Saturday, November 6, 2010

Game # 5 vs. Utah - JLin Inactive

Great win for the Warriors (4-1) over the Jazz, 85-78. Very disappointing to see JLin not active, especially with Brandon Wright not even practicing yesterday because of the stomach flu. Even if he was suited up though, he wouldn't have got off the pine in this one.

With the Warriors winning, it'll be even harder for Jeremy to get good minutes. The only way it looks like is if they're down big and Reggie is struggling and it looks like they need a spark off the bench, like in the Laker game. Now, we don't even know if he will be active for games.

Again, we need to try to be patient, as hard as it is. I know it's tough for us who believe in Jeremy and know that he could really help as the backup pg. However, lets not forget about these guys who did not play much their rookie seasons and had a bunch of "DNP's" as well:

Steve Nash 1st Rd. (pick 15) - played in 65 of 82 games. 10.5 mpg.
Monta Ellis 2nd Rd. (40th overall) - played in 49 games.
Gilbert Arenas 2nd Rd. (30th overall) - played in 47 games

So, lets try and keep things in perspective as difficult as it may be.


  1. I know there are a lot of Warrior haters reading this. However, to put this particular blogpost into a deeper perspective:

    Gilbert Arenas - NBA Most Improved Player 2003, Golden State Warriors
    Monta Ellis - NBA Most Improved Player 2007, Golden State Warriors

    Although it's a difficult position for Jeremy since the Warriors are winning, you can't blame Coach Smart for wanting to win. I definitely have faith that the Warriors will help him develop as they did with SO many players.
    Hope for the best for Jeremy!

  2. Who drives quicker to the basket: Jeremy or Curry?

  3. Actually, I'm rethinking my take on the excessive cheering harming Jeremy. Jeremy knew the large number of Asian fans who would come see him at Warrior games. So he knew it was going to be loud. He probably doesn't have a problem with it.

  4. I'm sure Jeremy didn't think his fans would cheer him simply for DRIBBLING the ball.

  5. It's Asian Heritage Night for the Toronto Raptors game on Mon Nov 8 against Golden State Warriors. Hopefully JLin7 does play otherwise there are going to be a lot of unhappy Asians in Toronto.

  6. Steph Curry definitely drives better to the basket. I question fans that make statements like this.

    I'm all for rootin for Jeremy Lin but can we please keep our expectations of Jeremy Lin real?

    Judging from comments, on this site and on other message boards there seems to be this general excitement that Jeremy will be something special in the nba.

    He is special, as far as being the first asian american guard to make it. But that's where it stops.

    I don't think a lot of jeremy lin fans understand how good nba players are. Yes, Jeremy was a star in college but pretty much every nba player were stars in college too.

    I say if he can become someone like a JJ Barea, or a Brian Scalabrine, people who never get heavy minutes in the nba and are always glued to the bench, but always manage to make the final roster, then I will consider his career a success.

    Brian Scalabrine has managed a 10 yr career of being a benchwarmer. And he did it by being a good practice player and managing not to mess things up when his number was called.

    This is the career I think is most realistic for Jeremy. If he can manage anything better I will be pleasantly surprised.

  7. Jeremy lin is no Brian Scalabrine..moron..

    Jeremy Lin is better than John Wall. You know who John wall is right? Jeremy has no fear like Monta Ellis says. I would love to see Jeremy play against Monta E if he was in a different team. I gurantee you, Jeremy will make him look silly. Just like Jeremy made 1st round draft pick look silly during summer league. Any fan who follows him know that. He has overcame racial discrimination and criticism all his life and proved time again he is a superstar. He needs to play regular minutes to show what he can do in NBA. Keith Dumb..put the guy in !!
    I would rather see him go to another team. Lakers saw what Jeremy can do. It probably opened their eyes. I think 4 steals in 10 minutes send them a message.

  8. Actually JJ Barea is averaging 17 minutes a game off the bench. He is the Mavs backup PG.

    Stephen Curry does some things better than JLin. Most notably his pull-up jumper. But this can be learned with some practice. In this game, D. Williams was able to back down Curry on the block because of his size advantage. He would have a much harder time doing this against JLin, who knows how to defend big guards.

    It's not just offense that coaches look for off the bench.

