Monday, February 28, 2011

GSW @ Pacers Tuesday 3/1/11 4pm

With the back to back and with the way the Warriors are playing, I'm confident JLin will get significant PT these next few games.

Also, besides JLin's amazing per 48min stats in blocks and steals, another incredible stat is his plus/minus. He actually has a positive plus/minus on a team with -3.12 per game. His .015 +/-/min is third best on the team. I'm sure that people will say, but you can't say this or that because of the sample size and because its during garbage time. Stats are stats, you can't make them up. First, when I posted his college stats, I heard that it doesn't translate to the NBA because he was playing in the Ivy League. Then, I hear that his D League stats are irrelevant because it's not the NBA. Now, he has some amazing stats in limited minutes and I still hear whining about how it's not relevant. The main issue for JLin is he needs a coach who knows how to utilize his bench with some decent rotations.

If I were coaching this team, here is what I would do with the rotations. Bring in Udoh and Lin, your best defenders, with 3-4 minutes to go in the first. This way, you get an early rest for Monta or Curry as well as take out Biedrins. There is enough fire power that you are not expecting Lin to do more than play solid D and bring up the ball. You still have three scorers on the floor but now you have the guys to do the dirty work especially defensively. At the end of the first you bring in Lou and Reggie. Now, if you're struggling offensively, you can bring Monta or Curry, whomever was out first, back in sooner. This is just a normal rotation that almost all NBA teams use. There are hardly any teams that play their starters straight through the first and into the second like the Warriors. This just does not make sense. Actually, right before the All-Star break, when the Warriors were playing some D and their best ball, it seemed like Smart was starting to trust the bench. However, after the AS break he seems to have reverted back. The Warriors announcer, Bob Fitzgerald, keeps saying how much the bench sucks. However, if you look at the +- or just watch when they are given early minutes, the bench performs fairly well. They may not look as pretty, however, they get you loose balls, steals, and blocks (basically extra possessions) and play decent D compared to the starters.

If the Warriors have any hope to salvage this road trip and this season, it will have to come from their Coach, trusting and using their bench in a smart and wise manner.


  1. I would have to agree with that. And I also don't think Fitz is right about the bench sucking. I think Udoh, Amundson, Lin, Adrian, Reggie. Is a fairly good bench. There aren't any all stars but it sure as hell isn't bad. Smart just never gives them a chance.

    And playing all the starters those crazy minutes just makes no sense. It's worse than Nellies minutes it's unbelievable. 3 players with 40+ minutes sheesh.

    And I would really wish the warriors stop this we are going to make play-offs BS. Just consider it a lost year and try to develop the young talent!

  2. I'm a long time reader and followed JLin since his days at Harvard. Here's my 2 cents for what it's worth: As others have posted, #7 should take his defensive skills and go to LA (either team), SA, DAL, or Phoenix. Heck, anywhere that has a "smart" coach. For those naysayers that keep pointing out that his D-league ass-whooping didn't amount to anything in the NBA: your logic is the same that was applied to his performance in the Ivy league then the summer league and so forth. He keeps proving the doubters wrong. Why? Because he's that good. Sure, he's got room for improvement but he can help a defensive oriented team right away. There's no question he belongs in the NBA but I have my own take as to what's going on in the circus act aka the Warriors. Bozo Smart IS being racist. Think about it. I'm not the first nor will I be the last to state this. There's no smoking gun but as they say, if it talks like a duck, walks like a duck....the circumstantial evidence is there. Look at JLin's career to keep this in perspective: He was California high school's best player and got no respect. He trounced on elite teams while at Harvard and guess what? No love during the draft. He kicked butt in the D-league and still gets not love when he rejoins the team. You get my point. Why else would Smart hire a never was/has-been as backup? Doesn't he look at the damn stats? He's blind as a bat flying backwards. Where the heck is Lacob in all of this? He signed #7 then left him to hang at the hands of Smart. Not just the NBA but in life, the only way to improve is to make mistakes and good coaches let young players play through them. I know I'm probably going to get a lot of blowback for making these statements but I'm sure not the first nor will I be the last. Just ask yourself- if #7 were black, would his journey to the NBA have been different? Would he be getting more playing time right now? People shouldn't shy away from this issue as I cannot logically rationalize to myself why JLin is not getting his due on Bozo the Smart's team. Look at NBA history and all the associated stereotypes: White men can't jump; blacks can jump but can't shoot; white men are better shooters; Asian aren't athletic, they only belong in the classroom, etc. Racism exists and is a part of every facet of life it's just not that apparent now with all the PC activism and modern society just avoids facing this issue all together. It does exist in the NBA on a smaller scale and for anyone to think otherwise is living in ignorant bliss. Wake up Lacob!!! Use him or trade him. You are wasting a young man's career. Does excellence in the Dleague guarantee success in the NBA? Nothing is 100% guaranteed but I would like to think that it's only logical your chances are better than if you didn't do well in the Dleague. There are many Dleague players who transitioned well to the NBA like Shannon Brown. Again, JLin, for your sake, get out of the kitchen cause something's burning and your fans smell the smoke. Heck, get the hell out of the house while you still can.

