is still racist towards Lin? Lol


  5. Lin is an absolute defensive terror tonight!

    And all those tips, deflections, and just getting back on to to stop breakaway drive by Atlanta won't even show up in box score.

  6. lin with yet ANOTHER steal to spark another fastbreak. law is looking good because of lin's hustle.

  7. What I can't believe is that Smart doesn't think Lin would help the team out at all as a backup point guard... Outrageous.

  8. smart is an idiot. he thinks getting back into the game means shooting his way back. as a defensive coordinator last year he should know that good defense leads to many offensive opportunity PLUS it gets your team out of shooting slumps.

  9. Lin has shown he can shoot in D-League.

    He is just gun-shy right now, but when shots start to fall, I think they will start to fall like they should for him.

    Look at Acie, he kept bricking in first half and still firing away.

    And if Lin had had those 1:30 Law had at end of second half, do you think Lin would have got one second of playing time in second half?

  10. Lin up to his usual tricks: 3 stl, 1 blk, 3 ast, and 0 TO in merely 10 mins. Maybe I need to reconsider that League Pass.

    Smart is not racist (people who claim that are just taking their frustrations out in the wrong way, or trolls trying to instigate something). He is equal opportunity at letting developing players and role players rot on the bench. It's not just Lin... B Wright, Udoh (at first), Bell, all should have had more playing time too.

    This game was already lost after the 1st quarter when it was 32-17 (Atlanta scored nearly twice as many points)! Why wouldn't you put in the bench to try to ignite some defense and energy like the New Orleans game? As the commentator noted, the bench may not have much offensive firepower, but they make up for it with their points off defense.

  11. lin is selective in his shots. he only shoots a jumper when open but he likes to drive first. that's smart and that's the kind of player a GOOD coach likes. not someone who chucks and plays no defense

  12. boo! i want to go to the next home game just to boo them off. especially when smart's name is announced. and i'd get a chance to try out my fashionable paperbag over my head

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  14. i've been reading a lot of comments on this blog, and it's sad how some of you lin "fan boys" are so biased by saying he deserves hella minutes or that he's hands down nba ready(key word: some... and i understand i might sound rude with the "fan boy") but here's the reality. Lin is ready defensively as a backup point guard as he can pretty play toe to toe with the other team's backup point guard. With that said, his offensive game as a point guard (or just a guard in general) has a long, long way to go. As exemplify by tonight, his jumper needs work both in the technicality and the confidence department. he also needs work running the offense as well. However, i do think that his defensive skills should merit him 6 - 10 minutes a game because his defense can lead to offense via fastbreaks. But i don't think smart values lin's defense over his inability on the offensive end, and this is rather sad - this also probably explains why acie law plays over Lin because he can run the offensive more effectively, even though law is not nearly as good as Lin on the defensive end (and not because smart is racist... and law is also buddy buddy with monta and smart). i know this comment will probably be banned or removed because is not completely pro-lin.

  15. To Jeremy Lin,

    I think you should think about joining the LA Clippers. Since Baron Davis is gone, you will get more playing time there and you will be able to grow with Griffin and Gordon. LA is still relatively close to your family as well. With Golden State, you've shown dramatic improvement and you still don't get the time you deserve. I'm sure the Clippers would be interested in you. If you really think about it, LA holds more promise for you than Golden State ever will. Another thing is Vinny Del Negro, the Clippers head coach, used to play for the Spurs. The Spurs have a defensive mentality. Thus, you would fit into Vinny's system perfectly will your defensive acumen and unselfish play.

    Don't be too loyal to Golden State because they won't reciprocate any loyalty towards you. You need to look out for yourself because life is short and you have a great opportunity. Don't waste your time in Golden State even if it means taking a pay cut. Go to the Clippers, you won't regret it.

    All the best, David

  16. @Tumadre:

    "it's sad how some of you lin "fan boys" are so biased by saying he deserves hella minutes or that he's hands down nba ready"

    LOL, this *is* a Jeremy Lin fan blog, so I guess it's not surprising that most of the posts are favorable towards Lin.

    "His offensive game as a point guard (or just a guard in general) has a long, long way to go."

    I'll partially agree with you there. Lin hasn't made the transition offensively at the NBA level, but he proved in D League that he could hit open jumpers and NBA 3 ptrs (at a 40% rate). For some reason, he hasn't hit the groove while in the NBA, I think he just needs more playing time to get over the jitters.

