Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Projecting Jeremy Lin, Part 3 Continued: Shooting

JLin's free throw shooting is a minor concern.

Though his college percentage is very mediocre at 73%, this is an area where many are able to improve drastically jumping to the NBA. Hard work in the off season pays here.

Jason Kidd 68% to 78%
Deron Williams 69% to 80%
Andre Miller 67% to 80%

One area I find very intriguing is JLin's finishing ability. He is very good at getting to the hole and finishing with an and 1. I wish I could find stats on this as I bet he would rank near the top of this category in college this past season. It also continued during Summer League play and I see him having success with it in the NBA as well.

Another area I did not mention earlier is his range. He seems to have very deep range out to 25-26 feet.

Finally, JLin also possess a nice mid-range game and some post moves as well. He should be able to post up some of the smaller point guards.

So, I'm very comfortable with JLin's overall shooting prowess and what initially looked like a weakness, may even be considered a strength.

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