  3. "With the back to back and with the way the Warriors are playing, I'm confident JLin will get significant PT these next few games."

    LOL, you don't know smart. gsw could be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs and he'll still be playing monta 42 minutes, because smart thinks that the more you play the starters, the more wins you get, and the better chance smart has of getting a head coach contract next year.

  4. @JLF#1:

    You probably consider me one of the "whiners" about the per-48-minute stat comparisons as I have made some comments about it. I don't think the comparisons are irrelevant. I think they are good numbers earned on an NBA court. Even if it is against some backups, they are still NBA backups. So the numbers are supportive of Lin as a legit NBA player.
    However, although I think they are not irrelevant, I also think that they are currently inconclusive.
    Take the +/- numbers, for instance, are you suggesting with these numbers that Lin is somehow a better player than Curry and Ellis? After all, he is #3 on the list with Curry at #6 and Ellis at #10. Of course not. But the numbers do show that he is effective when he is out there in some situations (unlike our old friend Law who brings up the rear).
    The only thing that would make these numbers MORE relevant is more minutes and more meaningful minutes.
    Hopefully he will get some of those in these next two games.

  5. Regardless of where you stand on the debate about statistical significance, I believe all will agree that the only way to determine if Lin is NBA caliber is to give him an extended run on the court. His value as a competitor just doesn't show up in the stats. I once posted that his agent is the most important person right now for his career and that thought wasn't well received. Lin answers to God, his family, and himself before his agent I'm sure, but at this moment, for his career, getting placed in a position where he can succeed is paramount. Roger Montgomery, his agent, even has some leverage because Lin can be a free agent after one more year, perhaps sooner. There are countless individuals with NBA ability who don't make it. The hope is for him to be in the right place at the right time.

    Incidentally, I work as a teacher. It's been handy to be able to say that in case Lin falls short, having a stellar education is a handy thing to fall back upon.

  6. Folks, if there is one thing I like to see in the coming games...the Warriors get blown out in each. I want them to go 0-6, and 0-20 or something for the rest of the season. Either that, or get rid of Dumbo right now. Then I'd be watching Warriors and hoping the best for them. The worst situation is that Dumbo gets some excuse to hang on to his job.

    Where or when in the world do you hear your "coach", your "leader", your "captain of the ship", put down his own men when the going gets rough? Aren't leaders supposed to inspire and try to bring out the best from everyone?

    Dumbo declares...his players not NBA quality. He implicitly tells the media that his bench stinks..."this is all I got" to work with. For crying out loud, everyone there is a professional NBA player, and they deserve some respect. When a coach implicity states that they are losing like mad because his players suck...well, you get blown out in your games.

    BTW, Musselmen has stated unequivocally...JLin is an NBA player. He'll "at the worst"...make a great backup. So stats aside, you'd heard it from an experienced coach.

    Go JLin.

  7. Im guessing the Lin will get at least 10-15minutes MAX.

  8. Agree with all postings on this chain so far. Andy, you are right 100% about Smart. If it quacks... I would only add that this exists everywhere but that it can be overcome. Lin should keep looking for a better opportunity, but if this is the best one at the moment, make the best of it. Lin is really that much better that he can overcome these things, which is what is required when you are facing such adversity. After all the stuff that he has faced in the past, I have confidence that he can do this too.

    Back to Lin's game; he is already a stunning defensive player, and as for his most glaring "weakness," he is actually a good shooter. If he isn't shooting or isn't shooting well, it's because the coach doesn't want him to shoot or somehow he has told himself not to. A make is a make and a miss is a miss. It doesn't matter. Everyone needs a few shots to warm up in a game, and no one shoots a high percentage with the shot clock running down or if your teammates are standing still. Look how many open looks the greatest shooters in the game have missed (e.g., Ray Allen, one of my favorite players by the way). You just need the confidence in yourself and in your coach and teammates to keep shooting. If you only shoot when you are cold, your percentage will always be low, no matter how good a shooter you are.

