Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jeremy Lin Running the 2nd Team Point?

Looks like Jeremy is running the point on the 2nd team during these highlights. Also, he caught one on the eye.


  1. also has the full footage from the 5-on-5 practice, starting at around the 1:20 mark:
    Warriors 9/30 morning practice live feed

    JL had a bunch of nice feeds but also had one or two semi-sloppy passes.

  2. He looks pretty darn good for a rookie in training camp. JL excels at making the simple, high-percentage pass every time.

    The only concern is that dribble. When he drives, he lowers that shoulder and his handle is fine. But when he's looking for the open man, that dribble comes up high and was nearly poked away a couple times.

  3. Thanks for the full footage and great comments from both of you.