Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Game #21 @ Dallas JLin "DNP CD"

GSW 100
Mavs 105

The Warriors actually played well tonight with all the starters showing up. They would've had a great great shot to win this one if they made their free throws (6-14) and took better care of the ball (12 TO's between Monta & Steph). I really liked Lou Amundson's play. He is going to make a huge difference with his energy, offensive rebounding, and defense. Once Ekpe Udoh comes back, the Warriors will be even more energetic and athletic up front.

I'm a little disappointed that Jeremy didn't get in to give Curry and Ellis a few extra minutes of rest. However, very understandable with the game being tight all the way, and with Jeremy yet to earn the full trust of Coach Smart. With Lou back and Udoh coming back soon, this should really help the team as well as the 2nd unit and Jeremy. These guys will cover his back with their shot blocking and hit the offensive glass when he goes to the hole.

Let's hope that JLin gets some productive minutes tomorrow against the Spurs. The good thing for JLin (bad for the Warriors) is that no other guard off the bench is doing much either. He still has an opportunity to get some solid minutes if he can keep up the defense and get comfortable offensively. Right now, he is playing solid on the ball defense but struggling to get through picks. It's a little tougher than the Ivy League but guarding Monta and Steph in practice should steepen his learning curve. His off the ball help defense has been nice with his good quickness and anticipation to go over and get a hand on balls or giving help off his man. Offensively, he is able to get by his man and get to the rim like he did in College, but now he has to get his shot off over a big help defender. This is where an Amundson or Udoh will be helpful as they should be cutting around the hoop and open for a JLin assist when he drives. Jeremy seems to be taking a lot better care of the ball as well. However, he still looks a bit lost on most sets and not comfortable sitting out on the 3 point line. Hopefully, he can get into some sort of rhythm because his jumper is not that bad. Once he hits a 3 pointer or two, it will really help his confidence and his offensive game as a whole. Lastly, when he is bringing it up, he needs to not jog it up but bring it up quicker, so they can get into their sets faster. He needs to also cut quicker and harder to get open when he wants it up top.

Again, with all that said, lets take a step back and realize what a great spot this is for Jeremy. Remember, Dallas' 1st round pick Dominque Jones was sent down to the D League. JLin would not be on their active roster. If he were on the Lakers, he would at best be the 3rd point behind Fisher and Blake. Most likely, he would be in the D League with the Lakers as well. He still may be sent to the D League with the Warriors, but right now he is being given opportunities, albeit short ones. Let's realize that Steve Nash as the 15th pick for the Suns, averaged 10 minutes per game behind KJ and JKidd. Don't forget, JLin is an undrafted, Ivy Leaguer, Asian American, who just went up against Steve Nash and Russell Westbrook.

On a side note, just received the JLin Swingman Jersey (Adidas brand, runs big) in the mail. Very sweet.


  1. Fat chance of Lin getting real minutes vs the Spurs. Last week against the Spurs, Lin didn't get any minutes even when down by 20 (only last 3.5 mins of pure garbage time).

  2. 4 starters played 40+ minutes tonight. i think smart will sub lin in early tomorrow. maybe even in the 2nd quarter.

  3. I have to agree with anon@11:51p. That many minutes for the starters on a back-to-back on the road, even if Smart doesn't want to put in Lin, the play of the starters will probably dictate it for him.

  4. if the starters manage not lose by too much early on, lin will get some minutes. if they trail by a lot, smart will continue to play monta/curry and sub in reggie because he thinks chucking up 3's will bring them back.

  5. I'm about to buy a swingman jersey for my brother for xmas (since its free shipping right now)

    how's the jersey fitting? (i.e. do they run big/small)

  6. Nice job analyzing this game. I'm a longtime W's fan and a JLin fan, wishing the best for both of them, but what's best might be that they part ways. Watching Kidd play tells me #7 would do better in an offense emphasizing the bigs rather than a guard oriented one. His defense is already comparable.

    I hope he stays but, from a business standpoint, someone will see the potential and offer him Charlie Bell money, 4 or 5 times what he's getting now. It'll cost me money too since I'll have to get an NBATV package. Next year's labor dispute won't help.

    I'm not discouraged, I think the W's are on an upswing. This year has been more interesting to follow than the previous 15.

  7. Awesome post! Thank you!!!
    Could not have been put any better.
    Although, I do understand that there are many readers that aren't GSW fans, it's perfectly understandable to want Jeremy to play for your hometown team of Dallas or L.A. However, the reasons of how going to Dallas or L.A would be "better for his career" haven't been reasonable.
    If a future hall-of-famer Jason kidd only averaged 10minutes per game and Dominique Jones was sent to D-League, there's nothing to worry about. Currently, there are ONLY 2 rookies that are starters for their ball club. Both of them were top 5 lottery picks (John Wall and Wesley Johnson).
    It would be quite ridiculous to put Steph Curry on the bench to allow Jeremy Lin to start. The only reason anyone would do this is because they "just want to see him play" and ignore the incentive to win ball games. The Lakers guards are extremely deep with Blake, Fisher, Brown, and Vujacic, they would definitely rather give the roster spot to another big man in case Bynum gets injured. Jeremy Lin is in a good position, and the Warriors look to improve overall in the future since all of them are still young.

    If Warriors can continue to increase energy in the paint, David Lee gets his stroke/rhythm back, and tighten their team defense, they should look good.
    For Jeremy, as long as he can be solid overall, improve his offensive fluidness/confidence, continue playing solid defense, he should see more playing time. Go Warriors, go Jlin!

  8. *Correction, it wasn't Jason Kidd who averaged 10ppg, Jason Kidd averaged a lot of minutes rookie year; I meant Steve Nash. I was thinking ahead of what I was going to write about Dallas and accidentally wrote Jason Kidd instead of Steve Nash, my bad!

  9. I was at this game. Honestly, I don't know why they would ever take Curry and Ellis out of the game. These guys, from my observation, don't really run or play THAT hard that they would not be able to last the whole game.

    The Warriors lack size and are simply not built to win in the playoffs.

    ALSO, look at how Patty Mills came into the Blazers game and made an immediate impact. 6 assists in the first half and he was attacking the rim too. Lin could learn from this. Come in the game and don't be timid.

  10. That'd be sick if Warriors could get a sign and trade: Biedrins for Oden next season. I would totally take the risk, go all in to get Oden. If Biedrins can back in his rhythm, be solid and Warriors make 8th seed playoffs or get close, it'll improve the image of the franchise, give players more of a desire to come to GS.

    However, if Oden wanted to go to any team other than Portland, it'd probably be OKC, NY, or Charlotte. It'd have to be a playoff-ish team that doesn't currently have a reliable big man.

    However, if Portland had a desire to trade Oden with any franchise (OKC, Char, NY, or GSW), it'd probably be GSW IF Biedrins can be reliable this season. GSW would have the most to offer Portland for giving away Greg Oden IF Biedrins can be solid and reliable. Portland wants a healthy reliable big man; Char, NY, and OKC don't have much they could offer for Oden.

    IF Oden could be healthy, he's definitely the perfect fill for what many franchises desire, including GSW. I know it's a big IF, but I personally would be willing to take the risk, there aren't many big men in the league these days, go for it.

  11. media thinks jlin to go the d league soon. if it's true than jlin has have a good run. he was undrafted out of harvard and asian american. he did well just making the roster.

    jlin, it's been a great ride. best of luck down the road and may you shatter stereotypes as always.

    this is a fan of jlin, signing off on this blog.

  12. wow. way to put a fork in jlin anon 5:30.