Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Preseason Game #3: Looks Like the Same Story

Going into the 4th @ SAC and no minutes again for JLin.
Here are the stats of the guards ahead of JLin including this game:

Aaron Miles 3-11
Charlie Bell 2-10

JLin is 2-2, of course in garbage time as thats all he's been given.

Why is he not getting a look? Yes, Miles and Bell have been taking care of the ball but they have not been very impressive. This is very frustrating.


  1. Jeremy Lin should have no problem making the roster. It is a simple financial decision for the owners. If I am an owner and know that my team is going to suck but I have a player who will bring out the crowd even if he does not play; that player has a 100% chance of making the roster. In fact, if I were Lin, I would go to the owners and ask for a raise. The big question is what will happen first: Keith Smart getting fired for going 1 and 20 for changing an offense minded team into a defensive minded team or Jeremy Lin becoming the first PG off the bench for GS.

  2. It's clear Lin will never see any playing time under Smart. Dude won't even give him a chance. I'm not ordering NBA League Pass. :(

  3. Keep that attitude and continue to write to the Golden State Warrior owners. Keep up the pressure and the owners will definitely keep Jeremy Lin. Especially for a group of new owners, they have more to gain by keeping a popular player than to keep a borderline 15th spot roster player who will not have any impact. This will buy time for Jeremy Lin to continue to develop.

  4. Yeap agree with you guys. This is so frustrating. It's not like Miles or Bells are playing any better. Why not play him more minutes especially when the FANS are cheering their lungs out for him. Hate Smart. What is the Lacob email address? I need to write to him to vent my frustration about Lin playing time even though this is pre-season

  5. I will call merchandising and marketing tomorrow. Lets hit them where it counts: Money and Brand development to see if I can get anywhere.

  6. I know some people think it's annoying/obnoxious/patronizing that Lin fans are calling for him and cheering like it's the finals. I understand where they're coming from, and I'd rather not have to do that too.

    But at this point, Lin's not even getting preseason minutes. So the strategy should be to make noise for Lin at the games to let ownership know that tons of fans are here to see Lin play. And they should at least give him preseason minutes to see what he can do.

  7. Smart is a dumbass. Lin could be the next Goran Dragic and he's throwing this golden opportunity away like a used condom.

  8. he cant be the next goran dragic, give me a break. he is alright. he only made the team to begin with because he will draw a crowd. it wasnt skill, he is mediocre in every skill area. please do not overhype him, he barely did anything in summer league even against all those scrubs.


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