Monday, November 15, 2010

Game # 11 vs. Detroit - JLin With 7 Minutes

The Warriors (7-4) hold on for a 101-97 victory over the Pistons after leading by over 32 points in the first half.

I thought these were the most meaningful minutes of the year for Jeremy. With the game still in doubt, and both Monta and Steph on the bench in foul trouble, Jeremy came in to run the team. He made a great play with the 24 second clock winding down, crossing over Tayshaun and then finishing over Big Ben. Even though he had an air ball on a three and missed an open jumper from the top of the key, at least he took those shots without hesitation. He is looking more and more comfortable out there. He had two rebounds but was credited with just one and had a bunch of nice drive and kicks that weren't converted. JLin also had a nice block on Rodney Stuckey.

Official stats:

7 minutes
2 points
1-3 fg-fga
1 rebound
1 steal
1 block
1 TO


  1. nice, wasn't able to catch the game tonight, so thanks for the update. note to all the crybabies: see? smart doesn't hate lin at all! and as others have said, be patient. lin will get playing time as he gets worked into the system. the warriors know they have a decent shot at making the playoffs.

    enough with the ridiculous "smart hates lin bs".

    - from a taiwanese american. no really, i am. LoL at the doubters from the other thread.

  2. he's really got to work on his shot.

  3. hey taiwanese-american fangirl,
    he does hate lin. i know for a fact. i have the scoop. let's call it one degree of jeremy. and, he's gonna play him because lacob wants to see jeremy play and he wants to keep his job. simple as that. so save your posts and stop hating and hating on the haters, ya taiwanese-american hater.
    and no more stfu's. let's stay classy, jlin blog!

  4. well said asiancaucasian. no need for all the hostility. let jlin do the talking. nice game tonight! nuff said.

  5. ntt. get a life loser

  6. you homers can continue crying for increased playing time for jlin, but it won't happen consistently in the forseeable future.

    why you continue to cry about it boggles me. enjoy the crow though!

  7. also let the record show: notice not a single one of you can quote where i said anything negative about jlin.

  8. asiancaucasian, that made no sense whatsover. btw, for the record, i'm a fan of jlin. but i'm not a blind fangirl like many of you here... crying over lack of playtime for a young team still trying to find itself while having a decent shot at the playoffs.

    outrageous and irrational statements such as "smart hates lin" based on zero facts... all deserve to be called out. ridiculous ^^

  9. maybe if we make our points without name-calling there wouldn't be so much here. let's just root for lin to make the most out of whatever minutes he gets because that is how he will get more.

    does anyone have a clip of the layup he made? i missed it.

  10. ... wouldn't be so much hostility here.

  11. this ntt guy comes on here and tells us that he is taiwanese-american when nobody asked. tells us that he is Lin's fan then goes on to rag on Lin. then starts to belittle people on this blog site over and over. he think's he is being cute. in reality he would get his face smashed in. i bet he already did, so now he's here. kinda feel sorry for him though. get a life, get a job, move out of your mom's trailer trash.

    oh yeah, here are the highlights.

  12. ntt, no taiwanese-americans are as stupid as you

  13. "tells us that he is Lin's fan then goes on to rag on Lin"

    never once have i ragged on Lin. you made the claim, so prove it. here, enjoy your advance serving of crow when you fail to provide a single phrase where i said anything negative about Lin. inc dodge!

    "this ntt guy comes on here and tells us that he is taiwanese-american "

    stating the fact that i'm taiwanese illustrates the simple fact that his biggest fans are capable of making rational statements, contrary to the "smart hates lin" idiots who provide zero evidence to back up that ridiculous lie.

