Thursday, December 2, 2010

JLin Out


  1. nice steal by Jeremy

  2. Boy, it is frustrating to watch the Warriors. Here we go again...another team is going to score over 100 points. Ellis is going to shoot the ball 30 times and Curry is going to turn it over and do nothing on defense. This is what I'm guessing tonight looking at the box score. The above is not any indication of team play. So unless the Warriors have miracle last 4 minutes, it's going to be another loss.

  3. lin provides defense, but the offense stalls when he's in.

  4. "lin provides defense, but the offense stalls when he's in."

    Well, defense is what the Ws needs right now -- Phoenix shot like 57% tonight. Besides, the offense always looks like it "stalls" (no matter who's in) when shots don't fall. And vice versa.

  5. The Dubs don't play much in the way of team offense (or defense for that matter). Look at how the Suns set picks compared to the Dubs. The Suns are so good at forcing the mismatch on the switch while the Warriors leave too much room for the defender to stay on their man. And when the Ws drive, no one cuts to take a pass for an easy layup, they just stand behind the arc. Terrible.

    Lin did harass the his opposing number but they still managed to score quite a bit. He didn't play bad but he also didn't do anything to help his cause which right now is about the same thing.

  6. Si Joe Lee aka O.G Joe LeeDecember 2, 2010 at 11:27 PM

    si amigo

  7. Once again Lin comes up with a great steal without gambling. Compare that to Monta's gamble steal on JRich, which led to a wide open highlight reverse dunk.

  8. I think for many people here JL could murder someone and they would say it's the victims fault.

    Lin is way out of his league in the NBA. In today's game first he fouled Nash, then got taken to school by Nash for a floater (even Mike Fratello make fun of it). Dragic comes in and then he proceeds to go under a screen and gets nailed for a three, next play dragic uses a screen and leaves him in the dust for a layup.

    Meanwhile on offense, the Warriors doesn't even bother to try a pick and roll for him; Nash and Dragic go leave him in the perimeter and go *to the other side of the paint* to help on D...and when he finally decides to go to the basket he gets swatted like a fly. Curry with only 0.5 eyes working had to be brought in to help.

    If you guys don't see this, it's just because you don't know a thing about basketball. Lin is not an NBA player and it is not something that he is going to magically learn.

    Now, since Lin was used shamelessly by many to proclaim that Asian-Americans can play ball, my assumption is that all those people, when he is cut, will accept that Asian-Americans can't really play ball.

    But wait, oh yeah, it was aracial thing....yeah

  9. @Reality Now
    I will agree with you that Lin in the last few games has not demonstrated that he can contribute much more than a steal or two. But you can't take this one game as evidence that he is out of his league. I would say he did a lot better on defense than who he was backing up (Curry looked like a traffic cone) or anyone else on the team. Going under the screen was a mistake but dragic's layup after that was lousy team D none of his teammates even leaned the direction of dragic to stop or even slow him down (in particular the defender of the guy setting the screen).

    On offense, the Warriors don't play like a team either. When the guards drive, none of the other players move or cut to basket to take a pass for a layup. They just hang out behind the arc for 3s. Lin isn't athletic enough like Curry or Monta to finish tough drives and needs outlets. If they played more like a team, everyone would play and look better.

    Listen, we aren't stupid. Lin obviously needs to improve if he wants to keep playing pro ball. But I just choose to root for him and hope he makes those improvements in whatever time he has.

  10. I've been coming to this site for a while, and have heaped a ton of praises on Jeremy Lin. But now at this point in the season, I have to agree with Reality Now--only to the point that Jeremy is currently out of his league, for now. Even mr. chuckles is saying Jeremy "needs to improve if he wants to keep playing pro ball." So what does Jeremy do?

    Getting more playing time alone the rest of the way isn't going to take him to the next level. Neither can he suddenly become more athletic during practice time in between games. The real risk now is getting schooled like he did on the court tonight could demoralize Jeremy, and a deflated Jeremy alone could put him out of the league.

    What Jeremy Lin can do now for the rest of the season is watch more game film between games. He needs to study each opponent's various moves, steps, and tendencies. He needs to recognize offensive plays earlier so that he put himself in better position so he can defend well. If the coaches aren't teaching him well, he has to teach himself even more.

