Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who has the most chance to stick around next year, Keith Smart, Larry Riley or Jeremy Lin?

This was a question (@12:15) posted to NBA Insider, Matt Steinmetz, on his chat today.

Matt's answer: Jeremy Lin, Larry Riley, Keith Smart in that order.

I agree with him. Let's remember that Joe Lacob is calling the shots. His son, Kirk Lacob, played against Jeremy growing up and is now the director of basketball operations for the Warriors.

Coach Smart and many others may not believe that Jeremy is an NBA player. However, as long as Jeremy and Joe Lacob believe it, he will be OK.

Read the rest of the chat here: Matt Steinmetz chat, Dec. 22


  1. i hope matt s. is right about the order and wrong that riley and smart is still around. by next year, the whole "be patient" and "don't blame the current ownership" talk will be played out.

  2. i hope he's wrong. if monta and curry is still on this team, lin will never get solid minutes. plus playing with monta is a pain in the ass. i hope he's wrong about lin going to the dleague also because that place pretty much only showcase scorers.. individual's trying to out due each other to get a spot in the nba with selfish plays and no teamwork. right now, i can care less if they fire smart and riley or whatever happens to the warriors. i can care less about their fans too. they kinda deserves all these years of losing. lin being waived is the only thing i'm looking forward to. actually, i would like to see them hire larry brown who i think is the only coach that is strict enough to sit anyone not playing defense. udoh and lin are the only ones that play any defense so with larry brown's system, they would see lots of minutes. let's hope lacob hires brown as the new warrior's coach.

  3. if Smart works hard maybe he'll yet be a pro NBA coach. just maybe.

  4. You guys should know that Steinmetz doesn't even like Lin. At all. So you know he's exaggerating.

    Either Monta and Curry will be gone; it's clear that the Warriors can't win without better defense, more durable bodies, and a dominant center or SF. And you need to trade one of those guys to get it. Lin will get his minutes next year for sure. I just hoped he'd get some this year, too. But Smart is truly an imbecile. Acie Law to rescue!! Hahaha...

  5. *so you know he's NOT exaggering, I mean.

  6. Provocative question. I'm one of those who think the W's should waive Lin so that he gets an opportunity to go somewhere else. If he stays and keeps his contract, that's not a bad thing financially and also keeps it out of the mind of other team gm's the question of why he is waived. Fortunately, there are plenty of examples of players who left and did fine elsewhere.

    Smart and Riley (Rowell too) seem to be obvious candidates to go, but just as Lin as yet has to prove he belongs, so does Lacob. I sense Steinmetz doesn't think much of Lacob/Gruber at least so far. On the other hand a guy like Steinmetz makes his living saying negative things. Does Lacob in fact have "balls?" or is he just some rich guy with a new toy who will hire his son and give him the title Director of Basketball Operations?

    How Lin, Smart, and Riley are handled will tell us a lot. Logically (keep in mind I'm not saying the FO and Owners are logical) Lin is most likely to stay, for better or worse, then Riley, and Smart will be the first to go. It wouldn't surprise me if it was the reverse order. Smart has good rapport with the players. That's how I explain the presence of Acie Law. Did anyone else notice Law putting his arm around Smart during a timeout in the Houston game? Those two have man-love for each other.

    I better stop now. I could write for days.

  7. Keep lin or not is not the reason of warrior's 10-18 record. Believe me, even Lin is out, Warrior will not going anywhere. Let owner of Warrior think carefully how to make warrior win. Any way. I will not watch warrior game since they are just a group of loser. It is not worthy my time...

  8. I just had a crazy dream. Please help me analyze this:

    1) Paul Silas is named interim coach at Charlotte.

    2) Son Stephen Leaves the Warriors to join his dad.

    3) Dad asks Stephen "What can we do about our point guard situation?" "Also, I need someone who is willing to play Defense."

    3) Stephen: "I sat next to this kid all season, Jeremy Lin. He doesn't get run on the Warriors because he has offensive limitations but is already the best defender on the team. He comes very cheap."

    4) Pauls says "We have to check with Stephen Jackson first."

    5) Jackson says "If you sign someone, he has to play outstanding D and not need to shoot. I want to do all the shooting."

    6) Silas: "We've got the perfect guy."

    7) Jackson: "Sign him and start him."

    8) Larry Ellison buys the Bobcats. He makes a deal with David Stern to move them to San Jose.

    9) The starting backcourts: Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry versus Steven Jackson and Jeremy Lin.

    Why am I dreaming this? This can't possibly happen could it?

  9. No way this happens. There aren't many Asians in Charlotte. Oh wait, this means Jeremy is playing in the Bible Belt! He would be a big hit. Do it!

  10. Sherron Collins for JLin straight up. It works. Stephen, call Riley immediately. He's dumb enough to do this.

  11. @Ron,

    I was wondering if you had some crystal ball, but looked at the timestamp -- thought God spoke to you for a couple of minutes. Let's keep dreaming, anything can happen. Waiting for some article about that secret conversation with Jackson.

  12. So Lacob has so far:

    1. Named Smart as head coach when nobody else would
    2. Named his son, barely past his teenage years (previous job: intern), as Director of Basketball Operations when nobody else would
    3. Named Lin as NBA player when.....

    Is there a pattern in here?

  13. @ron

    You scared me until I checked the time stamp like SKL.

    Great idea. The only fantasy part is the franchise coming to San Jose.

    Stack Jack and JLin would instantly be one of the best defensive duos in the league. Imagine Jackson guarding Ellis. If Aaron Brooks can't shake JLin, Curry is no problem. Best matchup though would be Acie Law v Lin.

  14. Have to say this wasn't my idea, it came from a post by @getjie on

  15. Lacob won't let Lin leave the Bay Area -- he and Donnie Nelson (Jr.) are JL's biggest fans. Besides, it's JL's dream to play for his hometown team.

    I'm not even 100% sure Lin IS going to D-League when Curry comes back. The Warriors are awful with or without Steph, and Acie Law hasn't shown himself to be any better than JL. I honestly think Lacob will give Lin the choice -- "Would you rather get experience in Reno? Or stay here and be Mr. DNP?" Lacob needs to demand Smart play defense and youth -- Lin, Udoh, more Amundson, maybe get Adrien back.

  16. "America's favorite garbage time player"
    not "Mr. DNP"

  17. Knicks looking for a backup PG (probably a bigger, defensive PG to sub in for Raymond Felton). They probably want a solid veteran, but no one decent is available for what scraps the Knicks have to offer. Lin too green, but he worked out for the Knicks pre-draft and is friends with Landry Fields. And of course NY is great market for any minority player.

    Lin and Bell (or Rad) for Mozgov? Won't happen, but it should.

  18. Yes, I agree with the above that Lin move and anywhere as long as on the list, not the D list, he should, period!

    Happy holidays everyone and wish Lin excel!

  19. listen to lin's interview on warriors weekly..

  20. Thanks for the interview. Darrell Armstrong (Mavs assistant coach) had a lot of nice things to say about JL, while realistically assessing his areas for improvement. Lin needs a coach like that -- thoughtful, intelligent, and experienced (as a legit former player). Nice, personable guy, too.

    Man, maybe he shoulda stayed with the Mavs -- he'd have started in D-League, but could have been called by now (with Beaubois's injuries). Donnie Nelson knew what he was talking about.