  14. no one is buying your failed attempts at trying to blend in while taking jabs at Lin and his fans. it's an old trick. people aren't idiots to fall for that these days. they are just feeling sorry for you. or just ignoring you.. as i should.

    why should i waste my time reading your old posts? whether you did or did not directly say anything negative about lin, doesn't mean it's not there. again, people aren't idiots. they can read between the lines and sense your condescending tone.

    people have the right to voice their opinions and give their reasons without facts, because Sherlocks, it's an OPINION. and for you to try and get some kind of evidence out an opinion, is just idiotic. go ahead. prove that those people who thinks smart hates lin are dead wrong. but just get ready when people return the favor and call you an idiot.

  15. and another thing, don't bother asking me to prove what i just wrote because i'm not spending another second on a dumber than average troll like you.

  16. Thanks guys for posting the youtube links...much appreciated when needing a break from the grind.

  17. Everybody please remember this quote "Sports don't build character, they reveal it." The same goes for sports talk.

    Jeremy can make a team contribution on defense by guarding "strength" guards like Rodney Stuckey.

    I also like JLin as an "energy guy" I actually thought he might get in earlier in the 3rd quarter when the whole team seemed to be lagging. He would have pushed the tempo a bit.

    As for shooting, anyone who has ever played bball with me would fall down laughing if I made any suggestions so I'll just assume he's working on it.

  18. Sooo when did he come in? I'm not going to watch the whole game.

  19. For future reference the guy who makes the threads need to post the minute mark Lin comes in at and when he comes out. So I can watch and see.

    Some of you Lin fans crack me up still by the way. lolol. So much bias.

  20. Watching the game now and he's impressing me a little. I still have to see how he can do when he is pressured a little.

    I'm the poster who made the comment about his inability to handle the ball under raised defensive pressure in the previous thread.

    I see the little 'swag' in his demeanor now. That's good. He needs it.

  21. Watchin the 4th. I'm impressed. Stuckey started hassling him and he kept his dribble alive. That is the ticket. This is what I like to see.

  22. why hate on JLIN, hes representing the Asian community, bay area and Jesus who he gives glory to like Kurt warner every chance they get. God has shown that he has chosen Lin for his purpose and for this he will make way.

  23. "O.G Joe Lee"

    i don't think anyone here hates Lin... but we do have a few morons who think JLin is behing held back by his coach LOL.

  24. good stuff. JLinfan#1, why are you deleting my posts? i had quite the post addressing the anonymous callout at 5:23 am. :)

  25. "no one is buying your failed attempts at trying to blend in while taking jabs at Lin and his fans. it's an old trick. people aren't idiots to fall for that these days. they are just feeling sorry for you. or just ignoring you.. as i should.

    notice how you made an accusation that i somehow bashed Lin, when in reality the only thing i did was bash fangirls like you who lied and made a baseless claim that "smart hates lin". post after post, you have dodged and refused to give a single quote of mine where i bashed him. dodge more, chicken.

    instead... you give the following excuse... (LOL):

    "why should i waste my time reading your old posts? whether you did or did not directly say anything negative about lin, doesn't mean it's not there"

    how convenient. you made the claim that i bashed Lin, then won't take a few seconds to go back and actually find the supposed quote.

  26. again, people aren't idiots. they can read between the lines and sense your condescending tone."

    yeah, except the condescending tone is only directed to idiots like you, not JLin. there are plenty of posters on this site whom i have not taken issue with.

    "people have the right to voice their opinions and give their reasons without facts, because Sherlocks, it's an OPINION. and for you to try and get some kind of evidence out an opinion"

    good, glad we finally have that established. those bashing smart and saying "smart hates Lin" have zero facts on their side, except for unfounded, crazy fangirlism OPINIONS. that's my entire point. you have no facts on your side, only idiotic ramblings and no understanding of the NBA.

    keeping dodging... you won't find a single quote of mine the past week where i disparaged Lin in any shape or form. enjoy your crow x10.

  27. JLinfan#1,i take back that post...must've been an auto delete based on certain wording ;)

  28. i agree with ntt. he hasn't said anything wrong about jlin. go jlin!!!