  9. Everyone should disregard "Anonymous 10:45AM"

    I'm a HUGE JLin fan, but saying stuff like that doesn't make you a fan, it makes you either a retard or an overgrown bandwagoner.

    And this particular Keith Dumb you're talking about just went 4-1.. . .not so Dumb afterall is he? You could make arguments all you want, but at the end of the day, all that matters is winning ball games, NOT whether your favorite player got playing time.
    Same guy who thinks Don Nelson is a better coach ONLY because he would've played JLin more. News flash: Don Nelson hates every rookie he ever met in his life, Nellie wouldn't have played JLin at all. Stephen Curry was once in a lifetime.

    Don Nelson: the man who won only 26 games for the Warriors last season, started the season 1-4, and said in a press conference:
    "I like what I was getting with Corey Maggette playing center"

    Please refrain from posting retarded comments on this blog, it makes the rest of us fans look bad.

  10. For the fans excessive cheering when Jeremy is DRIBBLING the ball: I agree that is abnormal fan behavior you don't see everyday in a regular season game. It would make any player feel uncomfortable.

  11. Monta Ellis is currently 5th in the MVP rankings. So you think Jeremy Lin should be 4th?

  12. He's definitely use to the cheering, when Harvard played a road game against Santa Clara University years ago, it was the biggest crowd that Jeremy ever saw and they were all rooting for Jeremy.
    Kinda funny, the home crowd was the biggest ever seen, and they were cheering for the opponent!

  13. I think it's the Barrack Obama effect. The fans are cheering, just for the sake of making history. And there is too much hype in making him "The first Asian American of full Asian descent in the NBA".
    They don't seem to care if he plays well or not. They are cheering because they think being Asian is like a physical handicap or something. It's not. We are just as capable of playing the sport as anyone else.

    Lin shouldn't be treated that way at home. He can do a lot more than just getting a few sympathy minutes here and there.

    Being Asian is not a disability that people should feel sorry for. He's not a wheelchair guy or anything.

  14. let's put aside the things that we can't control (his race, the cheering), or can't compare (ellis, curry) for now. what we all know and can clearly see is that Lin has the size 6'4", 210lbs and can play the point and sg while hang with the best of them in the NBA. That alone tells me he is better than the likes of Charlie Bell, JJ Barea, Farmar, and maybe half of all bench players in the NBA right now. With just that I feel he should at least be the 2nd guard off the bench on any team playing no less than 5 mins each game. Then factor in his talents (court vision, smarts, speed, hops, defense, setting up the offense, etc) and not to mention his intangibles (hustle, steals, tempo changing, potentials, etc.). Honestly, these are my reasons to believe that he should play or even START in the NBA for some team.

    But for those who say Lin can't be better than such and such player and then go on and say, "he played in the IVY league", or "he hasn't proven anything", or "he is just being hyped", or like the above mentioned "Ellis is 4th on the MVP", or whatever the lame reasons without actually evaluation LIN's own talents vs other players then it's not a fair comparison just like Lin has been facing all his life.

  15. Nice. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  16. It does not matter Monta Ellis is ranked 4th or 5th on MVP list. Just like it doesn't matter Brock Lesnar was ranked 1st in rankings UFC heavyweight 2 weeks ago and now he is ranked 5th because he lost to underdog Cain Velasquez. All those rankings are subject to change any day and any time. It is superficial rankings done by who bunch of retards. What I am saying is Jeremy Lin was given enough minutes to play, he will outshine Monta E. Coach Keith Dumb is 4-1 not because he is good coach, but the team spent enormous enough of money on talent this summer.If he had the same squad last year, I am pretty sure he will be 1-4 right now idiot. So what then are people are going to say he is a bad coach?? I don't think he is a good or bad coach. Too early to determine this because his coaching is subdued by talent on the floor. I think coach Dumb is stupid for playing Monta E almost all 48 minutes in pre-season mostly in every game. I think coach dumb is stupid for allowing to let Stephen Curry play in Utah when he was not 100% and risk for serious season ending surgery. I think Coach Keith is dumb to say Charlie Bell and Carney are not point guards and he brings in Carney as starting point guard the very next day against Utah.

