Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reno Bighorns vs Sioux Falls Skyforce

Watch JLin live on NBA TV at 11:45am PT.


  1. Watch online here:

  2. anybody haave a link to the stream?

  3. naka me chi doe mangJanuary 13, 2011 at 12:24 PM

    wow it say on the play by play that lin slam dunk, can anyone whos watching it live confirm with details?

  4. Think it was more like a layup than a put down slam.

  5. Lin just posted his guy and and up a very comfortable midrange fadeaway jumper.

  6. Detailed updates are appreciated as I am reading the play by play on NBADL website. Thanks

    Seems like Lin is turning it up in the 2nd half again!

  7. Lin 3pt Shot: Made (15 PTS) Assist: Charlo
    Lin Alley Oop Layup shot: Made (17 PTS)
    Lin Layup Shot: Made (19 PTS) 04:46
    [RNO 80-52]

  8. Sioux City is obviously just outclassed by the Big Horns. Looks like Musselman just wanted to get second team lots of minutes in first half.

    Lin had this pass behind his head in transition where trailer just couldn't finish the slam. Would have been a highlight moment.

    Lin is playing really well in third quarter, but looks like Reno just has too much talent for Sioux City and is trying to end game now.

  9. Wow, Lin is shooting really well today.

    Looks very comfortable shooting today.

  10. Oh Yeah, Lin is putting up a clinic on the Sky Force. Obviously not an NBA caliber opponent, but still he looks very comfortable in shooting the jumpshot. Scouts do look for fundamental things like shooting stroke and defense.

    He seems to do a lot better at the 2 guard position.

  11. Two things I've learned from watching the game...

    a) JLin has a post game! On two possessions in the post he scored once, and drew a double/kicked out for an assist on the other.

    b) In the D-league, players gotta serve themselves (and each other) drinks, ha. Patrick Ewing Jr just went around w/ a tray of waters...

  12. Lin's proven that he plays above D-League level. And he's proven that he can shoot the long jumper. Maybe he needs to be left at combo guard instead of forcing him as a pure PG.

    Hope other teams' scouts are paying attention and make a trade with the Warriors for a backup guard to provide a spark off the bench.

  13. Lin seems to miss a lot of free throws in fourth quarter (missed 2/2 of today tomorrow and yesterday, I think).

    Don't know if it is mental or physical fatigue, but hopefully he can improve that playing 30 - 35 minutes a night, 3 or 4 times a week.

  14. someone please put these games (or lin highlights) up on youtube!

  15. very Lin-esque all-around stats:

    29 min
    22 pts
    5 reb
    5 ast
    4 stl
    2 to
    10/18 fg
    1/2 3pt
    1/3 ft

  16. Lin does play well as a 2 guard. But in the NBA, most 2 guards are 6'6" to 6'8" tall. Warriors want to develop him as a point guard. He's big enough where he would have a size advantage over most point guards, and can post them up ala Andre Miller.

  17. Lin has only been with the Reno Big Horns and new roster for two games. He's played with Landry and Ewing Jr. before, so is more familiar with them, but Anthony Richardson is new, Salim Stoudamire is new, Patrick O'Bryant is new, and he is running with David Sloan instead of Aaron Miles.

    Perhaps Musselman is just letting function in role he had at Harvard while he learns new players, the Reno offense, and nuances of being as point guard in NBA?

  18. Haven't had a chance to view the game. Just reading these comments (this work thing really gets in the way) is interesting. Regarding the post up move, I have a feeling props go to Musselman because it is the coach who calls that set. It shows me he is developing Lin's game. I too believe he can be a combo guard. Combo guards are in the 6-3 to 6-5 range.
    btw, needless to say, the Warriors don't need a combo guard.

  19. "But in the NBA, most 2 guards are 6'6" to 6'8" tall."

    If Lin were listed at with-shoes-height as everyone else is, he would be listed at 6' 4-1/2". There are SG's that are about Lin's height or shorter: Ben Gordon, Eric Gordon, Monta, Wade, Iverson. Lin would be on the shorter end, but not out of the question.

    "Warriors want to develop him as a point guard."

    They sure have a funny way of developing players, i.e. having them wear suits to games.

  20. I think jlin should develope in the point guard position. in the nba being a big point guard is a lot better than being a small 2 guard.

    he played 2 guard at harvard so of course it is easier right now because that's what he's done most recently. but he was a pg in high school (and his hs coach says that is his natural position).

    with his b-ball iq and overall skillset, I really think developing jeremy as a pg is the right long term strategy.

  21. Even though Lin didn't dribble the ball up past half court, he seemed to be sharing point guard duties with Sloan.

    He again looked particularly good when he got a defensive rebound and could push the ball in transition. Probably could have had a few You Tube highlights if recipient of pass could have slammed the ball home (one particular play he threw the ball up behind his head while driving to the basket, but trailer couldn't finish; really would have been a spectacular play and assist would have been viewed as a good decision, not a flashy move for sake of being flashy - it was sometime after beginning of third quarter, I think).

  22. just saw the game on my DVR. Lin dominated in a controlled way. He needs to play with this same confidence in G dub games. The players on the Big Horns definitely respect his skills. If you guys watched the interview of the player of the game with Anthony Richardson, he concurred that Lin had the complete package, but most importantly that it was obvious he was a true leader. I am positive if given 30 min in an NBA game, he would do very respectable job.

  23. Eric Musselman joined the NBAtv commentator for about 10 minutes during the Texas/Iowa game. He said there's almost daily communication with the Warriors (Larry Riley and Travis Stanley?), and those guys are very specific about what they want him to work with JLin on:

    - 20-25 mins of playing time
    - Playing the PG position
    - Dribble penetration going to his left
    - Perimeter shooting

    He also confirmed that Aaron Miles, who he believes was the best player on the Bighorns and also the best PG in d-league, is out for the season.

  24. I would also work on: his post-up moves and creating space to shoot jumpers.

    He has size for a point guard, and he can use that to his advantage against the smaller guards.
    Imagine JLin backing down and doing a spin move around Steve Nash or Mike Conley for a smooth Karl Malonesque hook shot at the rim.

  25. it's really nice to hear the plan that the warriors have for jlin in the d-league. it shows they are dedicated to his long term development and it's a good plan.

    I do think lin could do fine in the nba right now (at least better than acie law) but if we take a long view then working on these weaknesses is a good thing.

  26. you can watch Jeremy Lin highlights from this game at

    includes his dunk!!

  27. did anyone catch his fancy dribbling ala jason williams during yesterday's game? i thought it showed just how comfortable and confidence he was in that game.

  28. Lin looks good against the lower level D-League teams. He will have chances against the upper echelon teams like the Iowa Energy.

    Playing against better teams, and beating better defense, is what makes players better. Not sitting on the bench in a suit and tie listening to bad coaches.