  29. Ntt you are like my brother from another mother man. You're like word for word how I feel. I have no issue with Lin but I take exception with the fans who think he is the second coming. LOL.

    I want Lin to do well but I am a basketball fan first and a Lin fan second.

    The fan who keeps arguing with you seems like he is a basketball fan BECAUSE he is a Lin fan.

  30. Does anybody have a video link to Lin's play in this game?

  31. one of my bashers posted the link to the game earlier ;)

    Lin is breaking Tayshun Prince's ankles at the 3:15 mark!

    @Anonymous 11:18 am: yeah, i agree :)

  32. chicken adobe doe bloodNovember 16, 2010 at 12:18 PM

    looks like he did break the princess ankle!LOL

  33. dear ttn,

    my info is solid. not conjecture. you can whine about it all you want, but you are not "in the know" as I am. in fact, i was the first to defend smart re: lin playing time (check my posts_... recent inside news has changed the facts. smart hates lin. later, hater.

  34. @ asiancaucasian: if you say so. why don't you post something factual with sources. or should we continue to believe your "take my word for it" lameness?

    looks, i can make wild accusations too!

    my sources indicate the entire team wants Lin gone. i can't name my "sources", but i'm "in the know" too. because i said so. it's all a big conspiracy!

  35. people who want to look up when Lin comes in the game, you can look up the "Play by Play" box score on ESPN. it tells you when players check in.

  36. Wow. I've been away from this site for just a couple of days and now it's been infested with haters, trolls and parasites :)

  37. can anyone post vid clips of his minutes?

  38. quick! someone with a pair of tweezers please yank the parasitic troll out of this webblog's ass!

  39. ntt
    i dont believe your sources, b/c jlin is not a cocky player that people love to hate, but he is humble, works hard and tries to get along with everyone. i also dont believe that smart hates him, but hes giving him pt when the time is right, and is not trying to set him up for failure. so lets not spread false rumors.

  40. ntt,

    i believe you. your word is good enough for me, but i know you're clowning and i'm not. would you know my source? no. so why should i name him. if i named him, would you believe me?
    smart is not a fan of jlin and vice versa. it's what i know. and, i agree with you that the warriors are not a good team. they will finish 35-46.

  41. @ O.G Joe Lee, it was a joke to show how absurd asiancaucasian is... nobody on the team wants JLin gone.

    @ asiancaucasian, go ahead and name your source, his relation to the warriors or Jlin, and how he came upon such information. surely, you have nothing to hide. thus far, smart and other nba players have only praised JLin in the press. if you have something contrary to offer, then do so. back up your claim.

    also, why should the coach be a fan of anyone? his job is to coach and win. you claimed JLin is not a fan of his own coach? Ok, what made you state that? provide something instead the whole "take my word for it" bs.

  42. Also, i disagree with your warriors statement. they are a decent team with numerous offensive weapons. they should be in playoff contention throughout the season if their shooting keeps up. they lack size, aren't good on D, but their passing and penetration will keep them in enough games.

  43. you want the facts? the fact is you are so stupid it's not funny. just because you heard something in the press, it DOES NOT MEAN IT'S TRUE. and why would anyone provide his source to you? even if he did, WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT? lmfao at this guy's face! so hilarious! seriously though, i'm going to try not to waste any more time reading his bs.

  44. if the highlights were posted on the front page, i wouldn't have to wade through a page of flame wars to get to them.

    please do jeremy a service and link to the lights, webmaster!

  45. @ Anonymous 6:21. but... something in the press is at least material, which can be supported, verified, disproved, etc. making a wild claim such as "smart hates lin" without a single supporting point means nothing. hiding behind "i can't reveal my source" is "hilarious".

    nice of you to completely miss those fundamental points though. "LoL"

  46. lol. does those fundamental points apply to everybody except you? didn't you try to make a point that smart doesn't hate lin yet all you gave us for proof is your quote, "smart and other nba players have only praised JLin in the press". so, have you verified this? if so, where are your sources? why are other people's opinions deemed "idiotic ramblings" while your's isn't?

