Friday, October 8, 2010

The Jeremy Lin Era Begins! Preseason Game #1

The crowd went wild when Jeremy entered the game with 10:49 left in the 4th quarter.

He started off with a three point play. Then Jeremy got a steal and made a sweet dish to BWright. Check it out at the end of the highlights, here. He was very aggressive throughout his 11 minutes on the court.

Here is his line against the Clippers in the first preseason game of the 2010-2011 NBA season:

11 minutes
7 points
3 rebounds
2 assists
1 steal
0 turnovers
2-2 fgm-a
3-3 ftm-a

He was also interviewed by Tim Roye and Jim Barnett after the game and was very appreciative of the great support from the Warrior fans.

Very nice! What a way to begin his NBA career!!


  1. Nice, I am looking forward to the CHI-GSW on Nov. 17 at United Center, see you there!!! Wish you the best J.!!!

  2. JL's unofficial "SILENCE THE HATERS" Tour begins...

    Just this week, some guy said Bell was the obvious backup PG (despite no proof) and took pot shots at Lin during some half-assed open practice. Well, guys, drinks Haterade for breakfast.

  3. Oops. I meant: "JL drinks Haterade for breakfast!"

  4. Just as I predicted for his first game... 7 points, 3 rbounds, 2 assist...

    Great start to his NBA career... 7 points to match his # 7....

  5. Can't believe there was NO video broadcast! What were they thinking? It seems like every single other preseason game was streamed or on TV. Pathetic, Warriors management. At least put up a crappy, single camera online feed.

  6. I was there tonight... so awesome! will be posting my videos soon...

  7. I do have one question. On Lin's first possession, he got trapped and ended up throwing the ball which hit the top of the backboard. I didn't know if it was a missed shot or a turnover. But in the box score and even play by play, there is no missed shot or turnover recorded. So what was that then?

  8. What was up with Aaron Miles getting 20 mins of playing time ahead of Lin? Does that mean Lin is the 3rd PG then?

  9. Aaron Miles is a non-guaranteed training camp invite. Coach Smart is just giving him a legit audition. Which is totally fair. Bell and Lin will be on the team...just a matter of PT. Lin will get a chance for significant minutes in later (pre)season games. As will Bell.

  10. Ah, thanks for the explanation about Aaron Miles. Makes sense now.

  11. As promised, here is my video from the game. As you can tell, the crowd was crazy into it!

  12. Thanks for the link to the video!

  13. keep it up JLIN7 !!!