Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Warriors Weekly Interviews With Jeremy Lin

For those of you who missed it, here are a few interviews with JLin right before he went to the D League.


  1. his family picture with Dwight was hilarious. to non-basketball fans, he could have easily been mistaken as just a fan of Dwight's.

    does anyone have his highlights from his games in taiwan?

  2. nice! check out jlin twitter message, praise God!!
    tomorrow game is gonna be good for lin, i believe hes gonna gets lots of minutes.

  3. Hey anybody know what Jeremy's got on his arm for his pregame workout in the second video?

  4. Today will be very interesting. Please note that I'm one who posted a while ago that JLin should start (plays defense while Monta is gunning)but to be realistic (not pessimistic) it's not a sure thing he will even be one of the 12 that suit up tonight. Biedrins is healthy and Lee is a game time decision. They probably want to get another look at Acie Law and see how his wrist is.

    If Law is ineffective (in the last 6 games he's been horrible) then Friday's game is a good one for the W's to get a look at Lin.

    The fact that they waived Carney is an indication they still have faith in Law, but if he's injured, he'll sit a while and Lin will fill in.

    I believe the Bighorns is a better option right now, especially with that Showcase January 12-13 because frankly it increases his chances of going to another NBA team. There's too much fan animosity right now. Did you check out the post on csnbayarea by the person griping that if Carney was from "Shanghai" he'd still be a Warrior? WTF!

    Anyway, let's hope for good things, but don't get discouraged if Lin's return tonight isn't all that exciting.

  5. "If Law is ineffective (in the last 6 games he's been horrible)"

    What irks me, is that when Acie had that one good game (where he threw a blind assist after diving on the ball), the announcers and writers proclaimed that the Warriors had finally found their backup PG.

    If Jeremy made the same play, the media would be saying, "That was a lucky play. Let's see if he can keep that up."

  6. I remember that game.

    Law didn't play well early on, so Lin would have never had a chance to make that play, because Smart would have yanked him after his first mistake.

  7. Lin DID make a similar play on Jan 2 against Idaho. He was driving for a layup, then lost control and bounced a perfect pass for an assist. The idiot commentator "OH threw it at the big guy's feet, lucky for Lin..." The pass was right on target, but Lin fell down after it therefore called "lucky.' If Miles or Law did the same it would've been highly praised for being "good basketball IQ".. There you go, there you go.

  8. The thing I don't get is. The W's make Law see a specialist to look at his ailing wrist. Report is it may be a tear in his tendon. Law says that he can play through pain. He was bad before he hurt is wrist, how much worse will he be "playing through pain"? And yet they guarantee his contract? Madness.

    I just hope for an extra lousy game from Law so they can blame the injury and sit him for good long while.

  9. Don't forget the NBA is a business. Without the fan base, then the league wouldn't exist and every business has a plan. The Cavs increased ticket sales and boosted Cleveland's economy with Lebron. Same goes for Washington when they drafted Kwame Brown. All time ticket sales were at its highest that season. Even if Lin is a bust, if there's opportunity to make money you got to roll with it. Lets hope Lin will evolve towards the direction of Lebron rather than Kwame.

  10. Latest rumor is that Larry Ellison is interested in purchasing the New Orleans Hornets and moving them to San Jose!


    If Jeremy gets waived by the Warriors, a team in San Jose gives him another chance to play in North Cal.

  11. Five teams is way too many NBA teams for California. Plus I don't think David Stern would allow the Hornets to leave New Orleans so soon after Hurricane Katrina. I'm thinking Stern will block the sale unless it's stipulated in the contract that the team will stay in NO.

    As much as we would like another team in Cali ... we don't want to oversaturate the market. Especially with the Warriors and Kings so close by.

  12. Many of you should really be ashamed of yourselves. Some could not be happier that Acie Law is going through an injury, would be even happier if the injury gets worse.

    Others celebrate and wish anything and everything that Law may do wrong on the court.

    It's well known karma in sports that if you wish something bad to happen to your opponent, something really bad will eventually happen to you.

    Acie Law is a person, with a family that depends on him, with aspirations to become a good pro basketball player and who has done nothing to any of you losers who wish him ill.

  13. Law is not an NBA caliber player. If he needs to support his family, tell him to got Europe where he belongs.

    He can't defend his man and is only good for dribbling the ball across the half court line.

    Yahoo doesn't list Lin on tonight's roster of 12 players for the Hornets game.


  14. @Reality Now:

    I don't think the post @2:19p was hoping for Law's injury to get worse. The person seems to be questioning the contract guarantee for a bad player with a potentially serious injury and then still playing that hurts the team.

  15. Jeremy in a suit. Ugh.

  16. @Reality Now...

    Seems a bit disingenuous of you to be hoping that something "really bad will eventually happen.." That being said, I too believe in Karma. How else do you explain the Warriors record?

  17. Reality Now, you come here and bash lin every chance you get with random nonsense and now you are trying to act like a saint preaching people. HA! you're just getting off on all the replies you get from trolling here. you are a total loser.

  18. When jeremy shoots, how come he uses the palm of his hands and not the finger tips? You get a much better release when you shoot with your finger tips.

  19. The second video was very nicely done. Quality interview, great photos, transitions and video clips. Its funny how time flies. I totally forgot he played for the Mavs during the summer. Seeing the Harvard clips its like so much as happened since a couple years ago. Its hard to believe its only a few months into his rookie season.