Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jeremy Back In The Association

Jeremy Lin is inactive for his first game back from the D League. Jeremy looks good in his suit and at least he gets a great courtside seat to watch and learn from CP3.


  1. Should've kept in in the D-League a little longer, at least he got to play.

  2. Was it possible for JLin to reject the Warriors from pulling him back into the NBA?

  3. why would they recall him if they're just gonna inactivate him? doesn't make sense...

  4. It was probably circumstances. They had to make sure Acie Law was okay. I think he is. This is good news for Lin. He can go back to Reno and develop his game. In a year or two, who knows? Maybe the rumor about Larry Ellison is true.

  5. Well, it is called stupid Warriors to bottom. Do you want the kid to develop or not? If you have a guarantee contract for Law, are you going to play 4 guards? You mean you need that kind of guarantee in case if Curry breaks his ankles again? Just dumb management...plain and simple.

    I guess for some of JLin's fans, we might as well turn off the TV or switch the channel. It's going to be an aweful season unless something drastic happens. In the meantime, we can tune off the Warriors for a while...let me press that now...**off**

  6. This is silly to be sure, but I have come to really like watching the Bighorns on Futurecast. It's much better than TV. Too bad, the Bighorns are playing tonight. Maybe I should switch to my computer.

  7. I'm currently watching Marco Bellinelli school Steph Curry. Bighorns are on at 7. I think I'll join anon 6:27

  8. This is crap. The Organization seems selfish. What's the reason for bringing Jeremy Back to the NBA, rather than to keep him in D-League Uniform ... what? just to bench him?

    I believe, it would be better if Coach Smart would be turned over to D-League ... perhaps things would be better for the Warriors. I'm a laker fan, but because of Jeremy Lin, I became a Warrior fan too.

    But I hate Warriors when they do these to Jeremy because I am an Asian too.

  9. Good Karma! I just found out the W's one (I was watching the Reno game)good for them. Now I believe Jeremy can go back to D-league which is the best thing right now. Finally, I am officially a SAN JOSE HORNETS fan so I'm expecting them to sign Lin when they move to town. The only thing I'm wondering is if they would switch names, Oracle Arena for HP Pavillion.

  10. Like you all, I'm a Jlin fan and would rather see him play & develop with the bighorns. Being a GSW fan / follower since I've been a kid, I hate to be the pessimist but coach smart (true to the nature of the cohan regime) doesn't make decisions primarily for the best interest of fans, winning, or their players. The org's primary agenda is entertainment and Smart's is saving his own job and maintaining alliances.

    The truth is that he called JLin back up to warriors so he can keep Jlin from showing / developing his game. Jeremy was hoopin' in the dleague, making an ever stronger case for Smart to play him. Smart can now put a lid on that with Lin riding the NBA bench again. Let's not be nice to Smart or the dubs. Smart labeled Lin NOT an NBA player publicly, Bighorns announcers discrediting his good play...this is not coincidence people.

    Players like Lin who play to win won't fit in under Smart. Players like Acie Law who play politics have proven to be a great fit. It's no different than any other workplace.

    In short, basically, all these irrational moves by the dubs whether it's Lin, JRich for the never used $9M except that was supposed to upgrade the team, or firing Mullin is crystal clear to me cause the dubs aren't about winning basketball. They are about entertaining and selling tickets. See the light...

    Go Lin!

  11. Oops, "won" not "one" I'm not used to using won in a sentence when I talk about the Warriors.

  12. "Was it possible for JLin to reject the Warriors from pulling him back into the NBA?"

    LOL. NO.

  13. @goat:
    Come on man, Smart doesn't have it out for Lin. Riley made the call on bringing up Lin just in case Law's wrist didn't improve. I expect Lin to be back in the D-league in a week which is a good thing. Then we can watch him play and he can improve.
    I am disappointed he wasn't in uniform today and that he was recalled for nothing, but he will only really miss one or two D-league games. That isn't going to set back his development in the grand scheme of things.
    I do agree that the Warriors, the way things are right now, are not a good fit for Lin, but that is the way things will be for the rest of the season since he is now guaranteed for the duration.
    It could be worse. He could have been undrafted and unsigned and looking for a regular job like normal people.

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  15. If Lin had signed with the Mavericks or the Lakers, he would have spent this entire time in the D-League to improve his game.

    No DNP's and no bench minutes drama.

  16. @9:13 I'm not sure Smart has altruistic intentions beyond his own job security. I think that Smart's comments about Lin's development thus far may have been true for him but could have been expressed in private to Lin.