    Bottom line, Lin will be fine, go Lin!

  9. Someone please forward these comments to Smart.

  10. Reality Check (and no, I am not Reality Now).

    Smart is NOT a racist. He may play favorites with his and Monta's buddie Acie, but he is not a racist.

    Lin may have potential to be starter for right team couple years down the road, but I don't think he will ever be an elite star.

    He is too humble for that, and, in the grand scheme of things, that is not necessarily such a bad thing.

  11. @ Michael

    Agree with you about not having NBA star potential. However, unlike most professions, "backup" status translates to millions of dollars. I don't think Smart is racist either. I do believe he has his favorites and Lin isn't one of them. Next year, Lin will have many more options. For him, it's a matter of patience and continued hard work (weight room, practice jumpers, etc.) Everything I read about him suggests he will put the effort in, I believe he will eventually be successful.

  12. If Lin can strive to be clutch player like Derek Fisher or Chauncy Billips several years down the road, he can have a very long and successful career in NBA, even though he is not immensely talented and arrogant jerk like LeBron James.

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  14. I can't find link now, but I previously posted link about his high school coach commenting about Lin always delivered clutch play whenever they neeeded it.

    With time, I personally think he can become savvy NBA veteran like Derek Fisher who just delivers whatever is needed to put well put together, well coached NBA team over the top.

    He will never be creator of his own shot at NBA level, but he most definitely can be great FACILITATOR that takes very good NBA team and makes them great.

  15. Found article about how Lin's high school coach commented about how Lin always delivered when he needed to:

  16. From link above:

    But Diepenbrock swears, in every jaw-grinding, lip-biting, palm-sweating situation, Lin made the pivotal play to win.

    "It was uncanny," Diepenbrock said. "You could bank on him every time."

    You think Diepenbrock's blowing smoke? He recalled every game-winner.

    -- Dec. 9 in Santa Cruz Dad's Tournament semifinals against St. Francis -- "We're down a bucket in the final minute of overtime. Jeremy hits a 25-footer. We win (57-55)."

    -- Dec. 21 in consolation title game of Mission Prep Classic against Bakersfield -- "We're down three with five seconds left. (Lin) catches in-bounds pass, penetrates, kicks and Steven Brown drills a 3-pointer at the buzzer. We win (80-74) in overtime and Jeremy has triple-double."

    -- Dec. 29 in semifinals of St. Francis Tournament against San Ramon Valley -- "We're up two, their stud (Brandon Adams) gets the ball underneath in final seconds. Jeremy rips the ball out of his hands, gets fouled, hits free throw. We win (54-51)."

    -- March 9, NorCal semifinals at home against Laguna Creek -- "We're tied with 50 seconds to go, (Lin) buries a 3-pointer from the wing. After a stop, he penetrates, feeds Brown who ices the win (52-46)."

    -- March 11, NorCal finals against Mitty at Arco Arena -- down one with 24.1 seconds to play, Lin draws two defenders and finds Brad Lehman, who drills 3-pointer from the corner. Palo Alto 45, Mitty 43. "(Lin) makes it look easy."

    -- March 17, State title game -- "We're up two in final 30 seconds. (Lin) decides to drive to the basket. He takes on their star (Taylor King), goes over him and makes a layup to ice it."

    Was he just born with ice in his veins?

    "I just really, really, really hate to lose," Lin said before adding another "really."

    Having an older brother (Joshua) who played and whom he idolized helped with the competitive edge. Playing basketball from an early age helped too.

  17. Coach Smart blames the players for the Warriors' losing record .... because the only other explanation is unacceptable to him: That his sub-par coaching, and weak game strategy are losing games.

    The Warriors already have more talent than most NBA teams. They have two dynamic guards, one of the best perimeter shooters in Dorell Wright, and an all-star post player in David Lee. Under a good coach (Jerry Sloan, Phil Jackson, Greg Popovich) they would be in the playoffs now with the pieces they already have.

    Why don't they have more wins ? Why do they seemingly collapse like a house of cards in crunch time against inferior opponents ? Bad coaching is to blame.

  18. Dump Coach Dumbo, Ellis, Biedrens, Radmanovic, and Law, and rebuild around Curry as starting point guard and Lin as back-up point guard off bench.

  19. ... wth was that play by law... he walks up misses a pass that was perfect by curry because he doesnt look like hes even trying...

  20. I am not the Michael who just posted at 4:45 PM.

    Lin fouled Price, but Law would have given up uncontested layup.

    Defense did not break down with Lin in game.

