Thursday, February 17, 2011

JLin HIghlights

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  1. Hey thank you guys for posting these videos and the continuous update. This website has really been faithful in keeping us up to date with Jeremy Lin, even through all the ups and down this season.

    Keep it up with the interviews, updates, and videos. You guys are great. I'd proud to visit this site regularly. Go Warriors!

  2. Jeremy Lin should be in the Rookie challenge in All Star Game. He didn't play enough minutes to show off his talent, but he deserves a spot on that Rookie team nonetheless.

  3. Thanks for posting the videos man. Jeremy Lin all the way across the sky!!! ahhahhahahhahas. Jeremy Lin all the way across the sky!!! ahhahhahahhahas

  4. Keith Smart had some good things to say about Jeremy today on KNBR. Smart thought the D-league helped him a lot. Presumably this means Lin may get more minutes, but will have to wait and see what happens when Law returns.

  5. No, Smart just said that Jeremy had size for a guard and that made him a good defender.

    If he scores in double figures in any game from here on out. It would basically mean that Lacob was right and coach Smart was wrong.
    They could have used AC Laws spot for a backup big or small forward.

  6. Acie Law can't defend at the NBA level (it looks like he doesn't have required lateral quickness because guy he is guarding often blows right by him into paint, breaking down defense and leading to easy layup, pass for easy layup, or foul on big man trying to defend the paint).

    I think this is why he can look ok on court (not making obvious mistakes like Lin earlier in season), yet end up with consistently negative plus minus, even when Warriors win by decent margin and everyone else on team has positive plus minus for game.

  7. Thanks for the heads up about the Keith Smart interview with Ralph and Tom. Here's the link to the audio (3:30-4:00). Keith made a brief comment regarding Lin:

    "Our bench has done great the last couple games. Two keys, one is Jeremy Lin going down to the D-League to get some experience, coming back into the game. He has real nice size, he gets after people defensively, so that's a little plus there."

    My take is that Smart has always said decent things about Lin. But talk is cheap. Most coaches aren't going to say something bad about their players in a public interview. It's the actions that really count. And Smart's actions throughout the season have indicated that he doesn't think very highly of Lin's ability. (If Eric Musselman said that Lin was a terrible player, I wouldn't care, because Musselman's actions by playing Lin significant minutes and giving him the ball during crunch time indicates otherwise).

    The past few games, Lin has played a bit more, but then again, all the bench players played more, and Charlie Bell (who I thought would be cut due to his DUI-suspicion arrest) played even more than Lin. So that's probably more to do with Smart's revelation about using his bench rather than specific change of attitude towards Lin.

  8. Perception:

    Acie Law is a good backup PG. He takes care of the ball, doesn't turn the ball over. Therefore, he helps keep the game close while the starters are resting.

    Jeremy Lin turns the ball over a lot, so he hurts the team while the starters are resting.


    Yes, Acie doesn't turn the ball over that often (2.1 TO/40). But if you're going strictly by turnovers, then Charlie Bell is the best guard on the team with 1.4 TO/40.

    There is so much more to a point guard than merely turnovers. Look at the top TO/G players in the league: Westbrook, Rondo, James, Wall, Nash, D Williams, Rose. Wait a minute, those are the best players in the league, so you obviously have to look at the entire picture, not just at TO/G to determine the best guard.

    Yeah, Lin turns the ball over more often than ideal. But that's his game: high risk, high reward (steals, blocks, rebounds, and fast break points off of those). In terms of A/TO, Lin (1.6) is about the same as Law (1.7) and Ellis (1.6). Lin is significantly better per minute than Acie in all other areas. Here's how Lin compares to his teammates:

    3rd in ast/40 with 4.8 (behind Curry and Ellis)
    1st in stl/40 with 4.8
    1st among guards in reb/40 with 4.4
    1st among guards in blk/40 with 1.7 (5th on the team, more than Biedrins)
    Less TO/40 than Ellis and Curry with 3.1

    But the most telling stat is the plus/minus per minute. Lin is -1.5 +/- per 40 (top half of the team, and better than Ellis), compared to Acie with an atrocious -8.4 +/- per 40. I think Michael hit the nail on the head, Law can look good on paper with his low TO ratio, but the reality is that he costs the team big time when he's on the floor.

  9. great stats real, that backs up pretty much what everybody here sees while watching the games. unfortunately, smart is too dumb to see it on the floor and on paper. or maybe he just don't want to see it?

  10. law is a real gladhander, a great politician. you ever see him on the sidelines? he just yuks it up with monta and others, I'm sure he does this with smart too. he's their boy and that helps preserve his spot on the team. I'm sure we all know someone like this at work too.

  11. @real-dsb, while I certainly like the look of the numbers, they are a little skewed due to the fact that coach Smart has mostly inserted Lin during garbage time or when the other team's backups are in. All the starters had to go up against the bigger, stronger, faster starters of other teams so their numbers will be depressed. Comparisons against the other backups (Law and Bell), however, are pretty valid.

