Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Will JLin Get Quality Minutes Tonight?

With back to back games, Curry and Ellis playing heavy minutes, will Jeremy get more quality minutes tonight against Steve Nash, Goran Dragic, and the Suns?


  1. Kevin Smarts i hate you!

  2. I don't think Lin's getting any non-garbage PT tonight. It's on the road. Two back-to-back games against the Lakers on Thursday/Friday. And Curry has issues to work out.

  3. Bleh wish Jeremy got a chance to play at PAC 10 school to showcase his talents. Smart will never give Jeremy any real time because he might turn the ball over five times if he got over 20mins. It's wrong but there's double standards here. Steph curry can turn the ball over eight times in consecutive nights and Miles can protect the ball and do nothing else. But no Jeremy can't even one measly preseason game of at least 30mins to see what he can do. Warriors going to suck anyway hope Smart gets canned soon.

  4. Smart is definitely not being Smart. It's the preseason games, and I understand it's very important to use this time of the year to develop chemistry, and to see how the combinations work. In addition, with him being a rookie coach he probably wants to have a good preseason record to show his worth. But to leave out a potential player like Jeremy on the pine, and play Curry who's already had a long summer and Ellis up to 30~40 min per is plainly unnecessary and stupid. Unless he doesn't believe the team will go into the playoff and down the stretch, of course...
    On the good side though, as a team, it's always great to see positive intra-competition as we're vividly witnessing in Aaron and Jeremy. Plus, Lin has already established himself as the hardest working player, so with that, even with all the anger we're having with Smart, I believe the hope and future is still bright for Lin.


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