Sunday, September 26, 2010

Projecting Jeremy Lin, Part 4: Ball Handling & Passing

Here are more career college stats for assists and assist to turnover ratio.

Jeremy Lin........... 3.5 1.22
Gilbert Arenas..... 2.2 .82
Kirk Hinrich......... 4.7 1.75
Steve Nash............ 4.5 1.45

Considering JLin was primarily a shooting guard in college, the assist numbers seem OK. However, the relatively low assist to TO ratio is a bit concerning. He will need to improve his decision making and ball handling for sure. However, it is not impossible as Gilbert Arenas stats indicate. Playing the point in practice and in preseason will help tremendously.


  1. In his 2 years of college, Allen Iverson had 4.6 APG and 1.13 AST/TO (307 AST/272 TO). He improved to 1.72 in his NBA career.

  2. Assists aren't really concern for me. JL has outstanding court vision and like you said, played off the ball in college (with inferior and/or freshmen teammates).

    Turnovers are a legit concern, though. He needs to lower his dribble (which he did on drives in SL -- there's at least one drive past Wall where he looks a foot above the ground!) and plan ahead to avoid traps. And the traps *will* come as Lin proves himself to be an offensive threat.