Saturday, October 30, 2010

Game # 2 vs. LAC: 109-91, 2-0

Jeremy Lin's debut:

3 minutes
1 steal

The Warriors looked great against the Clippers winning 109-91. They actually played some good defense and shut down LA in the 3rd. I didn't get to post my official prediction so here it is a little late:

45 wins this season, edging out Phoenix and Houston for the 8th playoff spot. If Carmelo is traded, we can add a few more to the total.

Also, Stephen Curry is out for tomorrow's game against the Lakers.

So, we know that JLin will at least be activated for the game.


  1. beat out the rockets? you got to be crazy. i know it's early in the season and all, but the rockets are going to get it going trust me. they're too deep in every position.

  2. The fans need to stop treating Jeremy as if he were some sort of special needs case... specifically, stop cheering him EVERY TIME he touches the ball. Cheering him when he gets of the bench to go into the game -- great -- but then back off and let him play. His teammates -- if they don't already -- will start to resent him. Opponents will gear up that much harder to stop him. And, most important, Jeremy has got to hate it. The guy has been playing basketball his whole life. And, he's also been playing point guard his whole life... those of you that think he needs some type of acclimation period for learning how to play point guard are just wrong. You are either a point guard or you are not. Jeremy is a point guard -- because his college coach chose not to play him there is another matter. Playing point guard in the NBA is no different than playing it at any other level. Point guard is point guard. Handle the ball, don't turn it over, control the pace of the game, keep your teammates on the same page, call plays, release the ball when its appropriate, create shots for your teammates, score when appropriate, defend, rebound, and be a leader. Jeremy doesn't need to sit between two coaches every night to learn this. He already knows it. You will probably never know the real potential of Jeremy with this team anyway...because monte is too ball dominant and the rest of the guys aren't good enough shooters. Guys like monte are like flys in the ointment to real point guards... they foil the flow. Warriors will will win 35 games tops. Opponents will start getting the ball out of Monte's hands and the rest of the crew just won't be able to carry the load.

  3. I strongly agree with almost everything you said Anon 11:10.

    The only exception is that JL "already knows" how to play the point -- no he doesn't. Not at the NBA level. Even Lin himself said that there's so many plays that are standard in the NBA that don't exist even in college. And he has to learn better than most because he isn't super-quick to make up for it.

  4. I always thought Monte was the shooting guard and Curry is point guard...

  5. Blaming the fans for cheering for Lin is a cop out. Lin and the coaching staff have to do deal with the pressure regardless. We're talking about a team and fans that were waving "I BELIEVE" flags when they had the 1st round upset...a 1st ROUND UPSET. Just like that was a rarity in the NBA, Jeremy Lin being a hometown undrafted Asian-American player is unprecedented.

    Both the Warriors and Lin knew full well what they were going to get into by giving him a roster spot. It is what it is, and Lin can take that pressure and strive under it or he can crumble and play in the D-League or China.

    At the end of the day, I think Lin realizes the type of support he is will take time, but I think it will only make him better.

  6. To even say something like playing PG is the same as playing PG in the NBA is ridiculous. That is like me saying playing PG in CHINA or the ABA is the same as playing PG in the NBA...we all know that didn't work out for Sun Yue or Liu Wei. The fact that Jeremy Lin didn't even play PG in Harvard means he missed even more crucial experience during those 4 years.

    There's nothing wrong with the cheering. The difference is people need to be patient on Jeremy's development, and be prepared for the possibility that he might even get sent to the D-League or even WAIVED.

  7. Warriors getting killed -- Lakers just toying with them. Might see Lin for a few minutes tonight.

  8. outside of the level of athleticism and the myriad of nba plays that a point guard might have to learn... explain to me how leading a fast break differs from leading a fast break in china, how running a team is any different? explain to me how breaking down your defender is any different? does kobe bryant get into some sophisticated version of triple threat when he sets up on the perimeter?(yes, I know kobe is not a point guard) is stance dribble any different for an nba player than it is for a third grader? let jeremy play and you will see he already knows how to play point guard. just.. let... him... play.