    @9:26 Wow, you can articulate an opinion, I can respect it. I don't expect everyone to agree with my sentiments but name calling is unnecessary.

  17. As mentioned before, it's probably best to keep the Warriors status and Lin's status as two separate things. It's possible to root for both right now. Unless the Warriors do something really bizarre, Lin should now spend time in Reno making a rookie contract sum when others are making just 18k to 24k.

    I think the Warriors will have a good month of January which will be fun to watch. It's also possible they will go 0 for February, but let's enjoy the run while it lasts. If they win 30+ games, that's improvement.

  18. The concern about why Lin was in a suit may not be that great. He was called up in case Lee couldn't go. It is likely he will return to Reno Friday.

  19. I was watching some of the Bighorns' game today and Aaron Miles hurt his knee in the 2nd quarter. Not sure how bad it is but he didn't play the rest of the game. He was down for a while and limped off on his own power.

    If Lin goes back to Reno Friday, he will probably be the main PG for the team. I feel bad for Miles though (esp with 10-day contracts starting today).

  20. Whoever actually expected Lin to play tonight is a fool. I'm with Goat. The bottom line is selling tickets, viewership, and merchandise. They've been suckering us fools to watch games by putting Lin on the inactive roster or DNP (throwing in the occasional garbage time to string us along). I'm not falling for that any more.

  21. I understand Jeremy was super excited to play for his hometown team, but it would've been better to sign with another team (with a less idiotic/desperate coach and GM) and then, once he establishes himself as a quality backup, sign with the Warriors.

    The good news is that Lin is still in a good/bad situation as the average FIRST round pick. Just be patient. He won't get a real shot until '11-'12. Once again, look how long it took Steve Nash to "make it." Heck even Lebron needed a year to be elite.

  22. nash and lebron were first round draft picks. even if coaches bench them their whole rookie year, they would still have opportunities the next year and so on. lin on the other hand is a rare case. he has to prove himself every step of the way because as we all know he is 1) asian, 2) undrafted, and 3) played in an IVY League. it's even harder for him to prove himself now being under keith dumb and 5 other guards in the rotation. so i agree that he should have signed with another team (preferably the lakers) but my patience is wearing thin with this organization.

  23. Anon 2:03, I have to commend you for the Keith dumb joke, it was absolutely terrible but I found it funny. I do think that Lin has to work harder than the average player just to prove his worth to coach Smart, but Lin has shown in the past that he is more than capable of doing this. He is a prime example that hard work will get you far.

  24. What happens in Reno: Warriors power forward David Lee invited guard Jeremy Lin to lunch after Wednesday's shoot-around, hoping to get a detailed account of the rookie's experience with the Reno Bighorns of the NBA Development League. "We can get coffee," Lin said. "I don't want to talk too much about it."

    Read more:

  25. The next crucial step in the process is to see that Lin returns to Reno, preferably by Friday. The downside is that it is a very rugged game in the D-League and avoiding injury is big as shown in Miles' case.

  26. C'mon now, we're mostly all Lin fans here and he was doing well, developing his game in Reno but tearing the league up? No. His drives often resulted in turnovers and awkward incompletions, just like in the nba. He had more success with them there because the talent is ah, at a lower level. More playing time in Reno surely would help but let's not make it like the Warriors have it out for him.

  27. Acie dooky yada a mookyJanuary 6, 2011 at 9:15 AM

    nice! acie law got a guaranteed contract, im happy for him. i rather have lin in d league and look forward to seeing him play then watch the warrior and hoping that hes suited up.

  28. The Warriors are in the process of trying to build a playoff caliber team; Jeremy Lin is in the process of becoming a solid NBA caliber player. Each is not the solution to the other's goal,but it's interesting to watch each saga unfold. I wish them both well.

  29. Well stated in 1_6_2011_909am comment.
    Jeremy needs to think for himself and adjust/improve accordingly; tuneout all other advices,and cutoff umbilical cord.
    Enjoy the times while it lasts.
    Let God takes care of the rest.
    Thanks for the joy you shower on us.

  30. One thing to consider is the fact that Lin's signing was a Lacob decision. And Lacob has seen up close over the years the subtle discrimination Lin has faced. He was part of a group of influential Stanford alums who heavily pressured the then coach to sign Lin out of Paly. To a certain extent, I think he "gets it".

