Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preseason Game #7 vs. Lakers - 18 Minutes for JLin

Wow, this is very encouraging to hear Jeremy play the backup pg. I listened to the game so you guys who watched it, please chime in. His numbers looked good except for a few missed layups. Sounds like he didn't do to well defending Steve Blake. At least he didn't turn it over even against backcourt pressure. With Steph Curry rolling his ankle, it looks like he should get quality minutes again tomorrow.

18 mins
3 pts
1/4 fga/fgm
1/1 fta/ftm
4 assists
3 rebs
3 steals
0 turnovers


  1. numbers look good! i tuned into the game with about 4 minutes left in the 4th (i think) but jeremy was in and he totally blew a wide open lay up under the almost seemed like he just chucked it at the rim haha. embarrassing but no worries JLIN! you will get over your nervousness!

  2. It seemed like his offense was pretty predictable. The only FG he had was the layup + and 1. The Lakers' defenders was able to guard him well because his outside shooting was not a threat. It'd be nice if we can see him shoot more outside shots! But overall great job and we'd all love to see him get some more minutes!

  3. He did a great job picking up pressure and avoiding traps. Steve Blake was hot from the perimeter (every Laker was); not much you can do. JL did try to block Blake on a breakaway and picked up a stupid foul (and one for Blake).

    JL has some nice finishes (even with the left hand) that he hasn't shown. He just blew the layups and lacked confidence in the jumper. Happens to a rookie. He already looked 10X better than last week.

  4. Funny thing about the Blake foul. After he made the basket, Blake turned and laughed as if to say -- "Seriously, rook? I'm not Kobe, but don't ever try that s**t again." JL had a great steal against D-Fish from behind, though.

  5. It was bad :( The Warriors, the team built to run ... was getting run off the court themselves. First half was competitive, good defensive rotations and ball movement. 2nd half became sloppy. It was not Jeremy's fault. He was wide open from the three point line but nobody passed it to him there. They don't believe in his shot.

  6. He should've just given Blake a hard one armed clothesline around the neck flagrant foul that sent him to the deck. Punish him !!



  8. I watched the game and JLin seemed effective in doing what the coaches (probably) asked him to do: take care of the ball and find the open man. His first half in particular was really solid, and I thought that pick and roll w/ Wright at the end of the game looked really fluid as well.

    As for JLin's defense, well, it's not all his fault. Steve Blake has had a poor preseason shooting-wise (11-34 for 32%) so he was due for a good game. Plus, I just checked the game log: He was 4-6 vs Curry (including a trey) and 4-4 vs JLin (with the +1).

    As for the failed block on Blake, that was probably JLin's worst sequence of the game. He didn't box Blake out after BWright had just won a jumpball and was probably trying to make up for it with a spectacular play -- a play he's probably made in college, but the savvy Blake used his body (again) to shield off JLin. Live and learn.

  9. great highlight video, thanks dsing! looks like Lin should have had a couple more assists if the warriors made some easy shots.

  10. Lin needs time to develop like many others, but that will come. If he needs to go the D-League, so be it. But he seems to have a good handle with the ball. Anyway, go Lin!

  11. It wasn't his fault. That jumpball tip went way over his head. Instead of tipping the ball, BWright spiked it like a volleyball high over his head. Remember, BWright is still coming back after injury ...
    The breakaway layup was going to happen no matter who was chasing Blake. It's almost impossible to make a block from chasing behind a player.

  12. Someone needs to put up a video of this block attempt on Blake

  13. @Golden Boy

    If the breakaway layup was going to happen no matter what, then it was a mistake letting Blake get an And-1, right? But I agree, Wright's jumpball tip was more like a fastbreak outlet pass.

    As for video...not worth it. If he had made the block though (and it was close), it would've been viewed 100,000 times already, ha.

  14. I was at the game last night- sat 8 rows behind the GSW bench. When he entered the game, my friend (a Celtic fan) and me (wearing Laker colors) went insane. Everyone in our section glared at us and laughed.

    J-Lin 7 played well defensively in the 1st half, getting a few steals and forcing Black into a bad shot. However, he did blow a wide open layup and got hell from his coach and joking slaps on the back from his teammates for the mistake. He looked pretty nervous for most of the game and sat in between 2 assistant coaches who were constantly in his ear.

    Coach Smart and his staff were constantly talking to him between timeouts, which suggests to me that they care enough about him contributing someday, since they hardly had anything to say to the other guys on the pine.

    Blake schooled him in the 2nd half, no question. I'm a huge Laker fan, but that doesn't mean I won't show Lin my support!

  15. He did great! Keep posting the youtube videos.... Thanks.

  16. Based on that youtube clip JLin looks better than he did when I saw him against their first pre-season game against the Clips. He needs to take the open shot but maybe he was told not to take those yet. Otherwise, I like how he's focusing on his strengths and using his quickness to get steals and attacking the rim and passing out.

  17. BTW, the form on his jumpshot looks fine -- it's mostly a confidence issue right now. He clearly hesitated and looked weak-legged when he missed that open pull-up late in the game. And that means you don't get that good muscle memory/repetition you need to hit jumpers.


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