  47. @ anonymous 7:54 pm:

    i thought it was well known that lin has been given his due props. i suggest you open your eyes and read the links that are posted to right of your screen.

    "We got a chance to get some good information on Jeremy Lin. He came in and did a good job, gave us a good tempo," Warriors coach Keith Smart says."

    "He plays with good energy on the floor. He's aggressive. He plays hard. He's not afraid of the competition," Fisher says. "Those are good things to have when you're a young player regardless of where you're from. You have to be willing to go out there and compete against the best.""

    now, tell me how that plate of crow tastes, little anon. assuming you have the guts to post again.

  48. Stupid, stupid comments here. A player who's "hated" does not sit next to a coach during EVERY game. Does Smart intentionally keep JLin at close quarters feigning interest and conversation with JLin and his assistants? You mean he's found time to coach and win games while pulling of a hoax in front of a televised audience? It's unreasonable, and hence an "idiotic rambling."

  49. Enough of this crap. All coaches have one thing they do to players they don't like. Being in the doghouse means only one place--at the end of the bench. You see that at every level.

  50. ntt,

    i didn't know taiwan was exporting douche bags to america...

    my source is jim barnett. does that help you? do you want to know how i know him? do you want video? the assistants like him. smart does not. it's that simple. hopefully, you and your ilk, mr ttn, will migrate to some other blog. Are you sure you aren't just some paid agitator from the people's republic?


  51. good boy, asiancauc. that wasn't so hard, was it? so much for days of hiding your secret source!

    now, go do something about it. tell your best buddy barnett to do an interview with smart and ask the tough questions, such as why? it should only take a minute. it would obviously boost JLin's career if this revelation was out in the open for everyone to see. JLin could move on to another team with a coach that likes him. or it would get smart to answer why he plays Lin at all if he hates him so much. so get to it, get your source to ask the tough questions.

  52. you're relentless, ntt.
    this is officially your blog.
    after you're done mopping up every night, just turn out the lights and close the refrigerator.

  53. you make baseless claims for days, hide your sources until i continually call you out, refuse to give any details or elaborate why smart "hates" JLin, and expect everyone to believe you with a "just take my word for it" approach. good stuff.

    watch out everyone, he has the scoop!

    so asiancauc with the inside scoop, what are you going to do about this info? sit on it so smart can ruin Lin's career?

  54. did i say jim barnett? er, ah, i meant bob fitzgerald? i mean, i mean, i meant jlin himself!
    that's right, jlin himself... told me so at Wingstop over a Terriyaki, Atomic combo.

    Turn out the lights, ntt! Give it a rest.

  55. okay okay okay let's NTT and asiancaucasian until the facts surface i'll say this... i like jeremy lin...and i hope smart doesn't hate him...but if what you say about barnett is true oh man...

  56. All this calling people out based on their nationality(Taiwanese) crap has got to go. You want to call someone out, go ahead, but keep their nationality/ethnicity/race out of it.

    The claim of having Jim Barnett as a source is a load of crap.

    If you have something against Coach Smart, so be it; but don't make outrageous claims based on irrelevant situations. The Warriors want Coach Smart to win, he's doing that. Whether or not he's doing it the way JLin fans want him to is irrelevant, unless there was an obviously better basketball strategy WITHOUT overestimating JLin's abilities.

    I can't believe Coach Smart, a rookie coach, gets so much hate from all these Jlin fans, and it's only been 11 games!!
    And people think he's a crappy coach because he won't give enough playing time to a player who's currently shooting 11%

    JLin is an amazing basketball player, we've all seen what he can do. It will take time to develop his game into the NBA. Unfortunately, he's currently not a rookie superstar like Blake Griffin or John Wall. But can he be? I definitely think his potential may allow him to. But as we're waiting for the time it takes for him to develop, it's unnecessary to get impatient and start calling out his coach like a immature hot-head.