  17. Ellis was the starting pg. His backup was Bell
    Carney was the starting sg. His backup was Williams. But yeah, coach Dumb should NOT have used Bell as backup for Ellis in that game, he should have used Lin for the desperately needed defense and energy. He should have rested Ellis a bit more. That was real stupid coaching that blew a huge lead and almost cost the game.

  18. Coach Smart is out for coach Smart :)
    I just hope Lin learns this valuable lesson in the league. Any opportunity you get, you have to make the best of it.. NO MATTER WHAT. First learn to swim, then you can hunt with the sharks.

  19. I can tell a huge contingent of Lin's fan base are made of people who only started following nba basketball the moment they found out that an asian american guard made the nba.

    It reminds me of how a lot of filipinos (I don't know how many of you guys are filipinos) only started following boxing when Pacquiao became famous. I'm filipino so I notice this but I'm assuming many of you are asians of a different race so you may not have recognized the phenomenon.

  20. This is the bottom line.


    There is no wishful thinking. !! I initially thought GS was a good place for JLin and now I am realizing he might have been better off with knicks.

  21. First off "Anonymous 10:45AM" is asian and I agree completely with him. "Anonymous 11:18 AM" however is some non-asian loser with a lot of free time. If your a warriors fan thats great, but this site is primarily for Jeremy Lin is it not? I'm sure they could have achieved the W, played Monta Ellis 50 minutes, and at least given JLin some garbage time.

    Why are Blacks and Filipinos (pretty much latinos) trying to downplay Lin's abilities? No this is not a phenomenon and Lin can play. These people are conveniently ignorant to how Lin got the job in the first place which was putting on quite the clinic in the summer league, in particular his one on one game with future roy John wall. Now is he better than "your boy" John wall or Monta Ellis or whoever you want to insert there, no. But he can play, plain and simple. He has what seems like an innate ability for steals, the loose ball steal is like his thing, and his scoring game which he has yet to put on display, especially his ability to get to the basket. He usually just dishes it out, awesome passer by the way, but he can and will learn to finish or earn easy points from the line and that is a valuable asset down the stretch. Legit 6-3 barefoot not with shoes, high basketball iq, not known for rebounding but goes for everything and usually ends up with 2-3 boards. The guy is quick as hell off the ball or with it, fisher was pissed Lin was younger, taller, and faster so the old guy gave him a jealous veterans push but did you see Lin cross him out of his boots, weaving through traffic and dish it out for an open shooter? If that was derek rose there would have been ous and aahhs but the crowd was still trying to grasp the concept of a non-giant asian-american playing ball before their eyes. Out hustling Odom, even I admit it was almost surreal but I was loving it. It will come in time, but with Keith Dumb not even giving Jeremy a chance, I don't know.

  22. Jlin still has a lot to learn and is not a topdog yet. He has showcased some of his skills (speed, bball IQ, defense, driving ability, hustle, etc) but we will never know if he can compete with the superstars unless he gets real minutes so don't even compare him yet to Monta or Curry. We will know farther down the road. He will get opportunities eventually especially on road games. I think the cheering issue is affecting his game. He said it himself, "When I'm on the road, I don't feel like the spotlight is on me." I am sure he'll get more play time during the next 5 road games. Keith Smart will develop new strategies to put him in rotation. I believe he does have the talent to become great.

  23. that's the problem. people assume too much simply based on their own experience or what they hear without actually putting any real thoughts into anything. you assume that all asians here are just now fans of the NBA because they are a fan of Lin because of his race. and you assume that he is not as good as everybody thinks. well, you are dead WRONG on both accounts. if you are so much more of a fan of the nba then why don't you give us your reasons why you think Lin is not as good as everybody thinks based on his basketball skills alone?

  24. 林書豪加油!!

  25. I would say at least 50% of Jeremy fans are hard-care nba fans who are stoked that a Asian-American is playing for Warriors. And the rest, like the Filipino commentor said, are standard Asians who are only just following nba because of Jeremy.

