Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great Opportunity For JLin!

There is a lot of negativity about the lack of a backup pg for the Warriors right now. This is very understandable with the current situation. I look at it as a great opportunity for JLin. Obviously, there is not a lot of confidence in him at this point. However, all it takes is a few good minutes to turn things around.

Jeremy will most likely get garbage minutes and also spot time when Coach Smart feels that there is a good matchup for him. He will probably also get a bunch of "DNP Coach's Decision". With a very short leash, Jeremy doesn't have much room for error. Whenever he is in, he has to produce and he must have a good +-.

The next few months are critical as there are two major injuries to help keep JLin on the active roster. Hopefully, he will get some meaningful playing time. He has shown that he can get to the basket and draw fouls at this level, like he has at all other levels. Defensively, he looks fine as well. However, he has not played enough to just relax and play without thinking or worrying about making a mistake. Once he is gets that chance, I am confident that he will show he is capable of giving the Warriors the solid backup pg play they surely need.


  1. More than capable. There's a steep learning curve for sure, and he has to adjust quickly. That's why the D-League might be a good idea if it doesn't work out. But he's made it this far, and he should keep at it. With the amount of obstacles/negativity he experienced during his collegiate years, it's still a success story in of itself, sort of.

  2. I think the +/- statistic is bullshit. Look at yesterday's game between the Rockets/Lakers. Kobe +/- was -8 and so was Derek Fisher while Matt Barnes had a +12 while only scoring 6 points, 2 assist!

  3. Beyond agreeing with most points mentioned in the opening page, I would like to add that Jeremy needs to be himself,do what he is capable naturally(don't bite more than he can chew), ignores some of advices(overcoaching,overparenting...).He is surrounded with too much expectatations,hypes...
    Jeremy please take a DEEP,DEEP,DEEP breath; or even take a fishing trip. Everything will be fine,sky is not falling!!!!

  4. last comment, Good point. Simply put it!

  5. JL will be fine because he has NBA skills. He just needs time to adjust and brush up on his playmaking skills to make up for his lack of quickness. Give him a few months and he'll prove the doubters wrong again.

    Still, I disagree that D-League would help him much. D-League is basically Summer League-level competition and he had no problem with that. He needs to play against REAL NBA players and starts to get the experience he needs. Even if he doesn't play or dress for games, he is best served by practicing and scrimmaging against his teammates.

    Playing against Monta and Steph in private is much better preparation than D-League.