    Keep supporting JLin!
    But don't start hating and disrespecting anyone else, only bandwagoners do that.

  57. for the record, and you can check all my posts.
    i supported smart early, and i still support him. he's using his players in the best way he can i believe. i've said jlin should play limited minutes with a defensively minded second team. he should not have the pressure of coming in and having to pour in points or run multiple successive pick and rolls. smart needs to take the pressure off him here i believe. hes not ready to produce like monta or curry. lin is effective most when he rebounds or steals and gets his group in transition. the fact that i have been informed that smart doesn't like lin and vice versa can be called out all you want. i'm not hating on smart by stating that. im telling you what ive heard from someone who knows. the source is not important. ive not even made the claim that their disconnect has affected jlins playing time. ive just passed along the info that i have. do with it what you'd like. it's not hate. it's info. and, btw, it's very solid info. (i know you'll love that, ntt).

  58. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  59. ah, here is the chicken little anonymous again, who has yet to provide a single quote or phrase where I ever disparaged JLin. don't waste your time, loser. never once have I said anything negative about Lin. another day, another attempt where you've failed to provide a single quote ^^

    again, how did the crow taste? i provided proof that multiple NBA sources have praised Lin for his play. chew and eat it, kid.

    sounds like you're the only lying parasite here. taiwanese american, proud of it, and exposing frauds like you who don't know jack about basketball.

    @ asiancauc, you still have not elaborated why smart hates lin, and why lin hates smart. why don't you provide some context of the situation, since you are in the loop, supposedly. people here might take you more seriously instead of calling out your "idiotic ramblings", as other posters recently stated.

  60. go over your posts one more time and you will find it. btw, weren't you the first one to mention "idiotic ramblings"? damn, you really need to go back and reread everything again. pathetic. i feel like a teacher trying to help the retard repack his lunch box. but the retard goes berserk and throws the bananas. then he forgets why he did it. i'm trapped in a circular argument with a retard.

    but whatever. YOU WIN. we believe you. i know that even you aren't that stupid to believe whatever you read in the press, so i trust that you've verified and confirmed what smart said in the press actually means that he likes lin. thank you for the facts!

    happy now? why don't we be friends? let's do lunch. i'm at your mom's place right now and we've cooked up your favorite dish full of crows just waiting to be trapped like spinach between your teeth. oh yeah, we've also added a special sauce we think you will love! how do i know that? the PROOF is in the sauce. enjoy!

  61. oh look, it's chicken anonymous again.

    it was your claim that i somehow disparaged JLin. of course, your absurd claim is now a proven lie, since you have failed to provide a single quote yet again. i mentioned "idiot ramblings" first indeed, and other posters have used my same quote in describing the "smart hates lin" claim. guess what i said was true then, eh? you're a mental midget, unable to comprehend the most basic facts and you continually fail to support any claims you make.

    again, you failed at comprehension. quoting smart in the press doesn't mean i believe everything he says. it's supporting the claim i made that multiple NBA sources have praised JLin. it's a lesson for YOU on how to support your claims. taking notes, kid? of course, you flunked and are believing baseless claims on an internet message board, where the messenger has refused to provide any details except for throwing random warriors affiliated names. LoL!

    cute reference to my mom's place... i didn't bother reading all of it...but caught you mentioning something about crow, which you're very experienced in digesting.

    now, continue at failing to provide a single quote :)

  62. hahaha lol ntt. you are so embarrassed. you got your face put to the deck! and all you can do is repeat yourself, it shows you got nothing.

    this is too easy. i almost feel sorry for you. here is a suggestion.. get your ass back to trolling school first if you want to play with the big boys again.

    i am officially done with this kid.

  63. "it was your claim that i somehow disparaged JLin... blah blah phoey"

    yo ntt, why you got the sniffles? want me to give you a big hug?