    With this in mind, it might not be so "Smart" to waste political capital on Acie Law. Particularly as Keith (as well as the GM) were hired by the old regime. Law is a borderline NBA back-up PG, and so is Lin at this moment in time.

    The difference is that Law has had 3 1/2 seasons to cement his status as "borderline", while Lin still has quite a potential upside.

    I would better understand the D-League assignment if the Warrior had a backup PG who were better than Law or Lin. In the absence of this scenario, it seems like the logical minutes for Lin to get are the one's that Law gets.

    Lin has already shown that his defense is at the NBA level, and I'm not sure that the D-League is the solution to his NBA offensive woes considering that it took him all of, what 30 seconds?, to regain his scoring touch and confidence with Reno. Lin needs more confidence in his NBA offense, and the only way to build this is by game experience at NBA speed.

    In a case where you have an owner's personal signing who seems only to need NBA playing time to develop into a decent NBA player, insisting upon giving that playing time to an Acie Law type reeks of political suicide, if you ask me.

  31. I think Lin's experience in NBA should guide him on where he needs to improve. D-League talents are D-League talents, so Lin will have easier time driving to the basket. However, the same moves may not work in NBA unless Lin get more elevation like Monte or make moves that freeze the defense like Nash. Right now Lin is no better or worst than many NBA guards, like Law, Bell, Ford, etc., but he does have lots of upside like many rookies.

  32. Here's my take: Everyone thinks that Lin needs to have more confidence. While that may be partially true, I think a player's confidence is heavily influenced by the coach's confidence in him.

    Coach Smart has given clear signs that he has low confidence in Lin. Contrast that with Smart's high confidence in Acie: "...had to take a different flight and didn't get to the game until 10 minutes after tip-off. 'Coach saw me walk in, asked me about the injury and told me to check in,' Law said. That tells of coach Keith Smart's confidence in the backup point guard." [Link]

    I believe that Smart's confidence in Acie is based on perception/bias and not actual productivity. If you look at Hollinger's advanced stats, Lin has a PER of 11.1 vs 5.5 for Acie. Lin has a lower turnover rate, and about the same assist rate. Lin's PER is pretty decent for someone at his level. Here's some comparisons: [Link]

    05.5 Acie Law
    09.1 Fisher
    10.4 TJ Ford
    10.6 Carlos Arroyo
    11.1 Jeremy Lin
    11.4 Nate Robinson
    11.5 Dragic
    12.7 Bibby

    When Lin went to D-League and played with more confidence, I think it was more because the coach had confidence in Lin. If Musselman were the Warriors coach, I think Lin would be playing with a lot more confidence.

  33. I think what Lin proved at the D-League was that he can shoot from NBA 3-pt range. So the coach should give him the green light to shoot wide open 3's whenever he has it. That way, the defense has to be honest and guard him on the perimeter, which will open up opportunities inside for the big men or cutters (which means more assists for Lin).

  34. I just found an interview Jeremy gave on 12/27 on Here's an excerpt:

    What has Keith Smart told you about minutes? Will they be sporadic? Were there no guarantees?

    JL: He just pretty much said, look, what you're doing is helping you, and you're improving every week. You just have to keep staying on that path, and when your time comes, and your opportunity comes, you have to take advantage of it. He's not guaranteeing me X amount of time or this or that. And I think he's made me work for every single minute, and I've had to earn all my minutes. That's how it should be. Because a lot of people, when I signed, they were just like, oh, because of my story, they were like ready to act like I had proven myself in the NBA. For him, everything I do I have to earn it, and then some. Because when it comes down to it, I'm still an undrafted rookie. That's kind of the thing I'm fighting. He doesn't guarantee me anything. I have to keep going out and earning it and taking advantage of those opportunities.

  35. "The good news is that Lin is still in a good/bad situation as the average FIRST round pick. Just be patient. He won't get a real shot until '11-'12. Once again, look how long it took Steve Nash to "make it." Heck even Lebron needed a year to be elite."

    LOL are people really comparing Jeremy Lin's situation to Lebron James? Lebron was the #1 prospect coming out of high school, draftd #1 pick, and averaged 20.9 ppg, 5.9ppg, 5.5rpg, Won Rookie of the Year, and was well on his way of making his mark in the NBA.

    Jeremy Lin can barely get any minutes off the bench.

    TWO COMPLETELY Different situations Might as well compare Jeremy Lin's situation to Yao Ming's haha

  36. hiim7, can you post a link to the rest of the interview?

