Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jeremy Is In Against the Lakers!


  1. Not bad... 4 assists, 0 turnovers so far. But he did blow a wide open layup. lol

  2. He already looks way better -- pace-wise. Haha, yeah, he blew a bunny and he and Smart both laughed. Just nerves, I guess. He also had a steal and another poke-away that led to a steal (don't know if it was officially credited to him).

  3. missed wide open layup... ~_~

  4. He passed up two open jumpers, but that makes sense considering his jumper is a work in progress, and he made the extra pass to an open man.

  5. Jeremy lin!!!!!!!!! for 2! and he makes it and bakes it!

  6. He's doing a good job with the minutes he's getting. He didn't get beat by Blake or Fisher. He worked the pick and roll to get to ball to an open shooter. He created shots for others, even when he had wide open looks.

    Some things he could have done better. Go after rebounds more aggressively. Double the post player so they give up the dribble. A lot of times even a token swipe at the ball will make them give it up.

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  8. riiight... jeremy lin is posting during the game...nice try

  9. and rly jeremy would spell his own name wrong lol "Jermey Lin said..."

  10. Hope Curry's ankle is alright. On the other hand, does this mean that Lin might get more playing time?

  11. Ankle sprains heal very fast. Curry might be out of action tomorrow. I'm guessing the coach will start Monta Ellis and Charlie Bell in the backcourt.
    Lin will see heavy minutes as a backup ... I hope. And maybe he will gain some confidence having played the Lakers firsthand and knowing what to expect.

    Never leave shooters open. Attack the paint.

  12. Great to see Jeremy play against the of the teams that made him an offer. He held his own. Wait until Asian Heritage Night...hope they give him some real minutes.

  13. Here's a fair comparison Jeremy Lin vs. Stephen Curry (almost a year to the day) rookie preseason stats:

    Jeremy Lin
    October 14, 2010 vs. Lakers
    18 mins
    3 pts
    1/4 fga/fgm
    1/1 fta/ftm
    4 assists
    3 rebs
    3 steals
    0 turnovers

    Stephen Curry
    October 17, 2009 vs. Kings
    20 mins
    6 pts
    3/9 fga/fgm
    0/0 fta/ftm
    4 assists
    4 rebs
    2 steals
    3 turnovers

    I think we should cut Jeremy some slack. No D-league. He's NBA ready.

  14. Yeah! Jeremy rocked. a bit much on the right-handed dribbles but still dope. cut right through everyone. Would have been cool to see how he would have handled Kobe.