  26. HaHa, Jeremy is the most eligible Asian Bachelor in Bay Area!

  27. well, in my family i'm a hardcore nba fan, one of my brother is also an nba fan (not hardcore nba fan but a hardcore anti-lakers fan) and my other brother is a hardcore nfl fan. i mentioned Lin to them back while watching John Wall play summer league and they probably still don't know who he is.. since they didn't realy care about an asian-american playing in the nba. i also mentioned about Lin in my fb and tweet and got only 1 response, and my friends are heavily asians. so what does this tell you? ABOSOLUTELY nothing. see where i am getting at? just like the filipino poster. his example says nothing at all except that he assumes too much.

  28. Does anyone name other American-Born-Asians who had the skills to go pro, but were not given the chance to?

  29. Oops, I meant 'Can' anyone name other American-Born-Asians ......

  30. i bet the filipino poster became an nba fan and a Lin hater once he found out there is an asian-american player in the nba.

    we don't give a flying damn about the mongoliod rex crapper. he sucks. end of story.

  31. @ Glenn

    Anonymous 10:45 said:

    "Jeremy Lin is better than John Wall."

    Do you agree with that? Apparently not 'cause you said yourself:

    "Now is he better than 'your boy' John wall or Monta Ellis or whoever you want to insert there, no."

    Seems like you're doing a great job contradicting yourself and looking mighty intelligent, good job buddy!
    I was the one who posted at 11:18, I'm a Warriors fan, and news flash, I'm Asian!
    In fact, I use to be a family friend of Jeremy, older brother's went to same Chinese school.
    I actually agree with the second part with what you said, but what "Anonymous 10:45" said was COMPLETELY overplaying Jeremy Lin's CURRENT ability. If you actually look at his comment, he was making him out to be better than freaking Lebron James at this very moment.
    I'm just being realistic, I'm not downplaying his abilities, but I'm DEFINITELY not going to say he's currently better than John Wall and Monta Ellis, it makes JLin fans look retarded like overgrown bandwagoners.
    And if you're seriously going to play the race card, where everyone who underestimates Lin must be non-Asian and everyone who overestimates Lin must be Asian--what makes you better than everyone else who played the race card on Lin?
    Great.. .I "underestimated" Lin's abilities 'cause I don't think he's currently better than John Wall. .. I MUST be some non-Asian loser.. . .

    Lin could play, he deserves playing time, DEFINITELY more than someone like Jordan Farmar. But I'm not going to call out and disrespect his coach (who is known for player development btw) as well as the best player on his team.

    Even Anonymous 10:45 said:
    "I don't think he is a good or bad coach. Too early to determine this because his coaching is subdued by talent on the floor."

    Either you're contradicting yourself or you admit that the ONLY reason you give Coach Keith disrespect because he doesn't give your favorite player enough minutes.

    I'm a HUGE Lin fan, probably the loudest of those cheering when he steps on the court. I completely agree that Jlin has what it takes to play with any of those players in the league. (Just like what Coach Calhoun said)
    But as a fan of the game of basketball, what I'm NOT going to do is be irrational. well.. . at least I don't contradict myself all the time.

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  33. Umm ... let's start using name handles, so we can argue more conveniently.

  34. Dude, I may be filipino but that comment doesn't hurt my feelings. I don't care about Pacquiao LOL.

    The point of my post was that I see the phenomenon is repeating itself with Jeremy Lin.

    It explains why I hear the stuff that some Jeremy Lin fans say, it blows my mind cuz it's so obvious that they just started watching basketball when they started hearing about him.

    It's annoying? And these same fans... should something unfortunate happen to him and he fails and gets cut, will just go back to not giving a hoot about nba basketball again.

    You know what? Here is my bottom line. I don't have a problem with Jeremy Lin. But I have a problem with a good number of his fans.

    My best of luck to him. I do hope he succeeds. I've been dying for an asian american to not only make it, but stick in the league. I just hope that over time the only fans left of his are the ones who were already watching basketball to begin with because they are the only ones I can stand.

  35. i only hear about the "stuff" Jeremy Lin fans say on web-blogs, and warriors forums, and no where else. you must be going around looking for these "stuff" and then express your annoyance on the forums. obviously the Pacquiao phenomenon upset you quite a bit. quite the grudge you have there. and i don't believe for a minute that you truly want Lin to succeed as that will disprove you and make you look like an idiot on those message boards. and another thing, i may be an ass for assuming this but you seem like the typical asian who likes to go around knocking on other asians to make yourself feel good or make yourself feel accepted within your non-asian group. that makes me sick.