  37. Although all of us arm chair coaches/shrinks have commented whether he should be at the D league or pine-riding with the Warriors, one interesting point of view is Jeremy's own.

    That blog about Jeremy's response to Lee about their coffee date is interesting regarding his feeling toward being sent to the D league. He also twittered that he is happy to be back with the Warriors.

    I am guessing that Jeremy is a true competitor and would rather ride the pine then get more experience in the D league. I think Jeremy also believes as he should that he is ready for the NBA. There was a Warrior's weekly interview where he showed his high school gym and talked about his team's upset of Mater Dai. He pointed out how 6 of the MD team made Division I. He also remembers very fondly of Harvard's win over BC. Jeremy does not want to be in the D league. He will play his heart out and may even get better more from getting good/plentiful minutes with the Big Horns, but he wants to be in the NBA and stay there and I don't blame him at all for wanting that.

  38. the kid has and continues to do everything expected of him. he will continue to get dragged around but he continues to stay after hours to shoot hundreds of jumpers. once he masters his jumpers, everything else will fall into place. so it doesn't really matter how the badly warriors organization treat him this year, he will succeed. this much i know.

  39. real-dsb, 9.57 am poster here

    You make an excellent point about Lin's confidence and Smart's negative influence on it. However, I think there is a bit more to it.

    I don't doubt that playing under a different coach in the D-League had a bit of an effect on Lin, whether it's Musselman showing more confidence or it's being away from Smart or it's a combo of the two factors.

    But, I think the primary reason he played with a
    lot more confidence in the D-League is that he knew he was better than pretty much everyone else out there. In other words, he was "the man" out there. Notice that when Reno was given a technical FT, Lin took it even though he had missed a few FTs just prior.

    In the NBA, on the other hand, he seems to have two things affecting his confidence on offense.

    One, he's not yet used to the speed and defensive ability (not to mention the foul calls not given to rookies) around the rim in the NBA. Sometimes, this manifests itself in blocked shots, other times it manifests itself in "bricking" lay-ups or other short shots. Lin needs to be more confident in his finishing, and he will be as he further acclimates to the pace of the NBA. Don't forget that his slashing has been pretty effective in getting him to the hole, which is most of the battle.

    Two, he has to defer, with reason, to the other guys on the team. Instead, of just letting it rip from three, he's thinking about the hierarchy of any basketball team, but especially in the NBA. In the D-League, he didn't have to worry about deferring to his teammates; in fact, it was at times the opposite where his teammates looked to set him up for threes, which he let rip with without hesitation or thinking.

    The existence of these two issues don't have anything to do with Smart, but I do agree with you that having a coach who showed more confidence in him would probably help Lin relax more, which would help him adapt more rapidly.

  40. do you reckon he reads this stuff about him?
    i hope he does lol.
    Jeremy if your reading this go work on your jumpshot right now!

  41. It has to be Smart doesn't want Jeremy to take Acie's job. Job opportunities are limited and all Acie knows is basketball, w/o bball, there's nothing else for him, but as for Lin, he could easily be employed with NASA, Oracle, Goldman Sachs, etc. Same goes for Monta, dumb as a rock and definitely needs to take some courses on public speaking.

  42. LOL! @January 6, 2011 4:57 PM

  43. @Anon January 6, 2011 1:23 PM

    Here's the link to the full article:

    You have to scroll down to 3/4 of the article under "Mr. Fifteen."

  44. that was a nice read.
    good to hear lin is working hard with his coaches, im curious about his response to david lee about the d-league experience though? anyone have more info?

  45. @hiim7:
    thanks for the link. It is a shame Silas left. Seems like him and Lin had a good coach/player relationship.

    I wonder how long the W's will keep Lin up here. Seems silly to keep him in street clothes when he could be playing and improving in the D-league (even if he doesn't want to go back or even talk about it much).

  46. just read that article. it's a good thing that smart is making lin work for his minutes but smart has to be fair with that. law never worked for his minutes. and he gets minutes from the very start after getting waived by memphis even. and smart never pulls law out after messing up and law messes up more than anyone. udoh played great the first time he was on the court but that doesn't mean he should get a free pass throughout. he still needs to get yanked if he messes up when you're yanking lin for messing up.

  47. When jeremy shoots, how come his palms are not hollow. AKA he doesn't shoot with his finger tips but uses some of the palm. That is a bad release. Unless he has ultra small hands which I doubt, he should start practicing to shoot with his finger tips, you get a much better release.