    But, like in D-league, I suspect opposing point guards will start driving directly at Lin.

    He is quick enough to stay in front of opposing guard, but he needs Udoh behind him to truly contest shot close to basket.

  21. lol that ylou are not, ill post with a michael#2 after my post.

    anyways, with lin in they catch up... cool. with law in you get nothing but uselessness... who gets more pt?

    NICE WORK LIN. stupid fitz would still bag on him about a possible reach in


  22. Lin holds his own against Indiana Pacers starters, with only Monta on court.


  23. Lin half time stats, with Monta on floor for only part of the time:

    6:14 0-0 0-0 0-0 +10 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0

    Why is Law even in NBA any more?

  24. And Law's good box score is only due to Monta, Wright, or Lin being on floor at same time.

  25. Michael, do you have a split personality? haha.

    anyway i hope they lose this game and every game forward. i don't want to see this coach come back next year. he keeps on playing favorites when it's obvious lin is better than law in every way.

  26. Dorrel Wright rains threes, UNTIL game is on line, when you only hear...


    Dude should be coming off bench, selectively.

  27. law is turd. why is he still in this league and playing 15+ significant minutes?? for the people who are saying lin isn't ready for 15 minutes just because he doesn't get a few shots off in 10 minutes and then totally ignore law's lack of any kind of contribution in the game for 15+ minutes a night.. i call it bias against a player in his own fansite. the rest of these people's arguments becomes kaka and should be ignored

  28. Goodness. Lin comes in the 2nd for limited minutes but is clearly making an impact on the game with his defense leading to the team's first lead of the game. Then of course the coach pulls him and the other contributors from the bench, and the team tanks badly the rest of the game. The game was salvageable in the 4th but instead he puts in everyone but Lin, then they continue to play defense-starved basketball to its inevitable conclusion.

    Then on the post-game show, Steinmetz says that Reggie needs more minutes in place of Law and Lin! Unbelievable.

  29. true, how many times has lin and udoh come in and immediately spark a comeback with their interior + exterior defensive (and rebounding) combo only to be pulled (at least in lin's case) later on. then the warriors tank because they can't stop the other team's offense? smart needs to realize that defense > offense. even if he has all 5 scorer's on the floor, ONLY 1 CAN SHOOT IT AT A TIME. he needs a good passer and penetrator to make it easy for that shooter, he needs a rebounder to get second chances, he needs defensive players to create more opportunities for that shooter!! yeah, i'm furious LOL. but this is basic coaching knowledge that smart obviously can't grasp. smart needs to get fired NOW. he chose ignore player development and to try and win games to extend his career, yet he FAILED to win games. he failed miserably in every aspect of coaching this team

  30. Jeremy is fundamentally a team player and will do what it takes to win. He recognizes assets and has the vision to drive, pass, and score, if necessary. When he was the best scorer on the team, he scored (HS and College). When there was parity in the team, he distributed & scored (D-League). When he sees the good assets around him, he plays PG, plays D and do what is necessary for the team. I think us fans sell him short by emphasizing his D skills, which are high. He is a complete player first and foremost. He is a team player.

  31. Jeremy Lin should join the LA Clippers.

  32. This should be the rotation if KS really reviews emprirical evidence:

    - Lee, Udoh, Ellis, Wright, Lin

    For the guard rotation:
    - Williams for Lin (they should each get 15 - 20)
    - Curry for Ellis (each gets 25 - 30)

    For size:
    - Play Udoh over Biedrins, but use Biedrins to rest Udoh

    Rotate Rad, Amundson for Lee and Wright with Lee and Wright playing 2/3 to 1/3 Rad and Amundson

    Keep Law out, no more than 5 - 6 min if absolutely necessary

  33. There are reports that the Warriors are set to acquire SF Al Thornton. I don't know much about him, but from what I read, he's primarily a scorer, and his defense and rebounding are lacking. Uh... don't we already have Reggie? Warriors need some forwards with defensive skills. Way to go Riley.