  36. Although, Pacquiao is a greater phenomenon than Jeremy Lin, because he can kick ass.

  37. I don't give a hoot about other Asian-American athletes. Or Yi or even Yao. I only follow JL. Why? Because I honestly think he has what it takes to be a quality NBA starter based on his skills.

  38. I wish this Blog Service can take polls. We should poll whether the excessive cheering is helpful or detrimental to Lin.

  39. Why does everyone think John Wall will be Rookie of the Year? I can't even find any videos of him on Youtube in nba.

  40. Being the #1 draft pick makes John Wall a Rookie of the Year candidate. Wall is averaging 5.8 turnovers per game. He's starting to understand that NBA defenses won't allow him to dribble coast to coast for an open layup everytime. And he still hasn't learned how to defend the pick and roll.

    And all these critics are saying that JLin not ready for the NBA.

  41. "We should poll whether the excessive cheering is helpful or detrimental to Lin."

    It's detrimental to the entire team. People can cheer as loud as they want, but it needs to be coordinated and follow a good play on the floor.

    Cheering at random is just as distracting and harmful as booing the home team.

  42. It's a non-issue really. The cheers and standing ovations so far are in support for the struggles he had overcome and his accomplishments thus far. The fans are showing their appreciation to Lin and I believe he is welcoming it all with open hands. So it shouldn't be a problem.

    And because they want to see him continue to succeed they are hoping he gets the ball so they cheer some more.

    I'm one of these fans. I cheer like an moron, as loud and proud as I can. But am I and thousands of other hopeful fans idiots like some of you say? I hope not.

    I believe that the more Lin plays the less people will cheer at "inappropriate" moments. This will follow suit in each city he visits too. No one will keep giving him standing ovations throughout the season. Not even this idiot.

  43. Oops, when I was describing the kid who winked at the camera, it wasn't Kory Matsuno. Now I feel kinda bad for mistakenly bad-mouthing him. I actually don't know what he's really like. But he has sick game, dribbling the ball behind his back, between his legs, he has natural basketball talent.

  44. Jeremy is actually extremely confident that his game is good enough to hang with the best of 'em in nba. He says that he sees some of the best players in the nba on tv and he knows he can take them. So despite how he's been characterized at very humble and everything, he's actually very adamant that he's a quality nba player. I was surprised hearing theses words come out of his mouth, but I'm guessing he knows what he's talking about.

  45. Jeremy also said that he knew he could take John Wall at summer league.

  46. I agree, I think John Wall's rookie year is completely overrated. For this year, I think he'll get lots of points and assists, but his turnovers will be off the charts and his field goal percentage will be in the dumps.

  47. Loud cheering is ONLY good after a made basket or a defensive play. The crowd SHOULD NOT be cheering while Jeremy is trying to set up the offense.
    The Warriors players need to communicate with each other, and hear the coach on the sidelines.

    If a double team is coming, they need to warn each other. Otherwise they won't know until the defense traps them.

    There's a lot of communication and audible cues going on during the play. If they can't hear each other talk, it will lead to a bad play or a turnover.

  48. You act like the cheering will never stop. And that right at the time they cheer communication will be lost. Ridiculous.

  49. Filipinos are trying to downplay Jeremy Lin's abilities? they are pretty much Latinos? What kind of comment is saying Filipinos are pretty much Latinos relevant to the discussion? what's next, another person saying NO!! they are Pacific Islanders!!!?? If we want to talk about Filipinos, we might as well talk about all the people who claim Jeremy is "Taiwanese" and not Chinese hahaha.

    I don't know about you guys, but I've seen plenty of Filipinos who cheer for Jeremy Lin at the Oracle Arena. Just watch Youtube and you'll see plenty.

    I think Jeremy Lin could be a Steve Blake type of player (especially if he improves his shot), almost had the chance to play with him and Fisher if he had signed with the Lakers.

    If Lin wanted the Warriors fans to stop cheering for him, he shouldn't have signed with them. We all know being a local kid signing with his favorite NBA team and having a owner who knows about him and then has "Asian" Heritage Night only fuels that type of support and media attention, or detrimental as some of you view it as.