    "this also probably explains why acie law plays over Lin because he can run the offensive more effectively"

    This is the perception, but not the reality. People keep saying that Law runs the offense better, but his A/TO ratio is 1.9 vs Lin's, which is 1.8 after tonight. Seems about the same to me. And running an offense includes your own offense, which Law is awful at. Law is shooting 6/25 (24%) from 3 pt, but somehow it doesn't discourage him from shooting more. Lin is 0/2, which is WAY better than 6/25.

  17. @Tumadre, or should i say "Reality Now" because your post wreaks "Reality Now". EVERY single sentence you write is meant to belittle lin AS ALWAYS without good reason. lin made just 1 shot attempt tonight and you act like it's enough to judge his offense.

    "i know this comment will probably be banned or removed because is not completely pro-lin."

    since WHEN did this site ever banned anyone?? and you say you've been reading this blog. your posts are bs as ever


    nice try though ;)


  19. @ dsb

    truth that this is a Lin blog. mybad on that one.

    Being able to shoot in the dleague in front of 1k people and against inferior competition doesn't mean all that much. Many players tear up the dleauge, but performing at the NBA level is what matters, even when you are given very few opportunities. I think he has hit two jumpers in his limited playing time at the NBA level (@Houston @LA if i recall correctly). Maybe he does just need more PT to get over the jitters because that jumper tonight was ugly (it was very flat), but when he doesn't get that much PT, it's pretty crucial for him to knock that shot down (especially in garbage time).

    But that perception is somewhat the reality. Lin's A/To ratio is (somewhat) irrelevant because he doesn't play enoug. If you are using Law's 3pt fg percentage as evidence that he cannot run the offense, then take a look at Lin's fg percentage, which is at 34.7% (ouch). I am saying Law is running the offense more effectively, ie he's setting up the plays more effectively and the offense runs smoother because smart trusts him more (HA, the warriors running the offense smoothly, right. crack myself up w/ that one). Also, Law is much more confident of himself on the offensive end, which should be very transparent to all of you. don't get me wrong, I am not praising Law by any stretch of the imagination b/c i think he is TERRIBLE. However, in the past few games that Lin has been in, he's running the plays much better than the beginning of the season. Which kinda tells me that he just needs to relax and slow the game down, as well as an opportunity to play to show that he can run the offense. We can agree to disagree on Lin running the offense. But like i said, i think Lin should be getting some PT b/c there should be no dispute that he's a very solid defender, and having a solid defender on the floor when your starters and scorers (ie ellis and curry) are on the bench is essential.

  20. @anonymous

    Your statement of "or should i say 'Reality Now' because your post wreaks of 'Reality Now'" made absolutely no sense. Every single sentence i wrote was meant to belittle lin? did you not read what i said at all? I might have made derogatory statements about Lin's offensive game, but i praised him for his defenes. as always? this is my first post on this blog, so i don't know where that came from. Ya, Lin only took oneshot and to smart, that's enough to judge his offense. If he's only able to get one shot off in 10 mins of garbage time, what does that tell smart? who already thinks Lin is not an NBA player (i understand that to truly understand Lin's game, you have to watch the little things that he does, but does smart value those "little things?" probably not). And from tonight, he threw a pass at Udoh's foot and got an assist, Smart will see that and ridicule it; he picked up his dribble a couple of times, which is something u should not do as an NBA guard (or a guard at almost any level); he didn't really show any explosiveness or any credible offensive moves in 10 minutes of PT on the offensive end, which is discouraging; there were two sequences in which i thought Lin had the opportunity to shoot, but did not, which i don't understand because he needs to get his, (especially during garbage time and even the jim barnet/bob fitzgerald hoped Lin would shoot and show that he can score). Please tell me additional "holes" in my post and we can have an intelligent conversation about it.

    And i guess i should apologize, b/c I am very critical of Lin's game. I am a Lin fan myself, as i am half Asian, so i am rooting for him because he's representing (even though he doesn't want to from what i have read) for all the Asian ballers in America. But i don't see the point in continually praising his strengths and not pointing out his weaknesses... but not like that really matters, this is just a blog.(he did have an amazing defensive game tonight, moved his feet well and had very active hands). Thanks for the distraction, but I really should focus on studying for my ochem midterm on Monday. Until next time.

