Friday, October 29, 2010

Will JLin Play in Game #2 vs. LAC?

The Warriors looked very good offensively in the season opener against the Rockets. However, you can clearly see there are minutes to be had at the backup guard position. Charlie Bell played a few minutes and was ineffective. Reggie Williams looks like he will be the offensive firepower off the bench. However, he looks a step behind when he is defending guards.

Even though it's Asian Heritage Night, I'm not sure if JLin will be active. With the athleticism of Blake Griffin, I would think they want to have Jeff Adrian around to get some minutes. So, for JLin to be active, they'll probably have to sit a vet. We will see.

Check out Rusty Simmons Tweets at the bottom right, to see if Jeremy will be active tonight.

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    Lin is in uniform (instead of Adrien it seems). On one hand, I'm obviously psyched and it makes sense considering Curry has a sore ankle (he says its fine, but you have to be prepared). On the other hand, it also feels like crappy patronizing on Asian Heritage Night.

    Mixed feelings. I just hope he gets at least 5 minutes to show what he can do. Then he can give them a reason to be in there regularly.