Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Game # 7 @ Raptors - JLin Gets Serious PT

The Warriors beat the Raptors 109-102 on Asian Heritage Night in Toronto to go 5-2. Monta bailed them out multiple times with ridiculous shots. Steph was on fire making some big shots down the stretch. Brandon Wright and JLin were very productive off the bench. Toronto came back from a 20 point deficit to make it a game. Jarrett Jack had a very strong game as the Warrior guards had a hard time slowing him down. Sonny Weems, Jeremy's bud (both have the same agent) was impressive. Keep an eye out for him.

Jeremy had a very solid first half, filling up the stat sheet ala Jason Kidd. However, he didn't seem ready to play in the 2nd half when the Raptors increased their defensive intensity.

The good:

-Jeremy was able to get to the basket using the pick and roll as he normally does
-Defensively he mostly stayed in front of his man, Jose Calderon, and Jarrett Jack
-When he did get beat he was able to recover and challenge the finish
-Had some nice dimes and got good looks for others
-2 blocks and 2 steals, his defensive translates well from college to the pros

The not so good:
-Had trouble when the Raptor's D intensified
-Looked a little lost and not fluid out there at times (understandably as he still thinking to much, just needs more PT)
-Looked a step slow, needs to speed up his game a notch

Overall, I can't ask for a better situation for Jeremy. Especially, after not playing much during the preseason. It looks like this could be the start of a 3 headed monster with Monta, Steph, and JLin being interchangable. There is no way he would be getting any time if he went to Dallas (probably would be in the D League) or the Lakers. This is a dream come true for him. Lets hope this amazing start to the Warriors season and the opportunistic start to JLin's career, continue, as the Warriors head to the Mecca of Basketball, Madison Square Garden in NYC baby!


  1. Monta sounds like he'll be out for tomorrow at least. And limited for the rest of the road trip. Curious to see how much he plays this week.

    Also, once JL hits his first jumper and first in-traffic layup, I think he'll really relax out there -- both as a playmaker and scorer. His defense and energy have been excellent for a rookie, though.

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  3. Good Job for Warriors and JLin7... My favorite Team behind the Houston Rockets.. Yall got lucky last time with no Yao and when big boy plays yall ain't gonna win it, lol...

  4. JLin's got to score. .143 FG5 does not cut it in the NBA. He's a proven scorer--just needs to get comfortable taking a shot and gain confidence.

  5. I meant Field Goal percentage, not FG5

  6. gonna be at MSG tonight - so pumped! quite the conflict of interests though as a die hard knicks fan...

  7. @peter lee: i hope you get some highlights (preferably good quality)!

  8. "JLin's got to score. .143 FG5 does not cut it in the NBA. He's a proven scorer--just needs to get comfortable taking a shot and gain confidence. "

    JLin's FG percentage is one of the worst in NBA history

  9. Do you know why Jeremy Lin is going to make it in this league for a long time? Look at this photo album: http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/players/photo?playerId=4299

    In 5 out of the 7 pictures, what is he doing? Fighting for the ball!

  10. Jeremy Lin is just a poor man's Steve Nash. Same style of play as Nash. I remember back in the '90s when Nash came into the league with Jeremy's skills set. Look how Nash turned out. Best wishes to him.

  11. for people who dont have league pass... give us the link to watch the game?

  12. @Anonymouse 1:08

    I would definitely agree with you given the proper perspective--from the offensive viewpoint.
    Originally, when I read your comment, I was laughing pretty hard 'cause I was thinking about how horrible Steve Nash's defense is; when in fact defense is one of Jeremy's strongest aspect of the game.

    Honestly, Shaquille O'neal would be able to cross up Steve Nash; BOY! does his defense suck, it makes me laugh just thinking about it. hahaha
    But yea, I totally agree with you from the offensive viewpoint, similar ballhandling/playmaker.
    It just makes me laugh whenever the thought of Steve Nash's defense comes into my mind.

    P.S Not to take away from Steve Nash, one of my favorite point guards who has always been COMPLETELY underpaid, a 2 time MVP. I'm just stating a fact that he's one of the worst defenders in the universe. I don't want any Phoenix fans to start arguing with me about how I'm stupid 'cause I underestimate Steve Nash.
    I feel for the guy, he's NEVER been maxed out, and he's definitely a hall-of-famer.

  13. Lin really isn't like Nash. This is gonna sound ridiculous so let me finish, but IN THREE YEARS (it's gonna take time), JL will be a dirt-poor homeless man's Dwayne Wade. Stat-stuffing all-around guard who plays with boundless energy. Lin has even flashed the D-Wade spin-move.

    JL = Jack of All Trades, Master of None.
    D-Wade = Master of All Trades.

  14. Ellis is starting. Not a smart move, IMO. Good for non-Warriors JL fans, though. Monta and Curry will be hobbled by midseason playing so much on injuries.

  15. lin dribbled and let it go off his hands for a turnover. hopefully he settles down and not let new york get in his mind.

  16. lin had a steal and passed it for a fast break.