Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jeremy Lin Roller Coaster Ride Preseason Game #2

If you're Jeremy Lin or a fan of his, get used to being on a roller coaster ride. From the high of his mop up time performance Friday night, to a very disheartening 1 minute stint against the Kings tonight, this is just the beginning of a long journey with many ups and downs. I'm not sure what the thinking was in putting JLin in with just about 5 minutes left in the game. Maybe it was the crowds chants of "Jeremy", "Jeremy", "Jeremy". However, after a little over 1 minute and two turnovers, back to the bench he went. It would seem to me that putting him in the rotation, instead of garbage time, would be a good way to see where he is at. It worked well with Jeff Adrian, who looked like he earned himself a spot on the 15 man roster with his rebounding and defense tonight. Then again, point guard is the toughest position to pick up and it may be that the coaches feel he is just not ready for prime time yet. We will see.


  1. This game wasn't televised, so I don't know exactly how he played. The team will have to make some roster cuts soon, they have 18 players right now, and they need to trim it down to 14 for the regular season.
    I really hope Jeremy makes it.

    He does look nervous in these games. I know he is much better than this :(

  2. Jeremy must get stronger, hit the weight room, and build some muscle. Last night Tyreke Evans attacked and stole the ball from him. Tyreke was very physical, and a good indication of the level of competition the top players in the league will dish out in an 82-game season.

  3. Although there weren't any Lin highlights from yesterday, I posted the video for those that want to see it anyways. It's all right, he'll bounce back.

    I definitely wish he got more playing time during preseason though. I mean, why not? It's the preseason! It's not like they need to evaluate Curry. Put Lin in with the other starting 4 and see what happens.

  4. That can be said about Curry and Ellis too. The fact is that Smart is not allowing Lin playing time. That it the most fustrating part. Since this is still the preseason game, how hard can itbe to sacrafice like 10 minutes of playing time against the starter of other team to take a hard look at him? I hope that owner Lacob will talk to Smart about giving him a chance to play. That is what he is needed throughout his career.

  5. Jeremy needs to quit the "I'm just happy to be here!" mentality, and simply be the best in the game. He's dominated before in every level of basketball he's played at. He should take this approach and attitude to the NBA. He's got to be hungry and fearless.

  6. Jeremy is being humble with the "I'm just happy to be here!" attitude. I'm certain he goes in with the wanting to rip the competition into pieces.

  7. He had one bad minute. Big deal. Tyreke Evans started the game god awful and unable to play any defense -- committing 3 fouls in five minutes. Go look at how many NBA "stars" have shot something like 2-15 in preseason. Or during the regular season. We don't know anything for real yet -- good or bad.

  8. I stepped back and analyzed the video. Lin was playing against Luther Head, who has played in 312 NBA games, averaging 23 mins/game for his career. Luther is a pretty good NBA player.

    1st possession: Lin blew by Luther, but got blocked by center Jason Thompson. No turnover since it went out of bounds.

    2nd possession: Lin got triple teamed and got tied up. He lost the jump ball so it was scored as TO.

    3rd possession: Lin tried to pass in the air, which Luther stole... TO.

    So it wasn't as bad as it originally seemed. The 3rd one was a bad decision. 2nd one was tough since he got triple teamed, he will recognize those and pass out of it sooner. 1st one wasn't that bad, he blew past Luther, just ran into a 6-11 guy.


  9. If I were a first year coach like Smart, I would be more concerned about my job than playing to the crowd and insert Jeremy Lin. I would probably play all the starters every chance I can so that they can gel and get it going. Playing Jeremy Lin requires an established coach who is willing to make the obvious choice of playing such a talented player and not be afraid of the consequence when he fails occasionally. I think the best coach for that is Don Nelson or Popovich. However, if the Warriors start stumbling and there is still pressure from the fans to play Jeremy Lin, then I think Smart will cave in and play Jeremy Lin. Chances are the Warriors are going to stink it up again this year so KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!

  10. Concerned that Aaron Miles is getting a lot more minutes than Jeremy

  11. some insight from mercurynews blog:

    "[Lin] looked like he was forcing it — understandable given the adrenalin kick you must get from having 10,000 people cheer your every touch of the ball — but he wasn’t in long enough to settle down. "

  12. insight into Smart's decision process:

    "I probably gave into the urge a little too soon," Smart said about the fans chanting for Lin to play. "The game was starting to change a little bit momentum-wise, and the intensity had started to ramp up. I probably put him into the wrong set. I probably should have let him play off the ball.

    "I apologized for putting him in that position. It is a process. I don't want to go too fast. I could have let him play through it, but it probably wasn't going the way he wanted it to go, and I know it wasn't going the way I wanted it to go. I'll take the heat on that one."


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