  34. I really hate the way Coach "Dumb" has treated JLin. The kid got talent and waste his talents on the bench sitting between the coaches!! I went to a few Warriors Games and had enough supporting this LOSER ORGANIZATION. JLin, get out if you can. It's not worth it staying with an organization you "idolized" as a kid. The Warrior's Organization have been a loser organization, they make bad decisions with letting talent walk away, they hired a dumb coach, they are bottom feeder's in the NBA. Get out Jlin and play for a respectable team that respect your GAME

  35. Jeremy Lin should be traded to a bad team,so that he can step up and be a leader.

  36. Great defense by JLin today. That comeback in the 2nd quarter wouldn't have happened without him. In his post game interview, Smart credited both Law and Lin for making the decision to put full court pressure on Collison. I don't recall Law doing that on a single possession. In fact, Law looked like his feet were made of lead the minute he stepped on the court.
    Steinmetz said to use Reggie more, and possibly a 3 guard rotation (Monta, Steph, Reggie) by taking minutes from Law and Lin. The truth is, Smart has been giving Reggie's minutes to Law. Whenever Lin gets playing time, he's usually on with Reggie in some type of 3 guard offense (Monta-Lin-Reggie). I do agree that Reggie needs to play more than Law, as well as playing harder on defense. Reggie needs to be the first person off the bench, not Law. But Mr. DivisionIII AmishBall Steinmetz, Lin has not been getting Reggie's minutes. Give half of Law's minutes to Reggie and the other half to Lin so Law can go get his much needed surgery.

    Smart + Steinmetz = Double scrub.

  37. Jimmy, JLin is already on a bad team....

  38. Can't get any lower than the Warrior's..... Yes, they are a bad "Coached" Team....

  39. The sad thing is, it took an injury to DWright plus Monta's early foul trouble for Smart to give JLin playing time. Reggie had to come in for DWright, Curry slid to SG with law at PG. Smart had to use Lin because Law was running out of gas after 9 mins, and Curry was getting his first breather. Now, if Al Thornton is able to contribute off the bench behind DWright, his signing would potentially bump JLin further down on the bench. In a game like today, JLin probably wouldn't see any action as Thorton would replace DWright when he tweeked his ankle.

  40. ugggghhh! smart, fire, now. this is so pissing me off. lin's career is in the hands of the worst possible coach EVER. and he has to battle for minutes against scrub law who obviously still isn't NBA ready even after 3 season in the NBA. really!? how many more games does lin have to out play law and still not get any chances? this is obviously a buddy-buddy thing going on with smart-law from the very start and idiot lacob doesn't open his eyes to see what's going on in his own organization. i blame lacob for jumping in ahead of the lakers, mavs and other teams just to sign lin for PnR, then letting lin rot in smart's hands. lin should get 20mins if law gets 15+mins, it's that simple. smart isn't coaching for the team anymore, he is coaching for his own job security and it is getting out of control. for a rebuilding year, this season the warriors has taken two steps backwards. they have accomplished absolutely NOTHING. no player development, no winning record, no lottery. and WORST of all, lacob wants to keep the "dynamic do-not's" backcourt.

  41. I didn't get to watch the game but the only stats I saw were pre-Lin [GSW 31-36] -> post-Lin [GSW 46-43] in 6 minutes and you gain the lead.

    Lets see pre-Law in crucial minutes [IND 72-67]
    post-Law [GSW 88-95] in 10 minutes of play. I don't see how he is any use but those numbers may be a bit biased since JLin doesn't get enough minutes for a "large sample", maybe the lead would've been much larger for Lin.

  42. The silly is, coach in his post-game remarks says that he is stuck with half-teams - one that can play offense but no D and one that can play defense but can't score. So... maybe, coach, you should go with the one that goes on a 21-1 run in the 2nd rather than the one that drops 10 points a quarter. Funny how the "Defense" team scores 20 points more than the opponent when supposedly they can't score.

  43. My favorite lineup is from a previous game where it's Monta and 4 backups (Udoh, Lin, B Wright, Reggie). That way, you have 3 backups that can exert a lot of defensive effort, create turnovers, and get easy baskets. If they end up in half court offense, they can just iso for Monta, with Reggie as a 3 pt threat to keep the defense honest.

    You know what Monta and other starters should do is purposely get in foul trouble in the 2nd quarter. That way, it'll force Smart to sub in the 2nd quarter. Do the same near the end of the 3rd quarter. The team would actually do better that way. LOL.

    By the way, now the Warriors have a 0.1% (1 in 1000 chance) of making the playoffs, statistically. But don't expect Smart to start developing the rookies. He'll still be playing Monta 40+ for the rest of the season in a desperate attempt to get wins at any cost (even though it would be more productive to play him less mins).

    Also, Acie Law is shooting 18% from 3 pt range (6/33). That is an NBA worst for all players with that many attempts. Any other coach would have sent an 18% 3-pt shooter to the doghouse if he took any more attempts, but it's funny how Law never ends up in the doghouse (aka Bell/BWright/Lin-house) no matter how poorly he plays.

  44. C Dub,not if Curry and Ellis are still playing.Jeremy can't replace their spot at all

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