    Fans come and pay to see who they want. They can BOO or CHEER if they want. They can chant "WE WANT TACOS!!!" if we want.It is what it is and if Jeremy Lin can't deal with it he shouldn't have signed the Warriors. Simple as that.

    I like how the fanboys come in and start making statements like "JEremy Lin is better than JOhn Wall" hahaha!!! Fans like those just give more anti-Lin fans more reason to knock Lin.

  50. "I like how the fanboys come in and start making statements like "JEremy Lin is better than JOhn Wall" hahaha!!! Fans like those just give more anti-Lin fans more reason to knock Lin."

    ... so do the fanboys that come in to the arena and cheer jeremy when he's just dribbling the ball!

    there's nothing wrong with cheering jlin WHEN ITS APPROPRIATE. It's not appropriate when he's dribbling or catching the basketball. some fans, teammates, coaches will start to resent it and possibly resent him.

    also, everybody who's all caught up in the race aspect of this and breaking barriers ought to remember that WEREN'T NOBODY cheering for Jackie Robinson when he broke down those walls. so, black fans with a sense of history, will definitely not give jeremy much love when people are cheering him for dribbling a basketball. fans with any sort of bball IQ want to see Jeremy prove it by his actions. like he did against the Lakers. Now, THAT was something to cheer about.

    back to the facts... smart ain't gonna play jeremy unless they're down big. that way jeremy will look good and gain confidence if he performs well and, if he performs poorly, it won't matter in the loss column.

    back to race... let's remember that someone of a different of color has already given jeremy his start in this league (donnie nelson, joe lacob) and someone of a different color (keith smart) has already put him on the court to start showing what he can do (even if that's not enough for us jlfans). so let's trust one another and trust the people that are giving jeremy the chance and taking time to bring him along.


    As a Jeremy Lin fan and one of those Asian-Americans who started following the NBA, I'd have to agree that excessive cheering is dumb. What Blackie Chan said about the Obama Effect is spot-on. I also have to agree with what the Filipino poster said about the Pacquiao Effect as well, since I myself am subject to it. Though, since the GSW is my local team as well as an underdog in my eyes, I would continue following them no matter if JLin is cut. I guess my overall point is that there is a time when over-love hurts a player.

  52. "You act like the cheering will never stop. And that right at the time they cheer communication will be lost. Ridiculous."

    Do you even pay attention to basketball games ? The cheering never stops when Lin is on the court. Not only is it loud, it is constantly loud.
    He's on the floor trying to yell out plays to his teammates and they can't hear him. This miscommunication can lead to turnovers.

    In football, the home crowd screams loudly whenever the opposing team is in a huddle to prevent them from hearing each other.

    Fans at Oracle are doing the same thing ... against their own team.

  53. Everyone can spot a hater troll in a fan's clothing..

    "As a Jeremy Lin fan and one of those Asian-Americans who started following the NBA, I'd have to agree that excessive cheering is dumb. What Blackie Chan said about the Obama Effect is spot-on. I also have to agree with what the Filipino poster said about the....."

    If i had a penny for every "As a so-and-so fan.. insert bashing here" posts, i'd be a millionaire.

    Funny how haters go to the extent of fan's blogsites to post crap.

    Complaining about fans cheering? Seriously! Give it a rest.

  54. Hey all! I'm a HUGE fan of Jeremy Lin and I have been following him throughout his years at Harvard and not to mention, I went to the same high school in Palo Alto, our families have known each other for years, and I think he is a terrific kid AND I wish him best of luck and that he succeeds BUT he isn't NBA material yet. Give him some time in the D-League. GOOO Jeremy Lin!

  55. If i had a penny for every "As a so-and-so fan.. insert bashing here" posts, i'd be a millionaire.

    You zealot, I only started watching the NBA this year because of Jeremy Lin. How the hell am I a hater.

    Complaining about fans cheering? Seriously! Give it a rest.

    JLin himself has made comments alluding to the fact that fans cheer too loudly. Don't you think that excessive cheering when he gets the ball puts unnecessary pressure on a player, possibly to his detriment? For heaven's sake how the hell is it hating on to tell fans to tone it down until a successful play is made?