Friday, December 17, 2010

Rosters/Salary Cap - JLin Stats

Rosters/Salary Cap

Here is a refresher. All NBA teams have a 15 man roster with only 12 being active for each game. If someone is sent down to the D League, he is still on the 15 man roster. That team cannot pick up another player. The only way you can pick up another player is if you waive someone off of your 15 man roster. Players under contract are not normally waived as you still pay their salary and you don't get to use the salary in a trade. That's why players on the last year of large contracts like Gadzuric (7.2mil), VladRad (6.9mil) are valuable as trade assets to teams wanting to clear salary cap space. With the impending lockout looming, that may change things a bit. However, I would expect that Brandon Wright and Gadzuric and/or Vlad will be traded by the February 24th trade deadline. As for Jeremy, his first year is at least partially guaranteed. I would highly doubt that Lacob would waive him without giving him a legitimate chance to develop. At the least, you send him to the D-League and have him run the point for next years summer league team. If he hasn't shown you he can play at that point, you don't resign him as his contract is not guaranteed for the 2nd year. If he is let go, he would be a free agent and could sign with any interested team.

JLin Stats

Statistics don't mean too much if you have a small sample size, and are mainly during garbage time. However, they are numbers and they don't lie and they are not an opinion. What jumps out to me is that defensively (steals, blocks), JLin's numbers are off the charts, while his offensive numbers show how much he has struggled on that side of the ball.

For All Point Guards only:


  1. thanks for sharing the information.

  2. Good review of the situation. One question. What are the possible effects of the fact that the contract is partially guaranteed and is almost up?

    I don't think they'd waive him because it would be a very bad "marketing" move, and the amount is small by NBA standards.

    The unknown factor is Aaron Miles whom the coaches seem to like, and to his credit is doing well in the D League. If they want to bring him up, they need room on the roster....

    This all doesn't seem logical. I could understand if they brought in a big guard. I love the way Reggie Williams can score, but his basketball "IQ" is not high and he is a small SG. Aaron Miles is 6'1"

    Just looking on TV, Jeremy is their biggest guard already even though they are all listed at 6'3" He is certainly the strongest at 200+ lb which is important.

    Oh well, whatever happens, it is interesting to follow his progress or nonprogress. The whole thing is starting to read like a mystery novel.

  3. what's up with the warriors and small sg's?

  4. Regarding marketing, I am pretty sure I'm the oldest person on this thread. So What? Well like most of the rest of you I love basketball. Not very good, just love to play. The point is that in 4 decades playing the game, my girlfriend, who became my fiance, then my wife, has never shown one bit of interest in the game. She all of a sudden told me she wants to go to a Warriors game!. She wants to see the Asian kid who plays. I spend $200 for tickets, parking, etc. Lin gets zero minutes. I apologize to her and explain what's happening. She says too bad, she'd actually go to another game if I am sure #7 will play. Well scratch off a potential fan.

    My point is that this is a business first and foremost. Marketing counts. Attendance is down at Oracle over 900 per game. If 900 people come out like my wife just to see an Asian American play, that's over 37,000 more in attendance, not counting road games. My tickets cost me a little more, so let's say the average is $50 which is $1,850,000 in added revenue from a player that costs $457,000.

    By the way, I asked her how she liked watching the players that were in the game and the only comment she made was all the tattoos are repulsive. Hopefully, this isn't construed as racist. I'm trying to point out that NBA attenance is falling and there's something not appealing to the average fan.

  5. Ron is being somewhat optimistic about fan response because it assumes Lin will get playing time. I know this is crazy....Sacramento might consider signing him.
    Okay, are you through laughing yet? Now consider this:

    Rookie Pooh Jeter, a rookie, gets 13 minutes per game and has stats comparable to Lin.

    Assume Lin if you know he is going to get 13 minutes per game, that 500 additional tickets will be sold. I wouldn't be surprised with 1000

    Sacramento v Warriors will be a sellout.

    Would you be willing to drive 90 miles to see Lin play? or would you rather go to Oracle to watch Acie Law?

    It seems reasonable to assume attendance goes up by 20,000 so using Ron's figures that's $1 million in revenue. I think there's revenue sharing for road games too.

    Damn, I'd have to go buy a King's jersey for $80. Can I get a trade-in for my W's one?

    Kings only have 14 players under contract

    I'd pay money to see Lin go against Curry, Ellis, Law, or Williams.

    Okay, done, go ahead and take your best shots at my idea.

  6. Sacramento! I'm in. My buddies and I will charter a bus and party all the way up and back. We'll tailgate in the parking lot. Before we barbeque, we toss our #7 Warriors jerseys into the fire and put on Kings jerseys.

  7. Came across an interesting website that offers a formula for player evaluation called EZPM

    Check it out yourself. The interesting part is that in this evaluation, JLin is rated the most effective overall player on the team behind Curry, Ellis, and Williams. Defensively, JLin is rated the team's best player.