    Jeremy is fundamentally sound, and has a high basketball IQ, and is a disciplined person who has a fighting spirit. His athleticism can be improved on the off-season (he's still in his early 20's).

    Jeremy CAN become an NBA player. If he's willing to do the above, and pay the price to do whatever it takes, he will succeed.

  11. The fact is that Lin hasn't gotten a lot of minutes. And he's a rookie. So saying things like "JL sucks and is gonna be out of the league soon!" is as idiotic as saying "JL will be a sure-fire All-Star in two years!" Nobody knows much right now. I just want to see him get some minutes to prove himself either way.

    Chillax, everyone.

  12. Stephen Curry: "And Jeremy came in and gave us some great minutes, got a good steal for us and kind of kept the game in tight."

    Despite getting schooled by Nash and Dragic, he looked a lot better than garbage time the other night where he looked scared and trying to force the issue. His + / - was only -2, despite the schooling he got from Nash and Dragic.

  13. I remember when Yao ming came into the league.. Yao got crossed over by marbury, and everyone was saying he a bust, look at manytimes all stars? hahaha ..even had charlse barkley kiss a donkey on

    with only 19 games into Jeremy lin rookie season and the verdict is out?, saying he'll be out of the league next year haha funny.. I know these people just cant wait for him fail.. sad haqha..

    only time will tell..we'll see who know basketball..

    rookies allowed to make mistakes and learn..gessh..

  14. illegal amigo in a regalDecember 3, 2010 at 8:45 AM

    4sho bro

  15. Offensively JL, and everyone else, are not looking to shoot or drive. The “cut” toward the basket and the “screen & roll” are soft. They often defer the scoring task to Monta or someone else. It becomes too easy for the other team to defend against the Warriors. (And frustrating for fans to watch.) Monta is an offensive-minded player, so he will always get his volume of shots. You can’t blame him for that. In fact he is keeping the team in the game. Now his number goes up even higher because no one else is aggressively trying to score.

    JL needs have the mind-set to push hard and find ways to improve with every minute he plays. Go JL!

  16. hey "Reality Now", what do you gain by coming here trying to convince people that "Lin is way out of his league in the NBA"? first of all you are wasting your own time and energy and over-stressing yourself with your own hatred. secondly, your assessments are from a hater's point of view and are way obscured.

    did you forgot that lin is a rookie? rookies don't have plays drawn up for them. they are primarily used to give starters a rest, garbage time, and to fill in and learn as they go. they don't have designed or set plays for him. at this point teammates aren't suppose to help him out with picks or screens. when he is in the game, his job on the offensive end is to help run plays for the scorers. that means getting the ball into monta / curry / wright when they run off screens and picks if possible or drive it himself. do you understand any of this?

    the suns excel at team plays and nash/dragic have multiple designed plays using screens/picks for them because they are a point guard oriented team. the dubs on the other hand, are a shooting guard oriented team. now, you say that lin would get away with murder but you fail to mention how badly curry and monta got beat up in that game for the WHOLE duration of the game. that's 34 and 48 minutes vs. just 5 minutes for lin.

    Reality Now, since you are here, why don't you just become a lin's fan rather than trying so hard to put him down using different names each time and failing at it so badly? you will put less stress on yourself as a lin's fan as it's a lot easier to support him since he is that good, has that much potential and very little faults.

    don't look at him as an asian who is trying to take a piece of your pie. look at him as a basketball player. join in the fun and don't stress yourself each time he shows his improvements. stop waving your walking cane around so angrily while at the ball game when the whole arena cheers for him. just face it, you've already lost, lin IS in the league right now and will continue to play here for a long, long time.

  17. check out jeremy's youtube channel and make sure you guys subscribe!!!!

  18. "Lin is way out of his league in the NBA. In today's game first he fouled Nash, then got taken to school by Nash for a floater"

    I'm sure Kobe has fouled Nash before, and Nash has scored on Kobe... therefore Kobe is out of his league? Basketball is a high scoring sport. Good defenders get scored on all the time, just less often than bad defenders.

    "Dragic comes in and then he proceeds to go under a screen and gets nailed for a three, next play dragic uses a screen and leaves him in the dust for a layup."

