Monday, February 21, 2011

All Star Break JLin Update

We've reached the All-Star break in Jeremy's first season as a pro and it's been a roller coaster ride so far. We've seen glimpses of strong play, mixed with some struggles adjusting to the point guard position in the NBA. Being sent to the D-League in December and January could have been looked at as a low point. However, in retrospect it has probably been the turning point of his season. Since then, he has really looked like an NBA player.

My longterm expectations for JLin have not changed much but my timetable has been expanded somewhat. Obviously, I was a bit too optimistic about how fast and how much he could contribute. In my mind, he will be at worst case a very good backup point in the NBA for many years, think a 6'4" Earl Watson. His rebounding and defense at the NBA level, be it in very short minutes, has been very encouraging. Although his shooting has not yet translated from the D-League, I'm confident we'll see a breakout game from him in this area soon. Another encouraging aspect to his game has been Jeremy's ball handling and passing since coming back up from the D-League. This was an area I was a bit worried about but he seems to be improving daily. He looks so much more comfortable now as a point guard than he did at the beginning of the season. Lastly, hearing that he hasn't worked with a personal trainer gives me even more reason for optimism. If JLin can get a step quicker, a lot stronger, and everything else comes together, with his work ethic there is no telling how good he can be.

Check out the highlights for the first part of JLin's Rookie Season:

From JLin's tweet. Interview with him at All Star Weekend in L.A.


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  2. keep it up jeremy, your faith really is an inspiration to us all. you have some really good friends who truly care about you.

    your in our prayers, have fun out there!

  3. Jason Chen also got to meet Jeremy Lin.

  4. just 1 hr and 8 mins left til the jeremy lin show start! can't wait

  5. I found a link for Warriors vs Celtics game

  6. lin isn't even on the roster. i'm done with the warriors