Friday, October 8, 2010

Open Practice at Oracle

Jeremy & Steph

JLin's debut at the open practice on Wednesday was a bit disappointing. He looked a step slow and not real confident out there. Very understandable as he hasn't played the point in a few years and is on a huge learning curve. However, he needs to step up his play in preseason starting tonight against the Clippers. The Warriors as a team look very good. Dorell Wright was very impressive as was Brandon Wright.


  1. were you there in person?

    I'm going to the preseason opener tonight, hoping for a good showing!

  2. Steph Curry was bleh in his first MONTH of NBA games. I don't think anyone should expect much from JL in an early October scrimmage.

  3. As we speak, Lin is TEARING IT UP in every way, despite clowns in the media and Warriors forums calling him "overmatched" and D-league fodder. Lol, nothing ever changes. JL shuts idiots up. Over and over and over...

    Hahaha. He's gonna be good. Great? Don't know. But Hinrich-esque at least.

  4. Hinrich-esque at least."

    Kirk is a very good and physical defensive player

    Not sure I see this yet