Sunday, November 28, 2010

Game #15, #16, & #17 Post Game Reviews

Game #15 @ Houston 11/24/10

GSW 101
Houston 111

13 Minutes
8 pts.
4-5 fg-fga
2 reb
1 assist
1 TO
-2 plus/minus

One word for Jeremy from this game: Progress. It was amazing to see Jeremy going ISO at the top of the key against Kevin Martin with Monta on the wing. With Martin playing off JLin, Jeremy dropped in a top of the key jumper. JLin also got to the basket again for 3 layups. JLin actually played most of his minutes with Monta. Defensively, although he didn't have a steal, he took a charge and his tight defensive caused starting point guard Kyle Lowry to push off, causing another offensive foul. Too bad this wasn't on ESPN2 instead of the Memphis game.

Game # 16 @ Memphis 11/26/10

GSW 111
Memphis 116

11 minutes
0 points
0-4 fg-fga
1 reb
2 steals
1 block
0 TO
-3 plus/minus

During the game, it looked like JLin was a step slow. Not playing in the first half didn't help. Maybe it was Thanksgiving dinner at Monta's. However, after rewatching the game, it wasn't as bad as I originally thought. First, two of his shots which were blocked, could have been called fouls. The first one was a blatant foul on the arm and head by Marc Gasol that even Hubie Brown complained about. The second one was after JLin blew by 1st round draft pick Greivis Vasquez, Rudy Gay looked to have blocked his shot. However, watching in slow mo, it actually looks like Gay hit Jeremy in the head. Also, in an earlier sequence, it looked as if Jeremy was slow to grab a loose ball that Vasquez got to. Once again, watching in slow mo, you see Zach Randolph actually tapped it to Vasquez. Jeremy also had a nice block on Tony Allen and had a steal off of the 28th pick, Vasquez.

Game # 17 @ Minnesota 11/27/10

GSW 104
Minnesota 94

"DNP CD" for JLin

David Lee returns after the Warriors were 1-7 without him. Obviously, he was sorely missed.


  1. Good Analysis, there's definite progress. It's awesome to follow.

  2. Si Joe Lee aka O.G Joe LeeNovember 29, 2010 at 10:16 AM

    ok USA. follow jlin7 on

  3. Thanks Si Joe Lee. I'm sure most people that visit this site weren't aware of his twitter. Good looking out. Way to stay ahead of the game.

  4. Can't wait to go to Thursday's game against the Suns. I'll be posting my video footage from the game as always.

    I was thrilled to see that my video from the Clippers preseason debut was listed on his official youtube site TheJLin7!


  5. Si Joe Lee aka O.G Joe LeeNovember 29, 2010 at 12:32 PM

    si amigo Anonymous 11:36am, no problem, just wanted to let all the slow people know! rite on illegal amigo in a regal!

  6. I forgot sarcasm is difficult to detect online.

  7. Read an interesting article about Steph Curry's struggles this year, especially on defense. I hope it's just his ankle injury, and not a career long limitation. On the other hand, this could be an opportunity to play Lin as a defensive stopper.

  8. Awww man.... my tickets for Thursday's game were stolen... I guess I can't go anymore, sorry guys.

  9. @"DSB" November 29, 2010 5:32 PM

    wow, impersonating another commenter, posting fake comments... you must have finished all your geometry homework already!

  10. yeah seriously guys lets all be a little more mature and not pretend to be others....