    For some reason, the Warriors didn't help on screens. When you're the off-ball defender, you either need to switch or hedge/jam the ballhandler to slow him down. When you don't do either, then the ballhandler will be completely freed. That wasn't Lin's fault, it would be the same for any other defender who doesn't receive screen help.

    I know many of us need the occasional reality check. But singling out only the bad plays is not reality either. Lin also made good plays by stripping the ball from JRich, tying up Nash on a drive, and stealing it from Dragic.

    Sure, Lin is not going to magically become an NBA caliber player. It took him a few years at the college level to develop fully, and it might take a couple years in the NBA too.

  19. "Lin is way out of his league in the NBA. In today's game first he fouled Nash, then got taken to school by Nash for a floater"

    LoL @ realitynow! nash was torching curry all game long, including floaters in the official game recap. read: 16 assists, son. by your idiotic logic, curry isn't nba material, and blacks can't play in the nba / or play defense.

    your fail logic is fail. try harder!

  20. People - it takes a while for rookies to learn the NBA game. I think the comments about him being out of his league are premature. From what I've seen so far, he can hold his own athletically on the court against nba comepetition. However, if he doesn't develop a reliable jumper, he won't last in the league.

  21. Warriors fans are desperate for any help. They've gone thru years, decades of losing. This year the team jumped to a good start, and then went 2-9. I think panic is setting in. Why waste a roster spot for Lin's development when they could get somebody, anybody, that might score a couple baskets? They want the team to win, and you can't fault them for it. But the reality is the team is still a couple pieces away from being merely competitive.

  22. brah brah from the 5th flowDecember 3, 2010 at 5:37 PM

    here the highlights on sun vs gs game.

  23. @ anonymous 5:02 December 3

    Funny thing is, the fans here even think that Jeremy Lin should be played over Stephen Curry. And the Warriors along with Coach Keith Smart are all dumb and racist for not doing so.

    I agree with you, they need to win, but your argument here is against a broken logical standard, there's no point saying it here. The reason is, the fans here think that the way to win is by playing Jeremy Lin, if he doens't get playing time, the fans here hope that the Warriors will lose big time because they "deserved" it, . .. . by not playing Jeremy Lin.

  24. No Dfense.. ! No team Dfense either.. people blaming lin for losing games.. ridiculas.. lin only played about 4-5 minutes in the game..

    I guess lin let the sun shoot 57% from the field heehee.. all jeremy lin fault. hehehe..funny..:)

  25. try harder, December 3, 2010 5:02 PM or should i say Reality Now or fake DSB. your statement shows how illogical you are. you are NOT a dubs fan but a lin/asian hater. you are trying to say that everyone here thinks lin is better than curry. and then you go on and say lin is the worst player on the roster tying up their last spot. lmfao!

    "Why waste a roster spot for Lin's development when they could get somebody, anybody, that might score a couple baskets?"

    personally, i think curry is a great player but his defense is horrible. same goes with monta except monta's athleticism kinda makes up for it and is a better scorer than curry. curry + monta is a horrible game plan. one of those guys should come off the bench as the 6th man but then again we have williams who does that pretty well. so curry or monta has to be traded. simple as that

  26. this is exactly why i've said dubs fans are stupid compared to lakers fans. dubs fans are so desperate for wins that they can't even figure out what's wrong with their team. when they were 6-1 they didn't care to factor in the fact that those were home game wins against horrible teams. they were already crowning smart coty and monta/curry mvp. and now that they are losing even with lee in the lineup they go and blame lin for "taking up the last roster spot". lmfao! the starters keep letting the game slip away losing by 15pts in the first quarters. hilarious.

  27. I'm sorry dude, NO ONE is as dumb as a Laker fan, NO ONE.
    They set the standards of retarded bandwagoners.

    Dubs fans are actually quite knowledgeable, at least most of the ones that I've talked to on different forums. So what if they get happy for getting a few wins? They rarely get any, unlike Laker fans, who think every retarded comment they make is legitimized by having a winning team.
    In addition, you're mixing dubs fans with Jlin biased bandwagoners. Which, actually, most of the JLin retard fans here are Laker fans, comes to show just how retarded the Laker fanbase is.