  21. @Tumadre:
    Your posts are certainly welcomed here (by me at least). I think it is a good thing to post what you think even if it isn't 100% Lin-sunshine. I agree with you that there have been some ridiculous posts here that took fandom a little too far (like some joker who thought Lin should start in place of Monta).

    Good luck on your midterm.

  22. like mr-chuckles, i'm totally feelin tumadre's posts

    i'm a huge lin fan, and to top it off im 100% chinese-american both my parents are from taiwan and im a christian and i play ball...all just like lin

    tumadre's critical but he does have a lot of common sense, and he's clearly supportive of lin too. lin really does just need to settle down and continue to work on his offensive game. but coach smart does need to let him play more too no doubt...

  23. Welcome to the boards, tumadre.

    I think Lin is still gun-shy because Smart would always pull him from game after his first mistake and not give him any more play time.

    Everyone initially always says he doesn't look athletic, but those that play or coach against him in person always come away saying he is much more athletic than he looks and that he has a deceptively quick first step (which let's him get by his man so often, at least dribbling right right now).

    From watching him play extended time in the d-League, I think Lin has got a pretty good shot, especially when he takes a shot in the natural rhythm of the offense. His shot looks horrible when he decides he is going to shoot no matter what and just forces up a shot, rather than waiting for a good shot to develop in natural rhythm of offense.

    Regarding him running the offense, especially at the NBA level, Lin is going to be more of a facilitator than creator himself (other than driving break down defense and find open man). He needs SKILLED players around him and he needs a group of other players he is familiar with so he will know where they will be when he drives. Look at how well he looked in D-League when he had great 3 point shooter (Steve Novak), excellent cutter without ball who sees floor like Lin (Danny Green was recipient of many simple but oh so effective bounce passes for layups when Lin drove to hoop and Green cut without ball with him) and Anthony Richardson (who wanted to get out and run with Lin in transition and was also very active around rim to clean up Lin's misses while driving to hoop), vs. how he struggled with less skilled second team Reno Bighorns.

    He also really needs a better coach with real offensive and defensive schemes (watching Coach Musselman you can see real offensive schemes) while Smart's offense looks like an absolute mess (everyone just screening for Curry and Ellis). Lin had good drive and kick to Wright for 3, but that play seems to really underutilize Lin's full skill set.

  24. Lin's on ball defense also looks better than it did in D-League.

    In D-League, opposing guards would drive right at him and he would keep back pedaling toward basket. He was able to stay in front of man, but opposing guard could still get off somewhat contested shot near hoop (this is why having athletic big, like Udoh, behind him is so important).

    I don't know if Warriors coach saw something, but he looks much better on ball now than before. Don't know if he was told to get up in face of guy he was defending so he can't even start dribbling or get a head of steam towards basket, but he was a one man defensive force yesterday (he even caused one player to bounce ball off his foot for another turnover that doesn't even show up on stat sheet).

  25. lin still number 1 in steals per 48 minutes among all nba players with more than 1 steal. 6 steals per 48 minutes, thats 6 additional possessions, often leading to fast break easy points. it's can easily mean +8 in point differential for a team.

  26. The NBA is evolving into a more one-on-one type of game. The Coaches want to see players create their own shots against the defender.

    JLin can create space with his quick first step, but he needs to be able to hit the jumper when space is given.

    He needs a good shooting coach and strength coach to get better.
    Not having the proper training at the high school or college level, is really holding him back from the team rotation.

  27. Totally Disagree Whitman. Have you seen Rajon Rondo play? Can he shoot? Does he have good form? Jeremy can play defense and rebound. His shooting will come around when he plays more minutes and his teammates trust him enough to actually pass him the ball. Yes, he can use a strength coach as I've mentioned a few times.

  28. Jeremy really needs to be traded man if he wants to continue playing in the NBA.The Warriors is losing lots of game lately, and he is not even scoring anymore nowadays.The team might be his favorite team but not his kind of team he should play in.It is just not suitable for him,sorry to say that but this is my opinion on him .

  29. Rajon Rondo does have a pull up jumpshot. It's not pretty, but he can knock it down from 15' or closer.
    He only uses it a few times a game.

    That's what keeps the defense from backing off to stop the drive.

    Jeremy Lin needs to do the same. Throw in a jumpshot in the paint every now and then.