Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nelson Out Smart In

Marcus Thompson II is reporting that Don Nelson will be replaced by Keith Smart as Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors. I like the move as it continues the house cleaning that began when the new ownership purchased the team. To view article click here.


  1. so what are the implications? more defense?

    more or less playing time for Jeremy?

  2. Yes, they will focus more on defense with Keith Smart as coach. It started with the off season roster moves stressing defense, rebounding, and character.

    In regards to JLin's PT, I don't think it makes much difference either way, Nelson or Smart. He just has to perform when he gets his opportunity to play.

  3. I'm Jeremy Lin and i approve this message

  4. Won't make a difference since Lin has an all-around game (even his detractors would say "jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none").

    The fact that Pargo's signing fell through, Earl Watson was passed on, and Charlie Bell is more of a SG bodes well for JL's PT. He's cheap, he hustles, he plays D, and he's a hometown hero already. The second PG role will be his to lose.

  5. Great post. Agree with all your points.

  6. This means that Jeremy Lin won't be playing the Center position.
    It's a great move for the Warriors as well as Jeremy Lin.