Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jeremy's Two Minutes vs. Lakers

Preseason Game #8 Warriors vs. Lakers

Jeremy's two minutes are from 1:58:50 to 2:07:15


  1. Lin was doing ok, got to the line for two free throws but the last one came with a lane violation so it was wiped out (Not his fault). He did have a habit of driving to the right most of the time. The Lakers set their defense trap on that side, forcing him to get rid of the ball.
    On that missed jumper by Vujacic, Lin could have boxed out Ebanks to prevent him from getting the putback slam. But he was probably standing back in case the ball was tipped out.

    There was really no offensive flow in that 2 minutes. The gameplan was just to give it to Lee or Ellis to go iso. Which didn't work.

    Overall JLin did as good as he can. He was trying to distribute the ball instead of shooting it. It wasn't until that turnover where the ball slipped out of his hands while attempting a jumpshot. He probably rushed the shot without getting a good enough grip on the ball. It was probably still spinning from the pass.
    I don't know if he will make it into the home opener. Warriors can still waive him, but he will be paid nonetheless.

  2. brah brah from the 5th flowOctober 23, 2010 at 11:03 AM

    we find out on monday if he makes the team, but i believe he will make it cuz there is still Asian heritage night on the oct 29 and his jersey is selling like hotcakes. with jersey still on back orders do to supply in demand, he is more of a marketing asset to the team. and if they do cut him, other team are very interested in him, for marketing sales and talent wise.

  3. Dude, he already made the team. He's as talented as any scrub they could find in D-League or Europe and he's super-marketable. Monday is and was always just a formality.

  4. Btw, another silver lining to the preseason (and Summer League) is that JL seems to be hitting his FTs fine now. I think he only missed one and Adrien had a lane violation on another made-FT.

  5. Missed one FT all preseason I mean.

  6. For six games he played,game1_11min,game4_12min game5_18min were good and respectable.
    Both game2_home_vs_King and game6_vs_laker.2 generated tons of heat and anxiety on coach and spectators,resulting short apperance(1 and 2 min). Game3_2min insequencial performance in garbage time.These facts indicated he competed unstably. Looks to me,the problem is in mental readiness than physical conditions. Maybe he needs his own space,staying away from outside activities,ignoring some advices or weaning.Times to behave like a grownup man.
    Jeremy please go,fight,and win. FromVirginiaObserver

  7. The new warrior coach, Keith Smart, is simply a retarded coach. Who the hell even thinks about letting his best players play an average of 30+ mins in all the preseason games? Seriously, what the hell is he thinking. He should be actually testing out what other players can do. This last game vs Laker, he allowed Ellis to play all 53 mins. I wouldn't be surprise if Ellis or Curry gets injured early in the season because of all these heavy 40+ mins. Btw for Lin losing the ball on the fast break, I think almost anyone would if they sat out for first 3 quarters just to watch the game then suddenly go in when it is more intense. Having not even touch the ball for that long will have some effect on your mentality in terms of confidence. Seriously, Keith Smart should start actually being smart, if not at least change your last name.

  8. Continue criticizing coach would not help Jeremy to get better. Accept the coach as is, he is like everyone else having strength and weakness, including you and me.
    It's player responsibilty to get himself mentally sharp when called on. When a player commited 3 turnovers during 4 possessions_game2King or 2 shaky passes followed with uncontested turnover_game6laker2,these evidences indicated the player was not ready.Jeremy was given oppertunities, but he blew it.Questionable player is not allowed staying on the court.
    Best approach is to get yourself focusing n ready. No shaky pass, no turnover next times would lead you more play times.

  9. He didn't have 3 TOs against the Kings. He had 2. Curry and Monta are also having crazy TO totals despite being "stars" and veterans. Besides, it's hard not to make mistakes when you sit on a bench for 40 minutes and get thrown into a high-pressure situation with no warm-up period (and other scrubs to play with). Lin also gets points and rebounds and steals to make up for them.

    Bottom line: this was preseason -- you let guys play even if they make mistakes. That's how you get them ready.

  10. Like it or not,that is how most coaches evaluate new kids in the block---put a player on fire to see how he perform;the player would be hooked out quickly after 2 or 3 shaky/initial plays(pass,undecisive-looking or TO); If he could handle it,then he will stay longer. This is the exact scenario for each short trip mentioned previously.It's chanllenger job to demonstrate he could take heat and servive.Stop whining.He will be a good player,if he could stay sharp mentally.

  11. Smart is playing to win, even in preseason. He knows he's only going to be around for at least a year, so he's not too concerned with developing his player. He plans to play Monte and Curry 45 minutes + throughout the season.