Monday, October 18, 2010

Preseason Game #5 - Jeremy Plays In First Half

Sorry, I wasn't able to blog from the game as my IPhone wasn't working. Thanks to my buddy from CalWood Floors for giving me some great seats.

Jeremy received his first meaningful minutes of the preseason in the first half tonight vs Portland. He was in with Curry and a few other starters and he looked legit. We don't have to worry about him getting waived for sure. He should definitely work his way into the rotation at some point during the season. I was hoping for more quality minutes in the second half but he ended up with garbage time minutes again.

Here was his line:

12 min.
5 pts
5-6 fta-ftm
2 rebs.
2 assists
1 steal
2 to


  1. I was shocked to see Lin actually got in the last 6 mins of the 2nd quarter, nice! People that were there, please post videos, thanks!

  2. Seems like the Warriors play a lot better at home, especially defense.

    Opponent FG% at home: 38%, 34%, 38%

    Opponent FG% away: 48%, 54%

    And that's actually meaningful since they played the Kings and Blazers both home and away.

  3. Umm, there was never any chance of him being waived. Ever. 1) He earned a half-guaranteed contract. 2) He was a legit prospect even before his eye-popping battle with John Wall 3) He's a major fan favorite 4) He's a rookie who deserves more than a few weeks to succeed.

    Another game tomorrow...might get even more time so Ellis and Curry don't get worn out.

  4. Finally they gave him a some good minutes. They are taking too long, they need to give him more minutes he will prove that he is an NBA star. By December he will be a starter and then they should trade Curry for Yi.


  6. can someone verify that he's wearing the "Nike Zoom Hyperfuze" that's my guess based on what couple of pictures i can see.