  64. That drive to the basket by Jeremy was SICKK!!!

  65. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  66. I think the "chicken anonymous" is like Leon Lett of blogs, in that he thinks he's scored a touchdown in a Super Bowl, when in fact he didn't...

    Now the topic at hand: Smart is no different than any other coach, current or before him. If you are a Warriors fan for life, you need not look further that what Nellie did to Terry Teagle. Does Smart hate Jeremy? I look at the court during a game and see them sitting next to each other. That would be some kind of "different" hate. News Flash--Jeremy would be sitting away from Smart if there was hate. Some things in life never change.

    If there's any "hate" Smart has, is that he hates losing. He wants a backup point guard to step in place of Curry and not see much drop off. Let's face it--Jeremy is not quite there on an-NBA offensive level. So I agree that Smart is maybe disappointed and frustrated in having to carry someone that is simply not producing on the offensive end.

    "Hate" is not the proper word here to describe there relationship. The season (and Jeremy's career) has just started. THe team is doing better than expected. So please--get a grip on your emotions, and try not to manufacture any more drama.

    Instead, let the season take its course. The only thing Jeremy has to do right now is step up his offensive game. When he does, you will see nothing but smiling faces everywhere.

  67. A famous coach in another sport once said to a promising young rookie: "Your 'potential' is going to get me fired!" Play your game, JLin!!!

  68. yes, and that's why he hates him. asiancuacasian said he got it on good authority. so, why dispute it? would you prefer "strongly dislikes him". wouldn't you if you had to play an nba walk-on who can't produce and gets more cheers than the team's best player? since when has an nba walk-on like jeremy had to be figured into a rotation. and why does he have to be figured in? lacob. lacob signed jlin.jlin is lacob's boy. So, "Your 'potential' is going to get me fired!" Play your game, JLin!!! is dead on. Last night, Lacob said he's gonna have the last word on everything, plain and simple.

  69. Agreed with Nov17.2010.7.17AM .
    Beyond,Jeremy's shootings(layup,jumper..) will be alive and vigorous;since he started NBA training camp,daily weight_lifting,shooting technique revamped,there is a period of recalibration/tuneup for real game situations.Better days are around the corner.
    Thanksful for blessings showering on us.

  70. brah brah from the 5th flow AKA Rodney KingNovember 17, 2010 at 10:34 AM

    enough with the fighting, can't we all just get along????

  71. Blog admin: it's time to ban posters who are launching personal attacks against each other. A good portion of comments are now just personal attacks. This is detrimental to the quality of the best JL fansite on the web.

  72. Take a look at other rookies in the NBA and see how they are doing. Like others, you just have to be patient-sitting on bench, learning from the veterans, keeping the head up. The Warriors are winning, Smart is doing fine. Jeremy doesn't represent anybody. The reason people are cheering for him is because they are sick of the racism in the media. Just let him play.

  73. "ntt said...
    This post has been removed by a blog administrator. "

    in the words of Nelson Muntz, "HA-HA!!!"

  74. No issues with it being removed... it was only trashtalk :)

    all my other posts remain since they were good points ^^

  75. It's just the two users who keep persisting that Smart hates Lin.


    Let's just get back into talking about Jlin. And ignore them.

  76. ntt, is not even asian. "First off let me say I'm taiwanese-american and..." an obvious tell for some loser non-asian with a lot of free time. Kinda like those weeaboos with "I'm Asian and I liked the last airbender casting..."

    Ignore him fellow Asian dudes and Jeremy Lin, no one, and I mean no one is on our side but us and us alone.

    Keith Smart wants to keep it black and looks out for black people first and foremost like any white person with whites. Just look at Obama who did not include Asians in his American speech and idiotically generalized all Asians as being "short".

    I have no idea how one Jeremy Lin can fight the everlasting marginalization of Asian males in this world but he is a hero to us all just for being on the bench and making it possible. Every minute is a blessing and keep your head up JLin.