Monday, September 20, 2010

Projecting Jeremy Lin, Part 3: Shooting

Jeremy Lin's shooting seems to be a concern to many. However, after closer analysis, this should not be a major issue in the NBA.

JLin's True Shooting Percentage for his last two years at Harvard was over 6o%, which is an excellent percentage. This is a great measure of a players overall shooting efficiency.

His college 3 point shooting percentage is somewhat of a concern but lets see how it stacks up to a few current NBA point guards.

Career College 3 point shooting percentage:

Deron Williams......37.3%
Gilbert Arenas.......36.1%
John Wall...............32.5%
Rajon Rondo..........28.3%
Jarrett Jack.............35.9%
Andre Miller..........29.2%

Also, Wall and JLin (for 2 seasons) had the college line moved back 1 foot (20'9") further. Looking at the numbers, I'm confident JLin will be fine with the NBA three point line. His form needs a little tweaking but the high release is a plus in that it's harder to block.


  1. Lin's jumpshot already looked better in SL than it did a few months before in Ivy play. He doesn't take many 3s, but makes just enough to keep defenses honest.

  2. Good observation. He hit 3/5 on 3's during SL and Portsmouth.

  3. I'm not too concerned about Lin's 3 pt shooting. His upper body, arms, release are all fine. He just needs to eliminate the unnecessary leg action.

    I don't think that's a big deal to correct, especially now that he's a full time pro basketball player with pro shooting coaches to smooth out any kinks.

    Also, he made a jump shot from about 27 ft during summer league.

  4. Agree. Also, his lower body movement looked fine during the summer.

  5. Did any of you guys catch Jeremy practicing 3's with Charlie Bell (I think) on the Warriors' live cam just now? From what I counted, he shot 7 in a row from the left corner, shot 10/15 from the right wing, 4/8 from the left wing and 10/12 from the left corner. For comparison, Bell was 9/21 from the left corner.

    My only criticism is that he could work on getting his shot off faster.