  8. "What are the possible effects of the fact that the contract is partially guaranteed and is almost up?"

    It could already be up if the Warriors had paid his guaranteed money up front, meaning around the time he signed he got that money already. In that sense, it's a good sign because if Jeremy Lin already got his money and he's still on the Warriors that means he's here to stay for now.

    Marketing is surely huge. If the Warriors let go of Lin, other teams will be looking to sign him. Kings might be one, but the Clippers owner Sterling is well-known to try to put $$$ over winning. The Clippers also have Blake Griffiin on their team, imagine Jeremy Lin and Griffin together! Other teams in cities with large Asian populations such as Lakers, Raptors, Knicks, etc would also probably be interested in Lin's services.

    However, at the end of the day all that really matters if is Jeremy Lin can play. If he can, he'll get his chance to play but we'll all just have to wait.

  9. I think the Warriors organization will waive once his contract is up, which will be in a few weeks. If they wanted him to go to the D-League to develop, they would have sent him down already. Right now he's sitting on the bench until his time is up. Which is a shame because he was never given a real chance to shine. It's agonizing to see Vlad Radmanovich, bringing the ball up the court and turning it over because he won't pass it to Jeremy Lin.

    I'm sure Jeremy will get picked up by another NBA team.
    I was thinking, maybe the Rockets will give him a chance. With Yao Ming out for the season, they might try to do something to win back their cash-cow Chinese fan base.

  10. As mentioned before, his agent is in Texas so that's a definite possibility. Like the idea of Sacramento because it is close

  11. @Ron

    I must confess, I am just a casual Warriors fan. I've been to a few games in my life (last one was 3 years ago). But I was sorely tempted to drop $100 for a single ticket a couple times this season to see Lin play. I ended up not going due to conflicts, but he is definitely a draw for the Asian community.

    I hope he develops somehow (in the D-league or in practice or even gametime) and stays with the Warriors as I would like to be able to see him play live.

  12. I am sure JLin would rather make a team on his performance/potential... and not on the ability to draw asian fans to the team. You have to be weary of teams that show interest in Lin mainly for marketing reasons. You can't help but wonder if the warriors is not one of them....

    All warriors fans are tired of the profit-oriented moves by the previous owner. If they do waive Lin in January without giving him a proper chance to develop, they would be admitting signing Lin was strictly a marketing move. I really think that's something new ownership wants to avoid.

  13. they won't admit it but, it was a marketing move. did you see how many asians there are at warrior games? yup, it's asians who could afford to go to the games and the warriors are trying to take advantage of lin.

  14. sure. just throw out the fact that lacob even knew who lin was since he was a kid playing against his own son and the fact the he followed lin's career the whole time. oh, and throw out the fact that the signing took place within just 1 week from the time lin played exceptionally well against john wall following his already great summer league showings. and not to mention other teams wanting to sign him at that moment.

  15. Who care it is market move or not, fans come to game to watch what they like to watch .. If warrior management don't care then that is it.

    Remember, NBA is an entrainment business. Without fan support, then there is no NBA. JLIN is not just Asia fan favor but also bay area favor because JLIN is from local

  16. Warriors have the 8th worst record in the NBA (.346)

    team offense:

    12th pts scored (100.5)
    20th in FG% (.451)
    3rd in 3pt% (.393)

    team defense:

    27th in pts allowed (106.3)
    23rd in FG% allowed (.471)
    21st in 3pt% allowed (.376)
    24th in Reb diff (-2.5)

    That shows the Warriors have a decent offense, but a terrible defense. So the best way to improve the team is to improve the defense.

    Lin is the best defensive guard on the team. Aside from having the most steals and blocks per 48min of all PGs in the NBA, if you watch him play, he plays solid defense and doesn't gamble where he gives up a free layups.

  17. Having Jeremy Lin on a NBa roster for marketing purposes isn't necessarily a bad thing. Before Kobe Bryant was drafted, the NJ Nets were going to take him before the Hornets but apparently Kobe/Adidas were telling NJ he wouldn't want to play for them. Kobe/Adidas wanted him in a bigger market and L.A. was place to be. NJ Nets ended up drafting Kerry Kittles! Jerry West traded Vlade for Kobe and the rest is history.

    Also for JLin, it also gives him more options than just playing for the Warriors. It's even better if he actually plays at a high level, it will just increase his popularity. Being of Asian descent didn't help JLin in being recruited during his NCAA days, and now it helps him since the NBA is a buisness.

  18. @C Dub

    "If they do waive Lin in January without giving him a proper chance to develop, they would be admitting signing Lin was strictly a marketing move."

    Respect your opinion, but just wondering if it was a marketing move, why waive or move him? 2 or 3 minutes would hold fan interest. Hopefully you are not suggesting the W's have decided he can't play and are letting him go now.