Friday, November 12, 2010

Game # 9 @ Chicago - JLin Plays 9 Minutes in Blowout

The Warriors(6-3) were blown out 120-90 by the Bulls a night after beating the Knicks and playing their 4th game in 5 days. This is one you just forget about and move on. If they can beat the Bucks on Saturday night, this will be considered a very good road trip going 3-2. It will be tough though, especially without David Lee, who may miss up to two weeks due to his infected arm. Also, lets remember that the Bulls and Bucks were in the playoffs last year and are even better this year.

I had a chance to re-watch the game and it wasn't as bad a game for Jeremy as I originally thought. The first layup missed was contested by Taj Gibson, and could have been called a foul. The 2nd miss was more egregious but looked like he was so surprised at how open he was and rushed it. I wouldn't worry about this. JLin can and will make his layups. The more important thing to take away is that he was able to go by CJ Watson rather easily and seems to consistently get to the hole even in his limited action so far. Yes, his play with Monta is very ragged and I believe this is mainly due to not playing together much. He didn't play with him at all in preseason. During practice, Jeremy runs the 2nd team pg, so they probably have limited practice time together. Of course, Monta looked very frustrated with some of Jeremy's passes but this will be worked out once JLin is more comfortable running the point and playing with Monta. Defensively, I actually thought that Jeremy did a solid job on DRose. He stayed in front of him for the most part. Also, his goal tend on Noah looked like a very sweet block. Not many point guards make that play. Maybe just a handful.

Overall, I'm very happy with Jeremy defensively. I believe he is doing what is being asked of him on that side of the ball. Offensively, he is a work in progress. Obviously, he needs playing time to get the feel of the other players and get comfortable in the role of bringing it down under pressure and getting the team into its sets. I wouldn't be too concerned about his shot as he has only taken a few jumpers so far. Wait at least until he plays 4-5 more games. Lets remember, he's only played 46 minutes this season. That's like one game for Monta or Curry.

Great JLin Stat: STP48M


  1. Looks like John Wall is putting up some awesome numbers. I guess the people who said he was going to be roy were right.

  2. Go DROSE!!! As much as I love JLin, I'm a Bulls fan at heart.