  28. Yea dude, you actually think Laker fans are ANYWHERE close to being as knowledgeable as any other sports fan??!!

    Go ask asiancaucasian, a Laker fan, he could tell you all about the time when Iverson played in the Olympics in 1988 along with Steve Kerr. He'll also tell you about the time he completely choked when asked about his idea of "trading Monta and Steph Curry"

    .. . . ... .right...

  29. other fans > lakers fans > trash > dubs fans > poop

  30. you think dubs fans are smart? go to the realgm forum and watch them tell you beans > gortat

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  32. Lin is going thru a stretch of bad games (Memphis/Spurs/Suns). That happens to everybody, not to mention a rookie. But it would be rediculous to think that he's the reason the warriors have been losing. During this bad stretch, he hasn't contributed much. At the same time he wasn't making critical mistakes to cost them games. Even Keith Smart would tell you that Lin still played good D.
    As for the roster spot...... The starting 5 show a lot of potential. But right now they are young and prone to mental mistakes. It's been difficult to play catch up because these mistakes set them back when they try to make a run. The bench is very weak and injury plagued. This team is not one piece away from getting over the hump. If they were, it might make sense to use Lin's spot for a veteran.
    The Warriors fans are desperate for wins.. they are embarrassed by all the losing seasons.. we are talking maybe 3 seasons over .500 in the last 20+ years. The team hasn't had a coach that taught defense for so long that some fans don't know what defense looked like. Let's go easy on them.. it's not their fault.
    Anyway... real fans would root for Every Single Player on the roster to succeed.

  33. "Lin is going thru a stretch of bad games (Memphis/Spurs/Suns)."

    "During this bad stretch, he hasn't contributed much."

    Dude he didn't get more than 4 or 5 minutes in any of those game a usually those were broken into 1:20 to 2 minutes sub in and the out.

    What is a player supposed to do in 1:20 ? score 18pts and 8 Assists?

    Be freaking reasonable.

    He has play great in games where hes gotten 10+ minutes.

    The only Games where Lin had any real minutes was against LA where he went 13 Pts, 4-9, 3, Rebs, 2 steals, 2 blocks in 18 minutes

    Next game in Dever he got 14 minutes he was 1-2, 2pts, 2assists, 1blk, 1 reb

    He got 13 minutes in Houston where went 4-5, 8pts, 2 rebs 1 assists.

    In Memphis he got no called twice on Hard fouls, even one where Marc Gasol litterally punched lin in the face. Jeremy still put up 2 steals and a block and 1 Reb in 11 minutes.

    Only Haters motived by some kind of resentment would say those aren't decent stats for the minutes played.

    Last 3 games hes got no more than 5 minutes in any game.

    Keith Smart obviously doesn't want to play him. I think Keith Smart is uncomfortable because Jeremy isn't the typical streetballer that people like Smart think are the only ones who know how to play this game.

  34. Here's my video recap of the plays Lin was involved in, good or bad.

    1. Warriors with nice passing and motion
    2. strips Richardson
    3. stops Nash drive
    4. fouls Nash
    5. Nash scores on a fadeaway
    6. stops Dragic drive
    7. Dragic scores 3 ptr using screen
    8. reverse layup blocked by Frye
    9. Dragic layup using screen
    10. steals ball from Dragic

  35. Someone please remind asiancaucasian that Monta is only getting paid $11mil (compared to Rudy Gay and Joe Johnson's max contract at $20mil), Steph Curry is paid $3mil, Dorell Wright is getting paid $4mil, and that the Warriors still have space for a MAX CONTRACT. When you're talking about trading players, essentially, you're talking about trading CONTRACTS. Yes, Monta and Steph is no Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant. But trading away Monta and Steph Curry's
    CONTRACT would be straight up retarded.

    asiancaucasian is seriously making himself look more and more retarded every time he talks about trading away star players on cheap contracts when the franchise already have cap space for a max contract.
    And this comment:

    "asiancaucasian was a Laker fan back in the day when we ran a train on you dubs day in and day out... and, oh, we still do"

    perfect example of how Laker fans think that their analysis of the game is legitimate 'cause they have a winning team.
    Freaking retarded Laker fans.. ... *sigh*

  36. no YOU are the retard. nobody trades contracts straight up except you. you use it as a leverage. ever heard of "you get what you pay for?". we trade monta for something that fits in our system, let management work out the negotiation term. it's not your place. you just continue sweeping the floors for now and try to learn something.