  9. "outside of the level of athleticism and the myriad of nba plays that a point guard might have to learn..."

    Umm, that's exactly what he needs to adjust to. That said, I think he should still be getting 5-10 minutes in a blowout, even if he sits out completely during tight games.

  10. Jeremy is playing vs. the Lakers. With 10 minutes left to go in the 3rd!

  11. JL misses a couple shots -- seems nervous. Shot an open midrange -- tipped by Gasol and airball. Went to hoop in traffic, layup rolled off rim.

    But no TOs and a nice steal. Ran a fastbreak well.


  13. Lin is a steal machine -- three already. Just needs to calm his nerves when he finishes.

  14. "just.. let... him... play."

    well, said anon.

    if reggie knocks down that three they are down 11 and jeremy has 3 assists. let's keep watching jeremy "play point guard in the NBA"

  15. "outside of the level of athleticism and the myriad of nba plays that a point guard might have to learn..."

    "Umm, that's exactly what he needs to adjust to"

    Not only that but the type of defense he is going to see and have to play is VERY DIFFERENT than playing in China or the Ivy League.

    Are you trying to tell people that defending players like Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, Steve Nash is the same level as it was Harvard? obviously it's not.

    Ever wonder why China's PGs on the National team were not ready for significant minutes at the World Championships? Yu Shulong and Guo Ailun are nowhere close to being NBA material or even competing at a high level at FIBA tournaments.

    There are significant reasons as to why Stephon Marbury and Smush Parker can still dominate in China and not in the NBA. If you don't think there's a adjustment and quite a significant change in level of play from playing in the Ivy League, China, or even Europe to the NBA then you're just being naive.

  16. Sorry to tell you this, anonymous xenophobic guy .... but Jeremy Lin is NOT from China. He is an American born and raised.

    LOL! If you're going to be trolling this board ... at least do some research.

  17. of course we know the level and speed are different... but jeremy is not going to learn anything about that sitting between two coaches on the bench. what do they say to him "uh, here, see they are going faster than you are used to." the only way to adjust to that is to play... also, what you don't know about jeremy is that he affects the game over time as he did tonight. just let him play. the level of play might be different but playing point guard is not. you still play point guard the same way.

  18. Blackie Chan I like how you make quick assumptions without reading.

    When did I say that Jeremy Lin was from CHINA? read all the posts again.

    "You are either a point guard or you are not. Jeremy is a point guard -- because his college coach chose not to play him there is another matter. Playing point guard in the NBA is no different than playing it at any other level."

    Playing PG in China, Harvard, and even Europe is VERY DIFFERENT than playing it at the NBA Level. That's the point. Using Chinese PGs is a significant example because they are not seeing the type of competition that Jeremy Lin is in the NBA.

    Thanks for playing Blackie Chan.

  19. "but jeremy is not going to learn anything about that sitting between two coaches on the bench."

    I don't think you realize the significance in coaching and mentorship. Sure Jeremy needs to play, but that doesn't mean he can't learn ON and OFF the court. That can apply to any player.

  20. the reason the PGs from China didn't make it is that they aren't NBA caliber athletes AND they probably aren't very good point guards.jeremy is a very good point guard AND he's an NBA athlete. jeremy dropped 30 on uconn. uconn doesn't have nba quality athletes? this is comedy. he did just fine tonight playing point guard in our "so sophisticated, uber athletic" NBA. did you watch the game? the fact is Jeremy KNOWS how to play. and when he gets significant minutes his team -- like it did tonight -- usually plays well. He AFFECTS the game, and only significant time will prove that.

  21. you guys are nuts. tell me what jeremy needs to be mentored on as far as playing the point guard spot. tell me what john wall knows that jeremy doesn't. i've seen john wall play. i can tell you jeremy knows a lot more about playing point guard than john wall. maybe he's not as good at scoring or as athletic. but playing point guard. jeremy is every bit good a point guard.