Thursday, November 11, 2010

Game # 8 @ NY Knicks - 3 Minutes for JLin

Warriors 122
NY Knicks 117

This was another incredible win for the Warriors on the road, upping their record to 6-2. What a homecoming game it was for David Lee, scoring 28pts and pulling down 10 boards. You can really see the camaraderie of this team and how they all wanted to win this for Lee.

Jeremy had a short stint at 9:36 of the 2nd quarter. He had a turnover after breaking the press and coming through a little out of control. For him to get minutes, he needs to attack that press as he did but continue going to the basket and finishing or dishing off for an easy basket. At least he was not immediately pulled during the ensuing TO. Right after that, he had a great steal where he ripped the ball out of Amare's hands, and it bounced to Randolph who Jeremy then took it from. This lead to a nice open court break away dunk by BWright and an assist for Jeremy. Wow, however said that the trade of Lee for Randolph was not good for the Warriors, may want to take a mulligan. Also, Landry Fields from Stanford, who Jeremy played against in the SF Summer League (Fields was the MVP) looked very solid.


  1. jlinnumerouno... you are doing a great job!
    a couple of turnovers in the editing room today though...

    no turnovers, number one!

    thanks for running the blog.

    jlin strips drose twice tonight. it's another john wall type duel, i predict. jlin loves this challenge.

  2. Jlin needs to work on his left hand ball control through. Too easy to be bullied on the floor if he can only go to his right.

  3. JL really should play 10+ minutes tonight. Curry was amazing on offense...but allowed Raymond Felton to drop 20 on him. Ellis was totally gassed in the fourth. Both are playing at less than 100% -- why risk the season?

  4. man, again 3 mins, when are they going to vie some decent times?

  5. Jeremy Lin vs. C.J Watson?

    Hopefully we'll be able to see that tonight, as I would find it pretty interesting.