  37. lakers fans of the 80s KNOW what good basketball is all about. we won. and we played great basketball. dispute that and you are retarted. you can talk contracts and you prolly have a valid "GM" point. but the warriors do not play good team basketball and monta and curry are two of the big reasons for that. You, as well as other trolls here, overvalue montas scoring ability and discount what jlin and others like him bring to a TEAM game. monta is not a good team player -- he requires the ball and needs to shoot waaaaay too much. curry could turn out to be but he turns it over over way too much and he, too, pounds it way too much. Ultimately, the owner, a long time celtic fan -- teams that has also played excellent basketball -- will trade away young monta because he knows monta will not bring a championship. either on his own or paired with a MAX CONTRACT. Monta and Curry fit the brand of basketball the pervades the NBA today... an awful brand of basketball. But the new owner will change that don't you worry... cause, oh!, isn't he the one who brought in jlin. The problem here is that smart has not recognized when lin has been effective and when he has not and fails to play him in the situations that he has been most effective. Please review my previous post for the spot on jlin breakdown... but, oh, i guess i don't know the game... *sigh*

    the fact is much of the nba is played by high level athletes at a very low level. the turnovers that you see coaches clapping for these days would have got you on the pine 25 years ago. in fact, you just didn't see the types of turnovers. awful.
    and just the other night you see lebron james standing in the path of a player going to the basket move OUT OF THE WAY so the guy could posterize him and he could swipe at the ball from behind...pathetic basketball. no good high school coach would allow it.

  38. "lakers fans of the 80s KNOW what good basketball is all about. we won. and we played great basketball. dispute that and you are retarted."

    perfect example of how Laker fans think that their analysis of the game is legitimate 'cause they have a winning team.
    Freaking retarded Laker fans.. ... *sigh*

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  40. "winning doesn't legitimize my analysis, watching a team play exceptional basketball for over a decade does. lakers fans of the 80s KNOW what good basketball is all about. we won. and we played great basketball. "

    Right.. . Iverson stood no chance against the Lakers during in the 80's right? Iverson DID play against the Lakers in the 80's cause he played in the 1988 Olympics right? he took Steve Kerr's point guard spot!! No Gold asiancaucasian. .. no Gold!!!

  41. yeah, i got to admit i messed that up and, in fact, i already did admit that... it was another dog meat Gtown guard who had no idea how to run the point and play team basketball... i'll bet your idea of a great point guard is a guy who can come down and break em down off the dribble 40 times a game... keep enjoying the bad basketball you've been thinking is good basketball and pop in those vidoetapes of Iverson and Marbury and poor yourself a big cold, glass of FAIL. *sigh*

    c ya, mr. clown

  42. actually, I follow ALL basketball, unlike Laker fans, who ONLY follow Laker basketball. That's why they think their analysis is legitimate, like yourself. I follow all NBA teams, but the team I happen to support is the Warriors 'cause I grew up in the bay; always good to support the local team. Though, I've been living in L.A for the past 4 years.
    The only person who's pouring themselves a big cold, glass of FAIL is yourself.
    You already admitted that you completely FAILED in saying both Iverson and Kerr played in 1988 olympics. And you completely FAILED by admitting your idea to trade Monta and Steph right now would be not be good; and a bad "GM" decision. FYI, trades ARE general management decisions. Lastly, you completely FAILED in learning how to spell, it's "pour" not "poor" you dumbass.

    Seriously, Laker fans have a LOT to learn from Clipper fans, they know a lot. They follow all basketball, not only Laker basketball.

    c ya, asiancaucasian

  43. i'm talking about building a great TEAM and I'm not worrying about whether a trade makes sense monetarily...
    when the monta don't fit, you must acquit.

    only a doucher would move to LA... why would ever admit you moved to that town... it's far worse than cheering for the Lakers.

    you're prolly cheering for SC right now aren't you, mr clown...

  44. and... what the hell does following ALL basketball mean. do you think you need to follow more than one team to understand BAD BASKETBALL. And... If you follow one team, don't you necessarily follow all teams anyway? or do the Lakers only play two teams all year? you are a clown, mr. anon clown.

  45. I moved to LA for college you freaking dumbass, of course I would admit that. How in the world would that make me a doucher?