  48. Jeremy's shooting form obviously was developed on the playground, not basketball camp. He was probably doing his homework instead of going to camps. LOL. His arm position is wrong, the ball over rotates, he kicks on release for extra power, and there's too much arc. All that said, he has to decide if his shot is "true." If you'll remember Tim Hardaway, his ball rotated sideways but it hit the net "pure."

    Tonight will speak volumes. If he is in Reno, that's the best choice. If he is with the W's and in a suit, that's bad. Bellinelli chose to languish on the bench and things turned out okay, so hopefully that would be the case with Lin.

  49. Just a trivia question moment to lighten the atmosphere. I know some other posters know this name because I have seen it used before. In the early 1960's the Warriors came to the Recreation Center in Chinatown to give a Chinese American fellow a tryout. He is a legendary shooter, arguably the best the Warriors have ever seen. Today's 3 point shot was like a layup to him. At around 5'6" he had mad hops and could dunk. Alas, in those days, the refs had a "no harm, no foul" policy and there was no way a small person could play D. He was the last cut before the season began. Name this legendary player. BTW, the reason his name comes to mind is his shooting form was far worst than Lin's.

  50. @Ron

    I know the answer but will wait to see if anyone else does. You must be really old. I would like to add that even though he was cut, he was so skilled, rumor had it that he might sign with the Harlem Globetrotters for "marketing reasons." lol

  51. @ Ron

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer as well but it's good to know if others know. First name begins with "N". I used to play hoops with him SF Chinatown when I was a teenager and he's considerably older than I. He had an incredibly unique set shot and jumper not to mention the famous left hook from 3 point range! I heard he was cut due to a health issue but that's just word on the street.

    Even if I have the wrong guy in mind, good memories!

  52. I have no clue who the player is. However, growing up in Alameda, my brother and I were 'challenged' to a game of "21" by a dude at a nearby park (Leydecker) and he totally schooled us (which isn't saying much to begin with). He was an old Asian dude and he was bombing 3's from the half court mark. And for some reason I also want to say that he was throwing up hook shots from half court! It was pretty ridiculously amazing. I'm wondering if it's the same guy... of course, if he's from SF probably not. Then again, Alameda ain't that far. Maybe he took the ferry over LOL

  53. @goat

    I'm pretty sure I played against him too. He had about ten years on me, my brother said "guard that guy" to me in a pick up game. He had this weird shot. He held it with both hands behind his head, you couldn't get anywhere near it. Next thing you know, swish.
    To add to the legend I asked my brother who that guy was. He said, "That's Norman, by the way he only has one lung." I'm not kidding, this guy was a better shooter than Steph Curry.

    Back to reality, does anyone know where Jeremy is going to be tonight? Oracle or Reno?

  54. The golden state point guard position and acie law and jeremy lin situation is like saop opera..

  55. @Anon 12:04p:

    Since we haven't heard anything, I have to assume he will be at Oracle tonight. It is too late to go to Utah for the Bighorns' game. Who knows he might even get some minutes in garbage time against the 8-27 Cavs.

  56. Bad news.. I read somewhere that Smart said he will now use a 8 man rotation (w/ everyone healthy now) with 2 players getting spot minutes...

    So I am assuming, starting 5 plus Amundson, Williams, and Udoh with Law and BWright getting spot minutes leaving Lin, bell and Gadz.

  57. Regarding that Chinatown basketball legend some of you are asking about, are you guys thinking of Christopher 'C-Dub' Wang?

    That dude had mad skillz and was a playground superstar! ;-)

  58. My prediction for minutes tonight:

    Ellis: 48
    Curry: 36
    Acie: 20
    Lin: 2 minutes at the end of the game to run out the clock, even though the game was already out of hand by the start of the 4th.

  59. wow. it seems this moron coach is adjusting his rotation just to keep lin out.

  60. yeah, so much for making lin earn his minutes. now he's just going to keep lin on the end of the bench and not even letting the kid improve in the dleague.

  61. @anon 4:01
    Sorry, the score would have been Chris Wang 0, Stormin Norman 21.

    Back to business. It's all on Lin's agent now. He needs to get him to Reno. I too read that Smart has established an 8 man rotation with 2 others in sometimes. Sorry, forget where the link is. I think Smart's doing the right thing.

    Again, Lin's career and the W's are two separate things as far as I'm concerned. I wish them both well. I even hope Acie Law is okay. It matters not for #7, correction #17.