Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Next?

Here is what I think is going on...It sure looks like the Warriors don't believe JLin is ready at this moment to compete for the backup pg position. They want to see if Aaron Miles can be that backup. If not, they will go after a veteran free agent like a Chucky Atkins or another vet who gets waived. The problem is there is only one open spot left on the 15 man roster. So, if they do go after a vet pg, they will have to waive Miles and Jeff Adrian (who looks like a player). I believe JLin is safe, mainly because he has a guaranteed/or partially guaranteed contract and the owner, Lacob, wanted him.

Lets remember that Jeremy had no college offers, DI or DII or DIII coming out of high school. He wasn't drafted, and the only reason he got a chance to go head to head with John Wall was because Roddie Beaubois was injured. If not, he would probably be with the Mavericks, headed for their D-League team. So, I'm thankful that he is in this position.

However, we all want him to have a fair chance to prove himself right away. First, everyone must realize the pg position is the toughest position to play and he hasn't played pg in years. The Warriors want to get his feet wet slowly. This is understandable but at some point he will be thrown into the fire. Let's hope it is soon.

Next Game:

Saturday @ Portland 7pm - No TV or Radio


  1. Why do the Warriors want Lin to play PG anyways? Maybe Lin should get his feet wet as SG, then gradually increase his ball handling responsibilities.

    To go further back, why did the Harvard coach have Lin play SG in college?

  2. Hey, I wanted to give my support to the webmaster and let him know this is a great blog/website. Keep it up!

  3. Lin himself says he wants to play PG. Being the high basketball IQ player that he is, it probably makes sense.

    also, i hadn't read Lin didn't get DII or DIII offers either. that's interesting.

  4. I agree this is a very good website, and find myself checking it every few days...

  5. Basketball sometimes reflects a change in society. I don't know if this is that moment but this website is the only one out there that allows for discussion among a diverse group binded by our love for basketball. Maybe when Jeremy hits that championship winning shot against the Miami Meatier we can look back. I can hope can't I?

  6. Good reasonable post. JL will be mid-season.

    Technically, he got two D-I "offers" (the Ivy League doesn't have scholarships). And I don't know there's any confirmation that he got no D-II and D-III offers -- just that even those schools weren't all over him.

  7. great article. Jeremy Lin will make the team though. The crowd wants to see him and it would be a stupid business decision to let him go

  8. to answer the first question on the top of the page.. lin is 6'3.. perfect height for SG in college, but a little short for average SG in NBA (~6'4). if he's really strong or really athletic then that's okay.. but he's just about the average on these areas. so gradually getting used to play PG is a good idea for him (average PG in NBA is 6'2ish).