    Following ALL basketball means you're not always watching basketball with a biased view for the winning team. You're not always analyzing the winning team, but the losing team as well. You've obviously never done that. You are a dumbass, mr. dumba- i mean, asiancaucasian.

    Alright, I think I've said everything I needed to say for this conversation. You could keep saying whatever you want; just be careful not to make any one of those retarded comments you always make, it's for your own good.

  46. serious battle going on here between AC and Anon but i gotta say...

    you moved to LA for college? that makes you a GIANT douche bag...

    It's all Jlove.

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  48. and oh yeah lest i forget...
    they have B level players at the 3,4,5...

    and that is why they need to trade monta, because the truly successful teams win from the 345 spots and not from the 2.

  49. final comment to fulfill ac's request

    prove that i know anything about playing or coaching the game: i use to play basketball for my chinese school basketball team. Our team would always be in the championship game with Jeremy Lin's chinese school basketball team. I swear I'm not making this up, you could take that to the bank. My basketball team: Silicon Valley Chinese School. Jeremy Lin: Palo Alto Chinese School

    Yea, I moved to LA for college, but at least I was able to get into college. asiancaucasian you should try that sometime, you might even learn how to spell. Jeremy Lin would have gone to LA for college if he was given a basketball scholarship. Would that make him a douche? Obviously not, 'cause you guys have seem to drop all sense of logic and base your arguments solely off of your personal grudges against me. Not that your arguments ever had a sense of logic to begin with.

    Alright, I'm done.. . .. frrl this time.. . stop making requests and asking me questions

  50. LoL is this clown asiancauc still preaching about trading monta?

    same clown who said iverson was on the 88 (or was it 92) dream team... LoLs has been found!

  51. I watched real-dsb's video, and it was fairly interesting.

    I don't think that Lin performed as terribly as I feared from what I was reading here. On the other hand, he did seem to be being outplayed as he was defending. He seemed to be having a lot of trouble on the pick-and-rolls (although I don't really have anyone to compare him to, so it's hard to say how an effective defender would do a pick-and-roll). Steve Nash also has a really weird (but effective) way of dribbling.

    Obviously Lin's still an undrafted rookie who's barely played two months. It's early. He does have potential, but he also has glaring weaknesses. I think he definitely has the ability to correct those weaknesses, fortunately. We'll see what happens.

  52. Continuing on my previous post. I think that it's quite normal for any rookie to have trouble against Nash and Dragic.

  53. Jeremy IS a good defender. Look at the clip that dsb posted. Compare the clips from when Jeremy was defending Nash vs defending Dragic. Do you know what the difference is? When Jeremy was defending Nash and Frye set up the screen, Adrien helped by coming into the lane and blocked Nash until Jeremy could recover. Now look at when DLee is in and Frye sets up the screen for Dragic. DLee does NOTHING to stop Dragic and focuses on keeping Frye away. If anything, DLee acted like another screen for Jeremy to bypass. The problem wasn't Jeremy's defense-it was the lack of help on the screen from DLee against Dragic BOTH times that Jeremy got "schooled." DLee needs to learn how to help defend against a screen from Adrien.

  54. Typical Warriors fans who don't understand the concept of team defense. It takes at least two players to defend against the pick and roll.

    Another thing, on that possession where Jeremy got blocked at the iron by Channing Frye ... he had 3 defenders on him (Dragic, Hedo, and Frye). The other four Warriors were camped out behind the 3-point line, (Dorell, Reggie, Monta, Lee) nobody cut to the basket. Even David Lee was watching from the top of the circle. If Monta had cut to the basket he would have had an open layup.

    The problem with this team is a lack of movement without the ball. Everybody is waiting around for the drive and kick for a low percentage jumpshot.

  55. Hey guys I'm a Chinese. I just feel that the confidence on JLin from some fans is unrooted. I basically agree with the following:

    1. The Warrriors are a bad team right now. Guards score in bunches and that's all, no assists, no defense, just disorganized and spontaneous offense, too much dribbling. They need to trade Monta.

    2. Because of the aforementioned reasons, it's a little bit early to jump to conclusions on JLin. However, JLin did convince people that he can play at NBA level.

  56. sorry, JLin did NOT convince people that he can play at NBA level.