Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday's Fearless Forecast #1

JLin will make the All Star Rookie Challenge roster. The game will be in LA at the Staples Center on Friday, February 18, 2011.

You guys agree? If not, why?


  1. I dont think he will because the rook/soph game is picked by a panel. And they won't include Lin because Lin won't see as much playing time as rookies like Wall, Turner, etc. Its kind of a, they'll pick who they think is good based on their numbers. Honestly, I don't think Lin will have a chance unless he can average something from 15-20 MPG. Just my opinion tho

  2. Agree Timmy, JLin needs around 20 MPG to make it, which I think he'll get.

  3. You guys summed it up. If I had to place a small wager, I'd say he will. I think the Warriors backcourt is awfully thin and Lin has no unimpeachable backup PG ahead of him. And he can play the 2 if need be.