    The last two games have shown what Lin can do in the flow of the game, and it has looked good. Even the folks on the forums that hated him are starting to come around. So hopefully, that trend will continue and Lin will get more and more chances to show his game.

    When Law returns, unfortunately, I expect Lin to sit more and the Warriors to begin losing again.

  12. all numbers are skewed one way or another but the numbers do paint a pretty accurate picture. furthermore, lin doesn't always go up against the opposing team's backups AND you are assuming that had lin gone up against the opposing team's "bigger, stronger, faster starters", that they would be playing much better defense on lin. as we saw in the utah game, lin scored on a tougher defender in watson. and in the phoenix game, lin scored and denied nash.

  13. @anon:

    wow. tell you what, why don't you take these numbers and call up a sportstalk radio show on knbr and use these numbers to argue how Lin should get more minutes. see how that goes. i mean why not? they paint a pretty accurate picture right?

    i am not saying that if you gave Lin all of Curry's minutes that he wouldn't end up with the same per-40min numbers that he currently has. he very well may, but his minutes are not Curry's nor Ellis', so they are not the same. a steal or a block on Earl Watson is not the same as one on Deron Williams or Chris Paul.

    if Lin keeps playing the way he has in his last few games, we will get to see numbers that better reflect how he stacks up on his team and in the league.

  14. mr.chuckles, you discredited real-dsb's stats with arguments that has glaring holes in them. my response above was simply in support of his stats being pretty accurate. you then attempted to rebuttal with pure nonsense.

    first of all, why would i want to call up some stupid sportstalk radio show? you act like they are unbiased geniuses who should be consulted to determine whether lin should get more minutes or not base on some stats. that's not even the argument. so i don't even know what you're getting at. besides, didn't fitz dogged the bench unit all year long but is now saying they are solid backup players? and earlier you mentioned, "Even the folks on the forums that hated him are starting to come around".. why would anyone even care what those homers think? talkshows and forums like that are full of biased retards (at least more so than this place). why do you try to warm up to those people?

    in your second paragraph, you have a valid point that a steal or a block on watson isn't the same as on dwill or paul. but i never said it was. so again, you've missed the whole point. i said, lin's offense was good on watson (who is a good defender and a bench player) and lin's defense was good on nash (who as we all know is an excellent offensive player and is a starter). and that lin doesn't always play against the opposing team's bench players which is what you seem to be implying when trying to discredit real-dsb's stats.

    so on top of real-dsb's stats being pretty darn accurate, lin gets extra points for being able to score on defensive minded bench players and for being able to defend against starters especially the likes of nash.

  15. my whole point with the sportstalk show thing is this, we on this board tend to be a bit biased in favor of Lin. but the rest of the sports world is not. so if you go out to the real world with these somewhat cherry-picked stat comparisons, you will get laughed off the air. also, i didn't say which show. pick any one of them. they are not all biased.

    in addition, in your last post, you made my point for me. you admit that steals and blocks on watson isn't the same as on williams or paul and then tried to pivot to lin's offense. but real-dsb's stat comparisons were not about points. so therefore the stats he put out there are not "pretty accurate" comparisons. at least not yet.

    and finally, twice you have said that i claimed Lin ONLY plays against the team's bench. but if you go back and read my original post, i said that "coach Smart has mostly inserted Lin during garbage time or when the other team's backups are in." i know that Lin has played against the other team's starters. it just has not been very often.

    we are obviously both rather stubborn folks and i highly doubt we will convince each other of anything. but in the end we are on the same side and both want Lin to do well which i think he is well on his way to doing.

  16. you are correct, we a both stubborn. *could be we are both programmers?* i may come across as someone who is a bit optimistic but that is not without valid reason. so far, i am extremely impressed with lin's game. and as i don't see a lot of holes in it, i try to support it with valid arguments while not being unrealistic or biased. can't speak for everyone though, nor do i care to. you did mentioned knbr, and i would never go on that show. if i did and they laugh me off, i wouldn't care because they are morons, and so are the jokers on other forums. as long as i feel my points are valid, i am not ashamed. i still stand behind my argument about lin's defense on a starter and his offense on a bench player. if you reread my posts, you'll notice they are in direct response to your posts. so even if you've reminded us that real-dsb's stats aren't about lin's offense, i am not at fault for "pivoting". no harm in arguing, same side or not, doesn't change the fact that we are both fans. next game isn't until tues anyway.

  17. Yeah, and the next game is against the Boston Celtics. Coach Smart did not give Lin ANY minutes when they are playing against a really good team.
    The games vs. Jazz and the Hornets were winnable games. But the Celtics are much better. Look for Monta and Curry to play almost 48 minutes, with ZERO bench help ....

    Unless the Warriors get blown out early. Then we will see some Jeremy Lin.

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  19. Ha ha ! I even wrote in Jeremy Lin's name on the NBA All Star Ballot .... because I want him to be an All Star someday.

    Did anybody else here do that ?

  20. warriors looking to trade an expiring contract(s), which includes gad, rad, and bwright.

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