Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back to Back vs. The Lakers

With a back to back against the Lakers Thursday and Friday, lets hope that JLin will get some playing time, especially with Friday's game being on ESPN. He should be able to match up well with any of their guards (Derek Fisher, Shannon Brown or Steve Blake) besides Kobe.

However, realize that if he doesn't impress right away or doesn't play at all, it's not the end of the world. Steve Nash hardly sniffed the court his rookie season, playing behind Kevin Johnson and Jason Kidd. Nash played 4 years of PG at Santa Clara and it took him a good 4- 5 seasons in the NBA before he really started producing. We need to be patient.

Lets also look on the bright side. It surely looks like Jeremy has reached the 1st step, the 15 man NBA roster (unless the Warriors pick up a vet pg off of waivers). The next step is making the opening night 12 man active roster. Right now, we know that Amundson and Udoh will be inactive. I'm not sure how serious Reggie Williams injury is. So, JLin appears to be one player away from the 12 man.


  1. Wise words! You're 100% right. Tonight's game is on local TV in LA, but even if you don't live there, an online stream should be up somewhere.

  2. cant wait to see him tonight. I am pretty sure he will play like 10 mins or so after miles got waived.